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WW: -1.6 (-39 lbs)

Thanks and *hugs* to everyone who replied to my last two posts. It means *a lot* to me. It's been weird, since I'm still expecting things, you know? And Patch knew something was going on last week. And she's still being weird about one part of our yard. Plus, she's been more affectionate than normal with me (which should say something, since she's *always* affectionate with me).

What a week! I had a 12 day week this week and I was supposed to work tomorrow, but I couldn't. I've been feeling a bit off the past couple of days, so I didn't want to make myself sicker or anyone else sick in the process. Plus, as much as the extra money is needed, I value what fragments of sanity I have left, which is why I will spend most of my weekend holed up in my house watching movies, reading, and possibly even writing.

And the reason for the 12 day work week and me feeling all unbalanced? Fall Rush. AKA, when everyone comes back to college and things are a madhouse. If you've never experienced it at my school (and I know a couple of you have *waves at [ profile] anaidiana, [ profile] xtrodom, [ profile] red_mage_jerry, [ profile] wookiemonster, and [ profile] libralyte*). Think of it this way - from this past Saturday through this past Thursday, it was like six Black Fridays in a row. Today was a bit better because it was a) a Friday and b) the Friday before Labour Day weekend.

So, in an effort to help put this week behind me, here's some things that made this week worth it. (In no particular order, of course.)

1. Going out Saturday night with Beth and some of her friends to the Deer Park for dinner. Had good food, a good time, and even a bit of alcohol. Plus, we saw a car get hit by a train. (A freight rail is right there.) Thankfully, the driver got out in time, but we're still wondering how the car got on the tracks to begin with, plus, facing the same direction that this particular train was going.

2. A lot of the customers have been really nice and I've had fun chatting with them as I've rung up their purchases or helped them find things (and in some cases, both).

3. Two of the aforementioned customers were a girl with a BtVS shirt on and her mom. So I commented, "Excited about Serenity?" and she gave a sort of "Oh, yeah" nod and her mom was like, "Serenity?" and she was like, "It's a Joss Whedon thing, Mom." And her mom was like, "Oh."

4. Free food from some of the textbook reps. It's an amazing thing to see the amount of food our staff can consume, when there's maybe two dozen of us, at most, working. To give you an idea - I took in two separate bags of candy on two different days. The first one was gone within maybe an hour. And I could swear that the second one was gone in about 15 minutes, but it may have been a little longer. And if you think that's bad, you should see us when we get doughnuts.

5. Some of the t-shirts have been fun. I know I'm forgetting a few, but some of the ones that amused me include:
a) What happens in Jersey stays buried in Jersey.
b) Liscence to Chill
c) A design for a camp or something that had 'Ad Aspera Per Astra' in it (this one's for [ profile] soft_princess)
d) A picture of a Blue Hen (our mascot) and the words - Deleware Blue Hen - An Ass Kickin' Chicken
e) Made in the 1980s with a picture of a sperm going into an egg
f) Cereal Killer with a skull and cross spoons
g) Unemployed
h) Very Huggable (though the girl said she hadn't gotten much response with it)

6. A girl looking at some of the UD apparel with a friend and going "O. M. G. *squee*!" - saying the letters and actually squeeing.

7. Getting to be a bit of a geek with a guy who had special ordered some Robert Jordan books (even if I haven't read any of them yet).

8. Scott Grimes' cd. Best $12 I've spent in a long time. His music's definitely got an 80's power ballad sensibility/flair to it that seems to always put me in a good mood and sometimes even make me geek out a little.

9. Kat Reitz's SuperGlue - it's an AU h/c SV fic that's really long and really good. I'm almost done and I just can't put it down.

10. Hershey's White Chocolate miniatures with pecans - these were in one of the bags of candy I took in and they're *so* yummy.

11. "Dead Like Me" - I still have two episodes of season 1 to watch, but I love it. Plus, and I don't know how this happened, but I think I'm in love with the idea of George/Rube.
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"Angel" was bloody amazing. Drew is definitely giving Tim a run for his money at the moment. But more on that tomorrow (or when I get a chance.)

Watched Heathers today between work and class. And enjoyed it a lot. It was almost like a John Hughes movie on crack or something.

Dad and I were talking during dinner and he brought up about teaching. Which led to a serious discussion about how I could continue in school and, ultimately, get certified to be a secondary history education teacher (basically means I could teach history from 7th grade through 12th) and do summer stock theatre when school's out. Doing theatre stuff and being a history teacher were always my two dreams and if I can figure out a way to make them both work, that would be really awesome. So I emailed someone in the History department that's in charge of stuff like this and hopefully he'll get back to me soon.

