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Did not technically win Nano this year, as the last 3000 words elude me.

But, at the same time, I'm considering it a win because I did write 47000 words - which is more than I've written in a long time. I worked on my original Nano idea (which died, but I may try to go back and finish later), two Secret Santa fics (both of which are finished and are in various states of revisions), another fic idea (which also died and I can't decide if I should declare it or try to save it), worked on another fic that's quickly becoming crack and wildly OOC (but it's fun!) and started a 'thank you ficlet' which will be finished in the next day or so.

And here are two of the pep-talk emails that I really liked.

Pep Talk by Lemony Snicket )

Pep Talk by Dave Eggers )

\0/ FTW!

Nov. 17th, 2010 11:59 pm
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Today rocked!

I had off today because of having to work Saturday. I got up at my normal work time in order to make it to the dentist to get a couple fillings done. And this time the dentist working on me was awesome when I told him the nerve on the left side of my lower jaw is out of whack - before injecting the anesthesia, he felt my gum, then injected the two shots. And after waiting the normal time and getting what I'm guessing is the correct response, he said, "Good. And I'm going to put in an extra shot, just to make sure." And I was pain free the whole time. (This is compared to about seven shots last time and still having some pain.)

I also went to the bank and put my jar of change through the coin-sorter and got about $75.

And I kicked Nano ass today and did *a lot* of writing. The Nano site, when I plugged in my updated word count said that I'd written 10,000 words. I think it's not quite that, but it's pretty damn close. Either way:

31700 / 50000 words. 63% done!

And I think everyone should watch A Single Man. It's fantastic and amazing! (Okay, and a bit of a tear-jerker, but still awesome!)
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I must be doing something right, because this NaNo is going to get done more through sheer force of will than anything else.
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5000 words today and I'm now up-to-date with my Nano!

11700 / 50000 words. 23% done!

I really need to stop writing 5000 words once every three days and do something smaller on a more consistent basis. But so far it's coming along well. I have a feeling this thing's going to need editing like whoa, but I like the way it's shaping up.

And I've been good and not played any solitaire while working on it. Yet. Granted, I've been messing around with organizing my music library instead. But since that's done, I need to find another way to procrastinate. I'm pretty sure my bookmarks folder hasn't been organized in quite some time. :-P
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[ profile] eternalmusings' continued cheerleading and mantra of "Be one with your Nano", has definitely helped so far this year, considering that I've done *no* planning besides having an idea. (Yeah, yeah, I KNOW - that's the POINT.)

But it's hard when you have an instance like tonight where I'm getting ready to write, look at the part I'm at, know what's supposed to go next, and realize that if I just start writing, I'm going to be putting a square peg into a round hole that I doubt any amount of editing will smooth out.

So I'm going to do what every (or at least 99% of) writer(s) do.

I'm going to play solitaire and try to work this out so I can pick it up tomorrow.

(And this is also what I get for trying to start this so late.)
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For a variety of reasons, I'm beginning to think my NaNo fic is meant to stay within my brain forever. *sigh* Not that that's necessarily a bad thing (pretty boys), but it's still frustrating.


YAY! CON-con tickets go on sale tomorrow evening!

(I'm taking bets on how quickly we crash the servers.)

I seriously think Leverage took all of my SGA squee.


That being said, SGU is slowly growing on me and I've fallen for Col. Young. And I just might ship Young/Eli. (Damn you, [ profile] eternalmusings!)
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Sadly, I now only have two days left of my vacation. :-(

On the upside, I hit my writing goal for today, so if I do the same tomorrow and Sunday, I'll be back on track. :-)
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I finished season two of QAF today so I could send the discs back. There are parts of it that I enjoy and parts that are rather 'meh' and I fastforward through.

And because I finished season 2, my writing output has been less than desirable, though I'm going to try to salvage at least some of it before I go to bed. Otherwise, it's coming along fairly well. :-)

Also, I went to the write-in today and got nothing written because I was too busy chatting and showing one of the other girls the beginning of the Halloween episode of "Castle".
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So, it appears that a good source of stress relief is mixing writing a large amount of words and cutting the grass. Go figure. :-P

So far I'm at 12,000 words. So, it's a good start to NaNo. I'm trying to get as much under my belt as possible this week.

