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Regina and I watched an episode each of Generation Kill and "Scandal" today. I liked "Scandal", but I doubt it's something I'll get into.

When I was getting ready to leave, I found out that Kimmo had made his mark on my duffle bag - in the form of taking a chomp out of it. It's not a big hole, but I'll need to patch it up.

And tonight's "Warehouse 13" was awesome in so many ways. And still curious why Jinksy/Pete isn't a bigger ship.
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I have a feeling "my" rabbit is not long for this world, if it's still around at all. (It's a wild rabbit I've seen in the yard a lot over the past few months and whose tracks I saw in the snow over the winter.) I say that not because the weather's getting warmer and more people are out doing things and driving places, but because I saw a fox in my neighbor's backyard this morning when I was leaving for work. This is the first time I've seen a fox in the neighborhood in a long time.


In other news, it irks me that Steve Jinks isn't on the balcony with the rest of the cast in the "Warehouse 13" opening credits. I know it's a little thing in the grand scheme of things, but if they added Claudia into it, they should add Steve!
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I'm currently watching an episode of "Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" before bed and Craig and Harrison Ford and they're talking about flying, since they both have their pilot licenses and it's kind of cute and fun.
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Every time I see the current issue of "Entertainment Weekly", I have to giggle. The cover is for season 3 of "Game of Thrones" and the headline says "Shocking Deaths! Wild Weddings! One Angry Bear! Game of Thrones Prepare Yourself for the Most Thrilling Season Yet".

This makes me think of the line "Exeunt, pursued by a bear."

Which is from the Shakespeare play A Winter's Tale. (Which is probably my favorite Shakespeare play.)

I am such a dork.
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I only worked a half-day today, but not because of the snow-that-didn't-happen-here, but because I'm covering for a coworker on Saturday, so she took the equal hours today.

This afternoon, I saw Jack the Giant Slayer. Yes, parts of it were cheesy (though not as cheesy as Hansel and Gretel), but it was a good movie and I quite enjoyed it. And Nicholas Hoult has grown up very well. Also, I'll admit, by the end I was kind of shipping Jack/Isabelle/Elmont.

And tonight, I was finally able to start watching season 1 of "Homeland" and I'm loving it. I've gotten through the first three episodes and I can't wait for more.
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I'm a couple episodes shy of finishing season 3 of "Primeval" and I'm quite enjoying it. Not sure how I feel about Danny, though - he reminds me too much of a British version of Kowalski. But I do like Becker. And I think I ship everyone/everyone to an extent.
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I don't need another show, and yet, somehow, I've now been pulled into "Downton Abbey". I marathoned series one over the weekend (granted, there were only seven episodes), and I've now seen the first two episodes of the second season.

It's so well-done in every way possible. And Anna/Bates is probably the most adorable thing ever.

Which is why I have a stack of things to pick up from the library tomorrow. :-P


Nov. 19th, 2012 10:20 pm
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And Partners has been cancelled.

Granted, I'm not really surprised - one of those "just my luck" sorts of things. But I'm going to miss it. And I'm really going to miss Wyatt. posted summaries for the rest of the episodes that were filmed. And I really want to see them. I never got why networks wouldn't just burn off a show - I doubt it would do them much damage. (What are they going to do with them anyway?, etc.)
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The one downside to catching up on Criminal Minds with it going into the eight season is that I'm aware of various general main cast casting spoilers through the beginning of season 7 that there's no real worry for them.

And Thomas Gibson is awesome. I think he's doing an amazing job as Hotch.
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Gotta love my mom.

A couple weeks ago, when I mentioned watching "Criminal Minds", she said, "I don't want to watch 'Criminal Minds' because it's not real." (Meaning it's not based on true cases - she's the type that happily watches TruTV.)

And now, after I've convinced her to try it and she's watched a few episodes with me - "You brought 'Criminal Minds' tonight? Good - I was hoping you would." And then we watched three episodes. (Normally when I take a tv show for our "dinner and movie" nights, we'll watch at most 2 episodes.)
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I just watched the "Men at Work" finale.

And it's a conundrum. I don't normally like sitcoms and I'm sure it's not the best sitcom out there, but for some reason I adore it. I'll admit, Adam Busch being in it is what got me started, but that alone wouldn't have kept me. (As much as I love Adam.)