A (or possibly the) downside to this? I hate public speaking. I can do it, but I *really* don't like it. I was almost a nervous wreck when I had to give my Shakespeare presentation on Tuesday, and that was only to about 10 people.


I guess I should be more careful when I ask God where my window is, shouldn't I?

Though, hopefully, this will turn out to be totally of the good.
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Had a pretty good weekend. Easter was good - went to church and then to my grandparents' for dinner. Didn't do as much homework as I should've and am now way behind for a presentation due on Thursday, but I should (hopefully) be able to get it done tomorrow. Yay for 3 hour shifts early in the morning at the library.

Watched A Fish Called Wanda last week. Lots of fun.

Also on the movie front - did get to see some fun movies over the weekend. Rented In & Out and Sweet November from Blockbuster. Saw the first one a few years ago, right after it came out on video, but it's been a while. Besides - it's *Kevin Kline*. I <3 Kevin Kline.

The second one was lots of fun too - for a number of reasons. Firstly, the movie came out in 2001 and in the previews section, there was an advert for dvds. Go figure. Secondly, Michael Rosenbaum was in it (even if it was just a small part) and he was in drag! Thirdly, Jason Isaacs with a Scottish accent. (ROWR.) And I can't really say no to either Keanu Reeves or Charlize Theron.

And I now have an idea for an epilogue fic to that movie that's Nelson/Chas/Brandon. I know the basis for this is tenuous at best in the movie, but it's so there if you want to see it. So now not only do I have an OT3, I have a threesome fic that I'm writing. (Which I'm kinda happy about, since I've been jonesing to write a threesome for a while and I'm not sure why.) It's going to be a bit of a challenge in some areas, but should be fun.

*stares at plot bunny hutch, then at number of WIPs, and sighs* One day I'll be finished, one day.

And, GIP!!! It's of Nelson (Keanu), Chas (Jason) and Brandon (Michael) from Sweet November and it was made by the lovely [ profile] lunanne.
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Yay! Winter session is done! No more evil Texts and Contexts. Still think that class could've been really cool if Cotsell had actually bothered to structure it more. (And show up on time. I think he showed up early/on time once - twice at most - for a class that met every day for five weeks. And when your office is in the same building, there's no excuse.) But I will miss my film class. Had a lot of fun in there. Might post some quotes that my professor said in there some time, since they're pretty funny. The newer movies that we watched were Groundhog Day, Sleepless in Seattle, My Best Friend's Wedding, Kissing Jessica Stein and Secretary. I still love Secretary. :-D Wonder if that says anything about what I subconsciously want in my sex life? ... Nah.

Rented Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss and Food of Love to watch this weekend. Thought Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss was good (though not as fluffy as I thought it would be). It stars Sean Hayes, pre-"Will & Grace". He has a goatee in the movie, and it actually works for him. Food of Love was also very good, even if the end frustrated the hell out of me. But definitely recommend both.

I can't wait! I'm going to see the Newsboys this coming Friday and then I'm going down to [ profile] nakedwesley's the following Wednesday and we're flying out to L.A. the following day. I'm so excited!!!

And happy birthday to [ profile] serafina20 - one of the best writers in SV!

Regina? Do you still have some mp3s of Rufus Wainwright? Because I want some more of his songs and Kazaa's being evil.
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Found some really neat sidewalk drawings while reading my flist.

Winter session's going pretty well. Am certain now that one of my professors is evil, but at least I only have to deal with him for about two more weeks, and not a full semester. In film we've watched The Philadelphia Story, The Shop Around the Corner, The Palm Beach Story, Pillowtalk, and Annie Hall.

Ended up missing work this morning because my alarm didn't go off for some reason. I remember waking up slightly this morning and thinking, "Wow, it's bright for 7 a.m." 3...2...1... "Shit!" Woke up at 10. Shift is from 8-11. By the time I got there, it was about 10:45. At least my boss was cool with it.

Also rented Segunda Piel ("Second Skin") this week. It was very good.
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Have survived the first week of Winter Session classes. Love my film class. Leitch, the professor, is great. Texts and Contexts (my other class), not so much yet. Might just be because I find it hard to follow Cotsell's train of thought/lecturing.

So far in film we've watched have been It Happened One Night, Libeled Lady and Bringing Up Baby.

Somewhat amusing quote - "All the time," Alyson Hannigan responded when asked by the British media if she had been practicing fake orgasms in preparation for her role in a stage version of "When Harry Met Sally."

