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So far so good with move-in weekend. Today was quieter than yesterday, but it was still pretty busy. On the upside, I got to leave at 3:00. On the downside, since I didn't have a weekend, I'm now a bit confused about what day it is. :-P And tomorrow's supposed to be crazy busy again. If you don't see a post from me tomorrow night, send help!


On an upside - I realized that I've been cooking most nights for a little over a month now (since July 25th). \0/ And I'm still excited about doing it and changing my eating habits in tiny ways. (I'm still enjoying going out, but I'm doing *a lot* better about not doing it near what I used to.)

Okay, I'll admit this week was crap eating and I didn't actually cook anything (and ended up eating Chinese three times this week, though one night was soup and the other two heavily featured mixed vegetables). But it did reinforce my desire to cook more, since I know I feel better when I can control the food as much as possible.


And tying in with that, tonight I was making sandwiches for this week's lunches and my dad was looking at me and said it looked like I'd lost weight asked if I had and if any of my clothes were looser. I told him that my pants were and that I had. (At least, I think I have - the scale we have is hard to tell, since it'll give you different readings depending on how you stand on it. And I've been crap about getting to the gym where they have a "doctor's scale".)
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I had breakfast for dinner. :-D

I made pancakes, eggs, and vegetarian sausage (Morningstar - quite good, actually).

I made the pancakes from a recipe [ profile] libralyte found the last time she was down visiting. At first, I was a little worried, because the batter looked too thick, but it worked well. (Though, I think I underestimated cooking the first batch just a *tad*, but they were edible.) The rest of the pancakes are now in the freezer for future meals. (The recipe made 21 pancakes! 18 of them are now in my freezer!)

Speaking of which - overall, I'm very happy with how my eating's been going the past two weeks. While I'm not "counting points", "journaling", or anything, I'm definitely more conscious of what I'm eating, how much, when, etc. And I'm more careful to make sure that I'm physically hungry before I eat than mentally hungry. (Granted, there are times when schedule doesn't allow this, but if it can, I'll make sure it does.)

And I have more of an attitude about my eating/cooking too, along the lines of "Screw it, I'm making it!" I figure that if I want some cookies or pancakes or whatever, it would be better for me to make it - where I could control the content and portion size than go out and buy it and not have that control (or as much). And I've found it works too - I'm okay with having the smaller portion because I can grab another cookie later or thaw-and-heat some pancakes another night.

So, I'm rebuilding my eating habits my own way, with influences from all sorts of areas. I'm sure it's going to take a while and there's going to be some mucking up and back-tracking along the way, but I think that overall, it'll be better this way, since it's not my dad's way or my brother's way or my grammy's way - it's my way. And at this point, I know I'm doing it by the grace of God, because I can't do it on my own.

And I've done a bit more organizing in the kitchen, so now I feel a lot more comfortable about knowing what ingredients I have at my disposal. Now if I just knew what to *do* with some of them.... (Hmm...maybe I should check Iron Chef archives? :-P)

I feel like I should get a magnet that has a kitchen knife and says, "This isn't the kitchen of an Iron Chef... yet."


7. Do you lis­ten to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your char­ac­ters?

Heh. Yes. Yes, I do. :-D

A little bit of everything, but mostly rock with some pop, country, showtunes, instrumental pieces thrown in.

I don't usually relate any to any of my characters, but there's a couple that have associated themselves to characters. For instance:
- "Two Is Better Than One" by Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift is a duet sung by an established couple to their new lover in a threesome I'm working on.
- "Time of My Life" by David Cook is Richard Woolsey.

The list )
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I've decided that in my effort to eat better, lose weight, etc., I need to finish what I started months ago and really go through the kitchen and use up what we have and start getting fresh blood in (so to speak) in the way of food.

As it stands now, I'm hesitant to cook because I want to use up what we have first, but I don't know what we have. And I don't think my dad knows what we have - which is why he almost always make the same stuff. (Plus, he has a tendency to buy stuff because he figures we can use it "at some point", and then we never do because it's not something we use on a regular basis - hence the absurd number of cans of peas, when we don't use canned peas to begin with.)

