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I'm not sure which is more worrisome - the fact that he took the time to work this out, or that it makes sense - The Pixar Theory

And my friend Eric recently posted a new video and has an album on iTunes! :-D
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As if I needed another reason to love Alexis Denisof - he recently took part in Course of the Force (a charity run prior to Comic-Con). And he did it dressed up as C3PO!

Here he is waiting for the light sabre (aka baton).

And here he is post-race at the doorstep of Skywalker Ranch.
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You know you're a part of a fandom when you're saving the recipe for "Momma Coulson's scones" from a fic you read to try out.

(And even moreso when you then post it to your LJ. :-P)
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I have a feeling "my" rabbit is not long for this world, if it's still around at all. (It's a wild rabbit I've seen in the yard a lot over the past few months and whose tracks I saw in the snow over the winter.) I say that not because the weather's getting warmer and more people are out doing things and driving places, but because I saw a fox in my neighbor's backyard this morning when I was leaving for work. This is the first time I've seen a fox in the neighborhood in a long time.


In other news, it irks me that Steve Jinks isn't on the balcony with the rest of the cast in the "Warehouse 13" opening credits. I know it's a little thing in the grand scheme of things, but if they added Claudia into it, they should add Steve!
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1. How did it get to be just over two weeks to Christmas and I didn't notice?

2. How am I so tired when I've gotten a decent amount of sleep the past few nights?
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Yep, my memory's definitely going.

I had mentioned the other day to [ profile] eternalmusings about wanting to see Outing Riley because Nathan Fillion's in it and because it looked cute. And she replied that I had seen it and that I enjoyed it. I remember nothing about this movie, other than what I remember from looking at the IMDb page the other day. Any other movie I've seen, even if I can't remember much about it, I remember something about it.

Then, today, I happened to look up something in my LJ for another movie because I couldn't remember exactly what I had thought about it and, in going back through the LJ tag it'd be under, I found a post commenting on watching Outing Riley.

Dated just over three years ago.

The post with the movie I was looking for? Dated just under four years ago.


Also today - my dad, grandparents and I stopped back at the house between church and brunch and while we were here, my grammy reminded me I had said I'd lend her some books to read. And while I was pulling some books out of my 'to read' bookshelf for her, I found a book that I am currently reading that I borrowed from [ profile] mashfanficchick at [ profile] tribalforces. Granted, it was behind another book, but you'd think I'd remember it, especially considering it's a subject that's right up my alley.
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Yay! It's now the weekend! And I got off work at 2pm - which is awesome.

Also, I wrote a bunch this afternoon. \0/

And a 15-year-old boy's Facebook or Twitter update now probably has something about an overweight, late twenties, white girl "blasting" Linkin Park in her truck. Or maybe not, but I was listening to Linkin Park with my window open and stopped at a corner where these two boys were and one of them started bopping his head to the music and texting. :-P

And I think I amuse [ profile] eternalmusings with the fact that, in "Eureka", I ship Carter/Grant, but couldn't get behind Carter/Stark.
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I've been working my way through the links I've gathered (and in most cases are gathering dust) in my Yahoo bookmarks and am transferring them over to Delicious. I figured it would be easier to keep track of them that way, and I tend to think more of Delicious than Yahoo when I think of online bookmarks.

But it's been fun going through all the stuff I've accumulated. Some of it's just so *random*. And it's a bit like going back through my own fannish history.

A couple fun things:
How Fandom is Like the Mafia

225 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed To Do at the SGC

In the beginning, there was canon. And God saw that the canon was lame, and God said "This canon is lame."

The Broccoli Test I was trying to explain this to someone the other day, so here it is.

X's Art X is FANTASTIC! She's just... amazing!
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So, I'm probably the last one to find this out, but Pepperidge Farms is now making/distributing Tim Tams. I couldn't not get any, and I like them.