The start of "V" was interesting. I'm not sure it's going to last, though.
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Title: How We Will End
Author: Adrian
Fandom: SGA
Disclaimer: Sadly, not mine.
Spoilers: Vague Season 3 prior to "Sunday".
Pairing: Lorne/Zelenka
Rating: NC-17

Summary: When all of Lorne's memories of Atlantis are wiped in a Jumper accident, will he and Zelenka be able to rebuild their life together?

Warning: This fic contains BDSM.

Click here to read the fic.
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Time for a little cleaning of the Bookmarks folder...

NaNo pep talks by:
- Jonathan Stroud
- Philip Pullman
- Meg Cabot
- Janet Fitch

I really wish Piers Anthony's pep talk was up on the website because it was *fantastic*. Very wry and sardonic - much like Malcolm McDowell if you've ever seen him at a con.

A cool blog entry on 'The Fantasy of Being Thin' forwarded to me from [ profile] libralyte.

William Shatner
more lol celebs!

Actual LOLanimals )
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I'm done NaNo!

Final status (according to my Word word counter):

50080 / 50000 words. 100% done!

Final status (according to NaNo's word counter):

50318 / 50000 words. 101% done!

Don't ask me about the discrepancy. Either way, I'm done and the fic is done!

*throws confetti*

I shall now take the rest of the day off and start my next story tomorrow. :-P
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I've now hit the 40,000 word mark on my NaNo fic. Not bad for a fic that got just over 4,000 words last year when I tried to write it. My brain's now toying with burning out on me, but I plan on pushing through, if only out of spite and it'll be finished this weekend. :-P

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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My NaNo is like the little engine that could this year. :-P I might actually be able to win!

37515 / 50000 words. 75% done!
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Yeah - I'm not really a fan of this barely above freezing weather. I was going to ride my bike into town today for my NaNo write-in, but decided to drive because it was too cold.

My NaNo fic is turning out to be pornier than originally anticipated. I'm not complaining, just amused by the fact.

And I've written more this year than...well...ever and I'm surprised I haven't hit the burn out stage yet (*knocks on wood*). I'm starting to wonder now where I'd be if I'd gotten my writing act together years ago. (And maybe that shoule be telling me something about other things in my life.)
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28300 / 50000 words. 57% done!

And now I'm off to the trainstation to pick up [ profile] libralyte. :-D
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I am now caught up to where I wanted to be before I left for the con, and I plan on leaving in a couple minutes.

15800 / 50000 words. 32% done!

I can't describe how excited I am. :-D
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So, today was also a good writing day and here's where I'm at:

5100 / 50000 words. 10% done!

Here's hoping the rest of the month goes just as easily. :-P


I was watching some of [ profile] wolfling's Angel vids while doing laundry and feeling really nostalgic.


I have jury duty tomorrow. Apparently, third time getting called is the charm. I just hope that I don't actually get picked to serve on a jury a) because I have Creation Con on Friday and I'd much rather do that than Jury duty and b) I've been trying to do this since frickin' *February* - I just want to get it over with!
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Yeah, I'm just getting around to packing now.

In my defense, I went right from work to getting some prescriptions filled to a NaNo kick-off, so I got home late and had to do a load of laundry first. Then I wanted to finish off a couple odds-and-ends I had started during the laundry, so....

And I had promised myself I'd get more than 4.5 hours of sleep tonight. (Which has been my norm lately if I have to open.) May not happen tonight.

But I'm excited about this weekend. Eee!
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So there was no playing of Saint-Saens' "Danse Macabre" tonight while the trick-or-treating was going on. We didn't even have as many kids as we normally do, so we have some candy left over (which is both good and bad). But the kids who did come by were adorable. And there was even one who, after taking her candy said, "And now back to your regularly scheduled program." (I was watching tv while waiting for the trick-or-treaters to show up. It was that or reading and the tv had the advantages of being where I could keep an eye on the door at the same time and there was a Ghost Hunters epidose on SciFi.)

I did see a few college kids dressed up today, but that was mostly on my way home after work - which was after 6. One was dressed as a beer keg. *shakes head in shame*

I can't believe I've posted every day this month. Granted a good portion of it is just stream-of-conscious reactions to whatever tv show I'm watching.

I responded to a post on one of my lists from someone who was selling their zines. That's not so weird. The weird part is that she lives in the next town over. Go figure.

Tomorrow I'm going to a NaNo kick-off. Here's hoping it'll be fun.

I can't wait for this weekend! I'm taking a half day on Friday so I can get up there and enjoy the afternoon's programming too. Eeee! (Apparently, I still have a few of those in my system.)


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