I can't wait for the next season start.
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I'm making my way through season 2 of "Good Wife" and having a great time with it. Usually I have no desire to watch law shows (aside from "Suits" because it's amusing), but this show is just so dang good! And Christopher Sieber was in the episode I watched tonight and getting a scene between him and Alan Cumming was awesome. :-D

Now I just have to hope I can get season 3 from the library ASAP when it comes out on September 4th, or at least so I have enough time before season 4 starts on September 30th. :-P
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Regina and I went to New Hope today to look around, but then it started pouring, so we went to Peddler's Village instead. The whole time it alternated between raining and sunny. But we had fun poking around in the stores.

After we came back, we started watching Fortysomething - which is much fun. And it's fun to see Hugh Laurie between his comedy stuff and House and a baby!Benedict Cumberbatch before he became Sherlock.
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Adam Busch and Danny Masterson have a new show on TBS called "Men At Work". The first two episodes premiered tonight at 10 and 10:30, but it looks like they're going to be rerun a few times over the next week, so there's still a chance to catch them.
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For the past few months, I've been slowly working my way through the stacks of books that I've accumulated over the years, but haven't read as well as the list I started when the stacks started threatening to go outside their containment area. :-P Some have been great, some not so much - which is to be expected, not everything can be the most awesomest book ever.

But one I had to put down today made me a little sad. It was an Angel tie-in (which I'm curious where I got it, since I don't generally buy them), and the premise was good. What made me sad was that I've read better fanfic.

On a plus side - last night's "Sherlock" episode, "Reichenbach Fall", was still one of the most powerful episodes of tv I've seen. Even though I originally watched it back in February (and even then knew what was going to happen because I know the story it's based on), it still hurt to watch it a second time.
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I just watched last Thursday's episode of "Awake" and it was awesome! It had a bit of a Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde feeling at times, and the use of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" was awesome. And Kevin Weisman (Marshall on Alias) was in it! (Which I thought was awesome.

And, you know, I never even thought of the "falling dream" before. Not sure why. But they way they used it was awesome.
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Today was also an awesome day.

I did laundry and did some other things to get ready for this week.

I also finished my first [ profile] sgareversebang fic. I'm going to let it sit for a day or two while I start on the second before starting the revising process.

And I finally finished watching Alexander. (It feels like it took forever to watch it, just because I haven't had the time.) It was actually a fairly decent movie. And you have to give points to a movie that is willing to say (after Hephaestion beats Alexander in wrestling when they're still young) "And from then on, Alexander was undefeated except by Hephaestion's thighs". (However true it actually was.) And Jared Leto is so beautiful!

"Once Upon A Time"'s season finale was interesting. Can't wait for next season.

Tonight was also "Sherlock"'s "Hound of the Baskervilles". And I still think the people who are in charge of such things sent the wrong clip with Martin Freeman to "Graham Norton". Instead of Sherlock's deduction scene, it should've been the one from the lab, IMO. Even if it did give us the "Fuck you. I have a BAFTA." :-P

And one last thing! I found out this weekend that Matt Davis (Alaric on "Vampire Diaries") has a Twitter and a Tumblr account and he uses both regularly. And he writes fanfic.
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Somehow, Thursday's become the Night Of TV. I've got "Vampire Diaries", "Touch", and "Awake". And when March Madness is over, "Mentalist" will be back.

It's weird having so much TV on one night. I'm used to one show, *maybe* two.
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So Smash was awesome. :-D

I watched it earlier this evening online because I couldn't wait. Then I ended up watching it again when it aired on tv. I may not be a Neilsen family, but I figure the show can use all the help it can get. :-D

And, as expected, Angelica Huston and Jack Davenport are awesome. And I'd forgotten Christian Borle is in the show - which is awesome. (I saw him as part of the original cast in Spamalot.) And Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty are both amazing too.

So can't wait for more of this show!


Feb. 5th, 2012 11:24 pm
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So, I've been quietly squeeing (since otherwise everyone would hate me by now) for months about "Smash" - a new show starting tomorrow night. And it's finally starting tomorrow night! :-D :-D :-D

And I just found out that NBC posted the full pilot episode on Youtube TWO WEEKS AGO. Argh!

Regardless, I think it's going to be awesome. In part because Angelica Huston and Jack Davenport are in it. (Which is the reason for the icon.)


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