I watched the first episode of Carnivale tonight and I'm intrigued. And already I ship Ben/Jonesy, even if they've only had, maybe, two scenes together. What is it with Tim DeKay having chemistry with everyone?
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Well, as much as I want my laptop back ASAP, one upside to not having it is that I know I'm going to be getting a bunch of writing done - which I *am* happy about. :-D

Yesterday after I left the library, I wound up at J's house for a while - which is always fun. I had Chinese for dinner (somehow it's almost always involved when I'm with her, not sure why), and had enough left over that I'll be able to have another meal later this week. (Yay!) We also watched Kate & Leopold - which we both adore, although we were both in a weird mood and kept picking it apart. :-P And then we ended up watching the last couple minutes of "Legend of the Seeker" - which had me yelling at the TV, so it's a VERY GOOD THING that I stopped watching it when I did back in season one.

Also, my brain had a... moment earlier while I was trying to remember when "Castle" finished and now I think I ship Castle/Esposito. But I don't think this pairing exists anywhere outside my head - which is kind of sad.
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I'm curious as to how the phrase "No shit, Sherlock" got started.

I know what it means and all, but it's just one of those random things that it's like, "*Wait*. How did *that* get into every day usage?"
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1. I'm beginning to hate the media and its repetitive sound-bites and what-not on the same stories. I want to be aware of what's going on in the world, not what's going on with Tiger Woods or that someone thinks that the Disney Princesses (and especially the newest one) are too thin or that a couple trying to get onto a reality show crashed a White House dinner. (To an extent, I wouldn't mind hearing about the last one, but more in the sense of security issues and stuff like that and not in "OMG! They crashed the party!!!!11!" *rolls eyes*)

2. How does it take my laptop battery about an hour/hour and a half to charge while I'm on it and doing stuff, yet my cellphone battery takes about three hours to charge and it's *turned off*?

3. The College School is doing their Scholastic book fair this week in the lobby outside of my building (even though the actual school is across the street - go figure). But it's fun being able to look out the door and see them. It reminds me of when I was that age and how much I loved taking the flyer home so I could order books and then being able to pick them up and look through the other books they had for sale. :-)

4. So there's this delivery guy that has us as one of his routine stops and he comes about every two weeks. Well, a couple stops ago, he came in and said that he had a delivery for some spaceships with flux capacitors. The other girl that was with me hesitated and I made some sort of off-hand comment and we joked around for a minute or two before I directed him to go downstairs to see where they wanted him to put the textbooks.

Since then, whenever he comes, he and I will repeat this conversation in some form before I send him downstairs. He came in today and we were doing it and having a pretty "in depth" conversation when a customer walked in, passed us, then turned and gave us a weird look. Then she went a little further and did it again, at which point I dissovled into giggles and we had a good laugh.
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I need to clean out my "fanfic to read" folder more often. (I save the fics to word documents and categorize them by length and fandom - you never know when a certain urge is gonna strike.)

For one thing, there's a lot of stuff in there.

For another, there's some weird stuff. I've only done a few, but so far, I've found:
- Ronon/Woolsey (SGA),
- a Leverage/Castle crossover,
- a Eureka fic (love the show, but don't usually read the fic),
- a Due South/Wilby Wonderful snippet,
- a long Merlin fic (I don't even watch the show! Though, it's by Pru.),
- a Mentalist fic in second person POV (not many people do 2nd person, and the last time I remember seeing any was on the WatcherGirls list with the Tony Head character based ABHs)
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I don't understand why a car magazine feels the need to put a model in a sexy outfit and a sexy pose on the cover of their magazine along with a car.

I feel like they're underestimating their audience by doing that. If you're buying a magazine because of the sexy women, something's wrong, IMO.

Also? Have they never heard of car porn? They can make it work with just cars in the picture.

(ETA: icon changed on [ profile] mashfanficchick's prompting that this was a better icon for this post. And she's right.)
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I'm feeling especially grammar snarky today.

With all of the recent well-known deaths lately, I keep hearing people say "So-and-so dies at the age of (whatever)." And I can't help but think, "Um, so-and-so *has died*. He/she *is dead*. It's over and done with. They haven't suddenly started going downhill since they turned whatever age it is that they died at."