And I figure that if I clean things out and know exactly what we have, then I'll be more inclined to buy things on a regular basis to cook and eat better.
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Lost a bit of weight at WW today. \0/

But I decided to cancel my membership. I haven't been to a meeting in *forever*, and I don't see myself going any time soon, so it's really a glorified scale session. And I can do that at Curves (which I'm getting back into doing regularly). And I know how to do the plan, so I don't really need to go. And I can definitely use the money for something else.

And in general, I feel good about having some sort of plan about getting myself together.

And.... :-P
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Endorphins are goood. :-D

I went to Curves tonight for the first time in a *long* while and had a terrific workout. And I love Olga - she runs "my" Curves and she's always very cheerful and asks how I've been doing and showing interest in how things are going. When I went in, she was like, "Hi! How've you been? Haven't seen you in forever!" And then when I was leaving, she was like, "So, when will we see you again?" And I told her Monday, since I'm going to dinner with [ profile] libralyte tomorrow and the beach over the weekend. And she was like, "All right, have a great weekend and don't forget to come in Monday!" I'm definitely going to start going back on a regular basis now a few times a week. It's an all around win-win situation for me, so it would be stupid not to.

And I've been doing pretty good weight-loss-wise the past couple of weeks. I'm sure though, that the first week, a lot of it had to do with eating hardly anything during Shore Leave and not really getting my appetite back until Wednesday. And then last week, I'm sure taking the diuretic helped with that loss too. But in general, over the past two and a half weeks, I've been doing my best to eat only when I'm hungry and distinguish between the different types of hungry that I feel throughout the day and make better choices when I do eat. And I'm feeling pretty good about how I'm doing. I'm not going to worry about being too nit-picky for another week or two, to give myself a little more time to cement what I've started as a habit, then I'm going to really start journalling what I eat and tweaking things.
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I had to go into Chapel Street to help with the Strike/Build today. I was given the task of cleaning up the booth. They were rather surprised when I said, "Can I vacuum it?" (There's carpeting in there and it was messy.) And Judy was like, "Sure - it hasn't been vacuumed in ages." So it was interesting trying to figure out how to deal with three chairs with wheels in there so I could vacuum (and they didn't fit through the door - go figure). But I feel good now that things are much cleaner in there and, by moving a couple things around, was able to free up a few more inches of space.

I also had a planning meeting for a singles' ministry we're working on creating in my church. It's a great core group so far and it's fun being able to hang out with other people who are also single. (Though, I do feel a bit odd at being the only one who hasn't been married at some point, but you can't win everything).

Tonight I took my mom and John out for a nice dinner for my mom's birthday - which was yesterday. I'm a little upset at my brother that he didn't call me back about coming with us and he didn't even call my mom and wish her a happy birthday.


How is it so hard to find a DVD of Christian Kane's movie, Love Song? (Also, I find it rather amusing that Rainbow Sun Francks is in it too.)

In other CK news, I think "Leverage" is going to be taking all of my SGA squee. And I'm actually surprised at myself for this, but I'm really liking the Parker/Hardison vibe I'm getting.


So, at Weight Watchers last Saturday, I gained 5.8 pounds - which made me go, "WTF, body?!?" because I hadn't had *that* bad of a week, all things considered. My weigh-in person said that one possibility could be that I hadn't been drinking enough fluids.

So I tried that this week, along with journaling and trying to get within the ball-park of my points target, but I wasn't too worried if I wasn't perfect, since I hadn't had time to plan last weekend because of tech and rehearsals and then this week was crazy anyway with rehearsals and then the shows.

When I weighed in yesterday, I lost 6.4 pounds in this past week. Yes, I'm serious - I took off all the weight I had put on, plus an extra .6 of a pound.
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Yeah, Jeff wasn't kidding when he said that this week was going to be Hell Week, though he meant just because we had tech over the weekend and dress rehearsals today and tomorrow, a preview on Thursday, and three shows between Friday and Saturday. (The stage is getting painted on Wednesday.)