Got pictures from my aunt and uncle live out near Seattle, WA. They've gotten about 12 inches of snow or so recently. One picture shows my two little cousins on a plastic sled that's tied to the back of their golf cart.

Am slowly starting to fall in love with Faramir. Not sure if this is a good thing or not.
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Woohoo! Return of the King is now out. I got my ticket to go on Friday, after all my finals are done. :-D I was thinking about going tonight, but now I'm glad I didn't because I'm starting to get kinda tired. And therefore I don't think I'd be able to sit still for about 3 hours and 20 minutes and really enjoy it.

Really enjoyed tonight's "Queer Eye" stuff. It was great to see the reunion with some of the guys. :-D And the music video was lots of fun. So that more than made up for not going to the red eye RotK showing.

As did going to the Midnight Breakfast on campus and hanging out with some friends. And then one of my friends told me (hmmm, maybe informed me...too sleepy to decide which one's better), that he wants to set me up with this guy that he knows. He wants to set me up on a blind date, but it'll also be a double date with him and someone that he must be seeing (but hasn't told me about, which is suprising - must get information). But I think it could be fun.

Congratulations! You're Merry!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
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Gah! I just heard some stuff about this past week's episode of "The O.C." ("The Secret"). Does anyone have a tape that I could borrow or something?

Alias Theory )

I had a funny experience going to class on Monday. I had taken my jacket off after getting into the building and was wearing my RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) tshirt. When I got into the elevator (didn't feel like dealing with the people on the stairs), there were two older professors going up with me. One of them looks at my shirt and goes (with an American accent), "I'm a professor over here." (I don't know why he said that.) To which I politely replied that I was actually American and that I had gotten the shirt when I did Study Abroad.

We miss you, Glenn. A lot.
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Yeah, I know I've been pretty MIA in the posting sense on here lately. No really good reason. School's going to be *so* *much* *fun* for the next couple of weeks. I'll be glad when my papers are done.

What is up with Hollywood and weight?!?!?!? Supposedly Liv Tyler's career is in danger because she gained some weight after finishing up LotR (she's now at 155 - which isn't heavy the last I checked - I would *love* to be 155) and they think she's too heavy. Grr Argh.

On to happier stuff...

Tonight's "Smallville" and "Angel" - DUDE! That's all I'm giving at the moment. And I <3 Michael Rosenbaum.

I found a really funny Snape songvid on [ profile] rageprufrock's lj.

This conversation in [ profile] devon's lj made me realize some stuff that I hadn't really thought before.

May get to do some belated birthday stuff this weekend, so that should be fun.

Got a phone call from Regina, which was very nice. Hopefully I'll get to see her soon.
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Selected 20th Century Poets is going to be a hard class. And it's not because the material's hard, but the professor - he talks sooo slooowly sometimes. But I'm sure I'll survive, I've had worse classes.

I'm totally hooked on "The O.C." now. I was actually starting to like Marissa, but now...not too sure. And I think my dad is too, although he wasn't really watching it tonight.

Read the newest part of "Repossession" tonight. Talk about an emotional wringer. Story's still very good, though. Go read.

I was watching a rerun of the first "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" episode I've ever seen (the one with Adam) and it was a lot of fun, especially since now I know the Fab 5 better and know what to expect. Although, it was kind of weird because Jai (culture) wasn't in it, it was this other guy, Blair. Very weird.
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Had our first "lab"/"addendum"/whatever for my film class today. (We have a lecture three days a week, plus a two hour block on Mondays to watch videos.) It was interesting watching some of the old movies. Including one of Dickson (one of the original guys who worked with Edison on the Kinetoscope and the Kinetograph) playing into a phonoscope (I think) and two guys dancing (which seemed rather random, but gave me nice slashy thoughts).

My dad's been getting on me about getting out and doing stuff so I've joined a new group. I am now learning Scottish dances. It's a lot of fun.

Regina - Melissa's in my Irish lit class and I saw Susannah today at Pathmark. They both say hi and are happy that you got into Drexel and Susannah wants to know when you're getting a car.

My inner child is ten years old today

My inner child is ten years old!

The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether
I'm off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost
in a good book, or giggling with my best
friend, I live in a world apart, one full of
adventure and wonder and other stuff adults
don't understand.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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Pilot Wash: Funny, self-deprecating and so adorable.

Which Firefly Guy is For You?
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Okay, so this new layout for the main site? I'm confused.

Past few days have gone well. I think this is going to be a good semester. You know it's going to be an interesting class when, during the second lecture, the professor refers to a bunch of lordlings as "mofos". (I kid you not.)