Also, I heard a reporter say today that Sen. Kennedy lost his battle with cancer *overnight*. And while she did use it correctly, somehow it hit me wrong. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I feel like a year is out of the realm of "overnight".


In other news, Molly Quinn (Alexis Castle) is kind of adorable. I saw a little blurb about her audition and that she didn't know who Nathan Fillion was, but after the reading, she "was like, 'I don't care what I do, even if it's handing him water. I have to work with him!' "
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I'm feeling really girly at the moment. About a week and a half ago, I got a manicure. I got my hair trimmed yesterday. And today I got a pedicure. I'm not used to all of this.

But the pedicure was a really good experience. And in the time I was there, Melanie did to my heels what I've been trying to do forever - make them feel like real skin, and not sandpaper. I think I'm going to have to do this regularly for that reason, if not also for general foot health.

ewan mcgregor
see more Lol Celebs
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I saw Pixar's new movie, Up, today. It was cute and made me tear up. Wall-E is still my favorite, though.


After church this morning I was talking with Sue, who I used to be in a Bible study with and she mentioned she had thought of me the other day. Which made me curious, since I had missed a month's worth of church because of Hay Fever and then last week I went to the second service instead of the first service. And she said she had seen David Hyde Pierce on tv and remembered that I had seen him in Spamalot. And part of my brain went, "I know what you saw him in the other day."


I'm now six episodes into season 3 of "Due South". And I will admit that I was really worried about the addition of Ray K. But I really liked how they did the opening episode. (Especially the postcard! Which gives a fic idea I've been toying with a canon jumping point! I must've subconsciously remembered it.)

I can't slash Fraser/Ray K, though. Mainly, because I can't slash Ray K. I get more of a vibe of wanting to nurture him and build up his self-esteem and make sure that he knows that he's loved and cared for, but not actually have him in a romantic relationship.
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After work today, I headed up to the King of Prussia/Valley Forge area to meet up with [ profile] jackette, [ profile] gomeisaneelie, and [ profile] penguingal so we could look at a possible new hotel for [ profile] tribalforces 2010. I enjoyed getting the insight of what to look for in a hotel for a con. (Granted, most of it I could figure out from the amount of cons I've been to, but it's still neat to see it in a 'if I was going to run a con here...' sort of way.) Afterwards, we went to dinner to discuss it and a few other things, like duties for next year's con. And then we sequed into general fannish discussion. :-D


There was a bunch of stuff in today's paper about the races this weekend. (Still a bit bummed about not going to Dewey tomorrow, but I know that with NASCAR, it's a logistical nightmare.)

Generally speaking, I've never gotten the appeal of NASCAR. But I'm sure there are things that I like that NASCAR fans would scratch their heads at too, so whatever.


I'll be glad when this week's over. For some reason, it seems like the days have been passing *super* slowly, and it's frustrating. Also, with having Monday off and having to work on Saturday, my inner clock's all messed up. (I usually have Fridays off if I work on a Saturday.) My brain's saying that it's technically Wednesday, even though I know it's Thursday, and I/my brain really wants it to be Friday. *sigh*. A couple more days and then I can start to get back on my normal schedule. And hopefully get some more sleep. (Which will help greatly in a lot of areas.)
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I hope you've all had a good Cinco de Mayo and celebrated responsibly, if you celebrated. (And an interesting tidbit - Cinco de Mayo celebrates the defeat of the French at the Battle of Puebla by the Mexicans, it's not actually their independence day from Spain - which is on Sept. 16.)

[ profile] e_dog - Liev Schreiber is going to be on David Letterman tonight!

And generally - Nathan Fillion's going to be on Craig Ferguson tomorrow night!
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I just heard that Alyson Hannigan had her baby on the 24th (on her birthday!). She and Alexis named the baby girl Satyana Denisof.

Martin Christopher (aka Major Marks on SGA and SG-1) answers fan questions on Mallozzi's blog.

Here's hoping April will be better than March writing-wise.


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