In addition to this, this is also the beginning of winter session, so work's crazy this week. And today was insane. Not only did we have all the students coming in for books and stuff, but we also had the foreign students who are here to learn English coming in to get their books at the same time. Literally. I think at least 99% of them were there at the same time. And most of them know about .1% of English - which can be a hassle for everyone involved.

And today is day 2 of "that time of the month". It would figure.

So, this week, I'm focusing on being as good as possible with my eating, but if I go over, I'm not going to worry about it too much. And so far things have been going really well. So, it sohould be interesting to see how the rest of the week plays out.
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So they announced the new Doctor today and my initial reaction was, "He looks like a cross between David Tennant and Robert Pattinson's hair."


Grrr. I was trying to finish a fic that I started about a year and a half ago and got halfway through before it died, but it's still very much dead, even against my hopes that I could revive it. Well, at least now I'll have more time to do some heavier rewrites on another fic and maybe get started on some other stuff early. Or something. I'm determined to keep this writing thing going this year.


I probably picked the worst time to get back on the WW wagon. (The holidays having just finished isn't an issue.) I have tech all this week for a one acts festival next weekend and my period's supposed to start this week too. Both of which, individually, could be a pain in the derriere for my eating. Will just have to be extra mindful. I did fairly well for most of today, so I think that overall, I'm going to consider it a win and I'm already planning a bit more for tomorrow.
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As I tell at least one family member every year (and usually the same one or two as the year before), I don't make resolutions because I think it's stupid to make resolutions just because it's the beginning of the year.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely agree with the idea behind making resolutions and I realize that January 1 is a good time to do it - it's a new day, (sometimes a new week,) a new month, and a new year all at once. As far as clean slates go, it doesn't get much better than that. But I think that you shouldn't feel like you have to wait until January 1st to do it. If you want to start at the beginning of October or April 19th - go for it!

That being said, I did start on a weight loss plan today. I'm one of those people who likes to have a plan, even if I throw it out the window as soon as I make it up or I go through it with more switchbacks than San Francisco's Lombard Street. This was confirmed by how well outlines have worked for me in completing the stories this past year. So, I'm making up a plan, using my outline template, for how I'm going to go about losing weight. This includes rewards for hitting various weight loss markers. I figure that if I have an actual plan, then I'll hopefully stick to it (or, at least start with it), and lose the weight.

This should be interesting. :-P
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My body's being weird! But in a really good way for once. My appetite's been way down (otherwise I feel fine). Last week when it was really, really hot, I could understand because who wants to eat when there's an excessive heat warning in effect?

But it's still going. Which - don't get me wrong - I'm all for, all things considered. Hopefully this will help me lay the groundwork for better eating habits and all that.


And all you [ profile] tribalforces people who were pimping "Torchwood" over the weekend (and whoever it was that showed "Captain Jack Harkness") - I hate you, but in the most loving way possible. After watching all of season one, the season one declassifieds, and the outtakes (this one three times), I think I'm in love.

I love Jack, even if he's brash and impetuous and not the greatest leader. Even so, something about him makes me trust him, even while I'm yelling at him for what he's doing or saying.

I love Owen too. Not quite sure why, there's just something about him.

Toshiko and Ianto are fun. I can't wait to see more of them.

Gwen's the only one who I don't really care for. At least not on her own. I like her in relation to other people. For instance, I like her and Owen a lot. I also like seeing her and Jack together (but not in a 'shipper sort of way) - I think this is in part because I see her being his humanity.

"Captain Jack Harkness" was an amazing episode and I'm glad I finally got to see it in its entirety. And "End of Days" was really good too. I quite enjoyed the last fifteen minutes or so of it (even if I thought Abydon was really amusing and couldn't help but think, "When did this become a monster movie?").
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Today I had one of those moments where I wondered how things in general got the way they are. I had just come home from doing a few things and had let my dog out after I put the groceries inside. When I turned back to her, she was on her back, rolling around in the grass, looking happy as could be. Then she looked up at me as if to say "Please rub my belly," so I did and she had this look like, "Yep, this is it - life is good."