Saw Charisma's recent tv movie, "See Jane Date". It was okay. Reminded me of Season 1/2 of Cordy. I miss her. *sigh*

Not much else has been going on.
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Survived my first day of classes with relative ease. Hardest part was probably answering the question, "Okay, now what?" after my film class finished. (I went home.) It's going to be weird not hanging out in the computer lab in the library all day or going back to Warner. My history professor seems cool. Also the first time I had someone question the pronunciation of my last name. (It's German, but it's one of those "pronounce it like it looks" names.) Amused me for some reason. My film professor also seems pretty cool. It seems like we're going to be getting a wide variety of films to watch from "King Kong" to "Casablanca" to possibly "Batman".
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I got a new icon. :0D It's based on a kerfuffle that [ profile] wesleysgirl wrote and it was done by [ profile] minitrog. There's also this really funny .gif that [ profile] beamer242 captured from the British dvds of "Angel"'s season 3 that I got by way of [ profile] theferretgirl. I *so* hope it gets on the American ones.

Rented American Pie 2 and Jeffrey. Both were very enjoyable. Loved the "We'll do it if you do it" scene in AP2.

Went to check out my books for this semester and they're going to be expensive. Remind me again why I said yes to finishing up my English degree? Oh, right. Didn't want to face reality just yet. Anyway, I'll survive. It's been crazy in Newark the past couple of days because of people moving back in. No more driving down Main Street in 5 minutes, even with hitting all the red lights. Classes start tomorrow. I think I'm ready.

As against RPS as I am, I think it's out to get me. I have two things to say: 1) Why is it that everywhere I turn, I'm confronted with refrences to Alphabet Soup? *starts mumbling to self* I'm not going to give in, I'm not going to give in. 2) If I was to have an RPS OTP, I think it would have to be Carson/Kyan. Definitely beginning to suspect something's going on there.

And Regina - Seth is *soo* closeted. I'm convinced of this now. And my dad still watches it with me. :0) And I painted my nails today.
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So, let's see....

1. Went up to Regina's ([ profile] libralyte) house weekend before last for a few days. Lots of fun. Went to the Grange (which is a huge fair) one of the days. Got to see a sheep auction. Rented a bunch of movies - Kissing Jessica Stein, Sorority Boys, Treasure Planet, and Secretary. The last one was kinda cool. Regian was thought Sorority Boys was bad, but at the same time enjoyed it. (Or at least enjoyed Michael Rosenbaum.)

2. I brought her back with me when I came home on Monday. Eve was on her way down to Delaware from Jersey, so she swung by and picked us up on the way.

3. Tuesday was the day of the medical stuff. Had to get some blood drawn for a blood test and had an eye doctor's appointment. Luckily, the nurse was able to get the blood from me in one try. (I have problems with blood being drawn.) Good news from the eye doctor - I only pulled away from the glaucoma tester once. Better news - my eyes only changed a tiny bit since the last time I was there a little over three years ago, so for all intents and purposes, my eyes are stable. (I have a stigmatism.)

4. Regina and I went down to the beach from Wednesday to Friday. Eve and Mike (a friend of Eve's) came down with us on Wednesday. We hung out at the Indian River Inlet for most of the day. Then went to Applebee's for dinner. (They have a really good blondie dessert.) Thursday was a little colder at the beach and Regina didn't go swimming. And since I did, I now supposedly have "the swimming mentality of a 5 year old" (or so Regina says). We went into Rehoboth and poked around on Friday.

5. Since my dad hadn't been down to the beach at all so far this summer, the three of us went down again on Saturday. We came back early because Regina and I were supposedly going to go out with Feroz later that night. But it didn't happen.

6. We met him for brunch on Monday. Then we went over to school so I could get my schedule straightened out. Followed by going to the mall for a bit (since Regina wanted to hit Lane Bryant) and saw Stephanie. I dropped Regina off at the train station so she could go home.

7. Cleaned my room (somewhat) yesterday. Still have an overflowing bookcase and a closet and bunch of drawers in shambles, but that's do for now.

8. Going to visit Kath ([ profile] nakedwesley), tomorrow. So far the plan is that she's goign to drive up here, we're going to hang out here for a while, then drive back down to Baltimore. We might go to the Inner Harbor. Hmm. Need to go figured out the whole train thing for getting home.

9. I really need to stop buying books. I've bought a bunch lately and I already have a bunch that I haven't read yet. At least I know I'll have enough recreational reading for the school year.

10. Forgot a couple of guys for my "Casting Couch" that I did a while back - James Spader and Orlando Jones. Don't know how I could've forgotten them.