In other news, I lost .6 lbs today. Not much, but it's *something*, so I'm happy. And given that I ate more bad stuff than normal this week and only rode my bike to work one day this week, I'm not very surprised. The fact that in the past three weeks, I've lost 2.6 lbs should be a good indicator that my metabolism is good, if not great, and that if I ate better than I do and excercised more, I'd be well on my way to losing the excess weight. On the upside so far, I've been eating less in general, so I think that's helping a lot. I've just got to push myself to do the rest of it.

And another moment of "why my family's insane, but not in a good way" - when I told my grammy last week that I had lost a pound each last week and the week before, she told me that I should be losing more a week. I told her that a) *at least I'm losing* and b) doctors say that 1-2 lbs a week is the way to go for safe weight loss. *shakes head*


I've been working my way through season 1 of "Torchwood". (I'm now through episode 9 - "Random Shoes".) I like the show a lot. I'm having a tough time with Gwen, though. I'm not sure why, but something about her just puts me off. On the other hand, I like how she interacts with other people. For instance, I like her and Owen together a lot. And I like how she interacts with Jack - she makes him more human, I think.

Also, I'll admit that I was prepared to not like Ianto. From the way people were talking about him, I had the thought of "*pfft* Great. He sounds like a British version of Justin or something." But then I got to meet him and I'm glad I was wrong. I quite like him. :-D
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Today was good, aside from the fact that it was 95 degrees and *humid*. (A cold shower never felt so good.)

I lost another pound at WW this week. So, I've been doing pretty good between last week and this week for not really exercising and still eating a fair amount of crap. I've just been eating less of it and sleeping more. And that's the frustrating thing - I know that I've got a good - if not great - metabolism. I just don't let it do its job. I'm going to take baby steps this time, I think, and see where that gets me.

It was weird to have my writing goal be under 2000 words today, since I've been having the tendency of writing over that the past few weekends.

This afternoon my grammy and I went to the mall, since I needed to get some new pants for work and return some shirts. (And I wanted to get some more tea.) And my grammy's been wanting to go shopping with me for a while. She ended up finding a pajama set for when she, my dad and granddad go on vacation later this month. And she bought me two tops and a pair of pajama bottoms.

I went to Teavana and got some more of the Plum Harvest tea (which makes a very yummy iced tea). And I tried the Rooibos Caramel Creme as an ice tea and it was pretty tasty. I'm not sure I'm completely sold on it, but I'd drink it again.

Tonight was Newark Nite (or, as my dad describes it, when the townies take back the town [since it's the week after graduation]). I went into town about 5:30 and it was *still* really muggy. It was a nice night, though. I got some yummy pepperoni pizza for dinner and splurged on dessert and had some Coldstone ice cream. I also got to see Mad Sweet Pangs - which is a local band I've been curious about. (They're like '70s rock with mixed with blues and a hint of country and folk.) While watching the show, a Stormtrooper walked by. Yes, you heard me right - someone was dressed up as a Stormtropper. I wish I knew why and I gotta give the person credit - the suit *had* to be hot.

I tried to watch Sands of Oblivion tonight. And was reminded why I don't watch the Sci Fi movies (even if I did get most of the way through it). I love Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin - but not that much.
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Didn't mention yesterday that when I went to WW, I only gained .6 lbs since I was there three Saturdays ago. :-D

And I wasn't on the ball yesterday - I hope everyone was able to "beware the ides of March".

Today we had a post Women's Retreat meeting to wrap up everything from last weekend and start looking forward to next year. For the most part, everything was very positive, which is good.

Had dinner with my grandparents tonight, which was very nice.

Still writing - which is impressive for me. I usually can't maintain writing a fic consistently for this long.

I'm now finishing up the Disney version of The Three Musketeers. It's so much fun.
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Today should be dubbed Baking Day.

First, I had brunch at Panera (okay, so I didn't bake, but I had a bagel).

Then, I went to my grandparents' and made cutout cookies with my grandmother.

Thirdly, I came home and made cupcakes for tomorrow's coffee hour at church.

I also did a bit of Christmas shopping - got my brother's main gift and my dad's secondary gift. So the shopping's mostly done except for my grandparents (though I know what I'm going to get them) and secondary gifts for my mom and John. And I got my cards and list together so I can do Christmas cards. (Though, I'm going to need more stamps.) I'm hoping to get to the post office this week, so I can mail everything - even if it doesn't arrive until after Christmas. (Okay, I *know* I'm going this week, it's just a matter of the day.) And wrapping will be done this week too.

I lost 3 pounds this week at WW. Yay! (Though, when my grandmother asked how I did and I told her, she said, "It's better than a pound." To which I replied, "Hey, I'll take a pound. A pound's a pound." And then a little later she made another comment or two about worrying about me and about losing the weight around my middle. I get that she's concerned, but it comes out wrong. So, now you all know where my dad gets it from.)

I also had a very funny, and fun!, phone conversation with [ profile] mashfanficchick and [ profile] akina16 this evening. Which all started over them having an idea for an SGA fic, neither them nor [ profile] mirnell (who was with them) writing in SGA, and [ profile] mashfanficchick having my cell number and deciding to call me and ask me to write it.

OMG. *giggles* This probably isn't all that funny, but it amuses me that the Barenaked Ladies did a cover of Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

OMG2. New Kyle XY! January 14th! ABC Family! 8pm! YAY!!!
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Today was a good day.

Went to WW and only gained 1.2 lbs. With Thanksgiving and visiting cousins, I'm *very* happy about this. Then I hit Curves where I had a really good workout. After which, I hit Panera for brunch and to read fanfic and work on an outline for a fic.

This afternoon, I met up with [ profile] monet1873 and she was going to take me to a new winery she had heard of. (I'm convinced she's trying to turn me into a foodie.) We didn't find it, so we ended up going back to Va La. We've been there before numerous times and enjoy it, so we really didn't mind going back.

When we were finished there, we went back to her place and she showed me the pictures she took on her trip in Ireland. From there we went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant.

It was good getting to spend time with her, since we haven't been able to do this in a while.
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We had a planning meeting for the Women's Retreat today and I think it went really well. We're definitely starting to get geared up for this coming retreat and I'm excited. I'm also a little nervous because I said that I was interested in doing one of the talks (our associate pastor and one of the other ladies are the speakers this year) and I *really* don't like speaking in public (regardless of being told that I'm good at it), but I felt like God was pushing me to do it. So we'll see how that goes.

Went to the movies *again* today. (It's the beginning of the holiday film season. I think it's unfair that all the good stuff gets clumped together. [Though, on the upside, the bad stuff then gets clumped together too.])

I saw Dan in Real Life. I thought it was really good and well done (and wasn't cliched like many movies in the same genre).

And I forgot to mention this last night (or I might've still been too shocked to mention it - it could go either way at the moment), but I have another installment in Further Issues of Adrian and Eating. When we were at the restaurant, my dad, *as he's reaching over and taking some of my refried beans with a tortilla chip*, "Are you going to eat your beans?" to which I replied, "Um...*yeah*." I should've smacked his hand away. Now, I honestly don't mind sharing my food, but I do believe you should ask first.

Oh, and I think I hate my truck. I had to fill it up today and put in 29.5 gallons (in a 34 gallon tank) and paid $87.25. This is why I like being able to bike to work.
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Headline: Fabio taunts George Clooney: "Stop being a diva".

I'm sorry, but... *laughs* That's just waaay too easy to mock.

Had a nice day off and a good start to a four day weekend. (Tuesday's my birthday and I decided to take both it and Monday off.)