11. One day, I will be done the two stories I'm working on at the moment. And then I'll have a big party in honor of it.
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Saw Down With Love on Friday with Regina - very good, definitely recommend it. It's got Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellwiger in it.

Yeah, so I graduated on Saturday. I was, like, one of six graduates in my major to walk and we were sitting up in the front row with the two Women's Studies majors. (Well, five of us were - the other girl was sitting somewhere else.) Sen. Mitchell was really good and only spoke for, like, 10 minutes or something -very short and sweet, but really good. Luckily, it only rained a bit after the ceremony was over. And then at the departmental graduation (where we were with the Art, Art History, Art Conservation, and Music majors), 11 of us graduated.

And my party was on Sunday. Went very well. Well, aside from the shoddy weather. But at least it wasn't raining. Saw lots of family and friends. (And made out with a good sum of money.)

Moved up to The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey today for my internship. (It's located on the campus of Drew University in Madison.) And I start my sound design internship tomorrow. And for these of you who want my address - I'll send it to you tomorrow.

And can I say how happy I am that I have internet access?


May. 20th, 2003 05:54 pm
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I'm done for the semester! Yay! After two finals, 2 papers, and one lighting project, I'm done! (And yes, baby - I know you're still going and you're stressed and tired, but it'll be over soon.)

And I have a new icon in honor of the last episode of "Buffy" tonight. I'm going to be watching it alone, but it still should be a lot of fun. Even found some Twinkies. :0D

Went and saw X2 again this weekend - this time with Beth. And I still love Kurt/Nightcrawler. And I found some Kurt/Storm fanfic. Yay!
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(AKA 'the end of the semester' or 'everything was due yesterday')

So this past weekend was the closing weekend for the PTTP (grad theatre program here at UD). I had two performances of Moliere's The Learned Ladies and went and saw Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession and Farquhar's The Beaux' Strategem. Liked them both. And Ben (one of the leads in TBS) - hot *day-mn!* I've always thought he was cute - but more in an adorable way than a hot way. When I saw him in the show - wig, 17th century clothing and all - man, he looked good. And talk about sexual chemistry - he had it with everybody.

But I'm kinda sad because Sunday was my last undergrad show with the PTTP, and my last show with this group. I'm really going to miss them. Went to Sandy (the director/chair of PTTP)'s house for a graduation party type of thing last night, which was lots of fun. Saw practically everybody there and got to say goodbye to them. Even had a couple people make comments about staying in touch with them. (yay!) And I also got pictures. (thank goodness for one hour photo.) Must find a way to get them up online. And if I seem to be going through withdrawl in the next couple of days, I'll be okay - really. Must also remember that drinking a tiny bit of white wine and a tiny bit of champagne in the same night w/o eating much in between - not a good idea for me. I've had a mild and persisting headache all day.

But I have all these end of the year things to do. Okay, really it's a 5pg paper (due Tues), a huge lighting project (due Tues), an 8pg paper (due Wed), and an in-class final (on Tues). And all in different classes. At least I have a partner for the project. So I shall probably be holed up somewhere bent over a computer or lighting paperwork for the next week. Fun.

Watched Boys Don't Cry tonight in film class. Very good movie. Also very depressing.

Your ideal mate is Nightcrawler. His appearance
may be a bit off-putting, but his heart and
personality more than make up for it. He is
shy and isn't very sociable and comes off as a
bit of a loner (but you'll fix that). He is
also devoted and strong, and he always seems to
just *pop* up whenever you need him the most. :

Who Is Your Ideal X-Men 2 Mate? (ladies only)
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First - I *highly* recommend [ profile] wesleysgirl's S/X drabble. Go read it. Now.

Second - I got this joke from a friend of mine, who's an Ag major and thought it was amusing. A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is leaning against the headboard smoking a cigarette with a satisfied smile on its face. The egg, looking a bit pissed off, grabs the sheet, rolls over and says, "Well, I guess we finally answered THAT question!"

Third - My mind's still mush from last night's "Angel" season finale, "Home". I don't have words for it. I love Tim Minear now. (Even if I'm still a bit upset at him for Doyle.)
Spoilers for Home and hopefully LJ won't eat them this time )

Fourth - again, there's no emoticon for exactly what I'm feeling right now. Hmm. May have to remedy that one day.
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My Intro to International Women's Studies professor today - "Do you all know who Dwight D. Eisenhower is?"

Gah. *Yes*, we know who Eisenhower is.

2 to go for Buffy )

Going to find some Kurt/Ororo fic now. Really.


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