I went and saw The Martian Child with John Cusack. I quite liked it, but didn't fall in love with it. (And People's Plaza raised their prices to $8 for a matinee and $10 for a regular movie. Am I glad I get coupons pretty regularly.)

Then tonight my dad and I went out for dinner to La Tolteca (which has very yummy Mexican food) and then down on campus to see The Simpsons Movie. That movie was a lot of fun.

The allergies are slowly getting better. I've found that turning on the little space heater in my room (that I'd left up there from last winter because it gets really cold from time to time) helps a lot in fending off the coughing. The only downside is that now my hands are doing their normal winter chapped look - which means my hands are really dry and have little splits all over them and sometimes they hurt.

But WW was good today. I lost 6.2 lbs. Though, I'm sure at least 2 lbs of that is a readjustment from last week, because I stopped in before going to the con and I had gained 2.4 lbs and I was wearing long pants and it was at lunch time and I normally wear shorts and go first thing in the morning. But I still lost about 4 lbs (and this included a con weekend!), so I'm very happy.
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I was more excited than I probably should've been that I had today off. (I guees it's partly due to having to work three Saturdays in a row, even if I got the corresponding Friday off, and then alternating working and not working.)

Got up this morning and went to WW (+.6, but I'm quite happy, especially since we've had cake in the house this week due to my brother's birthday) and Curves. Then I headed to Panera for my usual brunch - a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese and a grande frozen caramel coffee. I realize that this meal uses up a lion's share of my daily points but a) it's *so* worth it and b) I usually don't eat the rest of the day until dinner time anyway because it fills me up.

After a quick stop at KMart, I headed home and took Patch for a nice walk since it was a beautiful day outside.

This evening was my church's hayride and bonfire. It's a lot of fun, even if most of the people that go on it are families - which makes me feel a little weird because I'm single, but - like I said - fun. Plus, this past Sunday, Kim was picking her youngest up from nursery and said, "Madeline (her oldest) wants to know if you're coming on the hayride this year." (I played with her in the wagon and took her to the little pond near our site last year.) This year Madeline was all excited because she got glasses today and now she can see. And the kids in my wagon and I got into a big hay fight with the kids in the other wagon. (I found hay in my underwear!) The kids were cute around the bonfire because we had hot dogs and s'mores and they were trying to figure out how to cook things using the skewers.

I've got all my pressing writing things done and I want to write. *goes to look at the half-finished things to see what I can dust off*
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Had off today since I have to work tomorrow. (Which is going to be insane since it's going to be Homecoming.)

Got up and did my normal Friday/Saturday morning routine - went to WW (-.6 yay!) and Curves. And then off to Panera for a bagel and frozen coffee. I also got some reading and writing done while there.

From there I picked up my grandmother and we went up to Wilmington to the Flavour of Britian - which is a tea room/tea shop - and we had tea. (My grammy had gotten a gift certificate for that from my aunt for her birthday.) It was really neat. She got English Breakfast tea and I had Earl Grey and they brought out a little platter with some finger sandwiches (cheese and a spread, roast beef, egg, and tuna) and a couple petit fores and tarts. And then we also each had a lemon scone with lemon curd and raspberry jam. Needless to say, we didn't finish all the sandwhiches and by the time we were done, we were both like, "Yeah, no more eating for the rest of the day." Before we left, she got a jar of the lemon curd and I got a box of Jaffa cakes, since I've never had them (even with living in London for a month, I know).

After that, we went up to Trader Joe's because my grandmother had never been and was curious. I ended up getting a half gallon of milk because we needed it and a box of the No Pudge brownie mix (which is really good). And my grammy got a bottle of balsalmic vinegar - since she likes it a lot on her salads and was surprised at how cheap it was.

So, all in all, we had a really good afternoon. It's been a long time since we've done that (though we do see each other regularly).

This evening I took Patch for a walk and enjoyed the cooler weather. And I also did some cleaning. (Very exciting, I know. But it's interesting the stuff you can find.)


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