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Just got back to [ profile] eternalmusings' house. We had gone into DC this evening for dinner and to see Frankenstein - this time with Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature and Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein. I think Jonny Lee Miller did a good job as the Creature, but I still prefer Benedict. Possibly/probably because I saw his version first. I really wish it was coming out on dvd, even though I know it isn't.

And now I've got the trek home and back to the real world. :-(
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Got back a little bit ago from going up to Bryn Mawr to see Frankenstein - this version starring Benedict Cumberbatch as The Creature and Jonny Lee Miller as Victor Frankenstein. And I'm still trying to process it. It was just *amazing*.

I met up with Creatch and Deb beforehand for dinner at Bertucci's. (The rigatonni abruzzi is very yummy!) We had a great time chatting and squeeing. Then we met up with [ profile] penguingal and [ profile] rebecca004 at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, where there was more chatting and squeeing while we waited for the film to start.

The show itself was just phenomenal. It was recorded during one of the performances back in 2010 at the National Theatre in London. The role of The Creature is both very physical and very verbal and Benedict was *amazing*. The story is told primarily from The Creature's point of view, though there are a couple Frankenstein scenes, to help felsh out the story a bit more (so to speak). The set design was very minimal, but still very well done.

At the end, everyone clapped. And both [ profile] penguingal and I were like, "Mind. Offically. Blown." and Deb was like, "Wow."

There is a trailer on the National Theatre Live's main page and most of the Creature moments are of Benedict.
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I had a *FAB-ulous* evening tonight.

Jean and I saw La Cage Aux Folles. And it was A-Mazing.

George Hamilton played Georges. I honestly don't much about him, but he was good.

Christopher Sieber, on the other hand.... He played Albin and he was amazing. (Which I'm sure I said after seeing him in Spamalot.)

And I don't think I'm going to be able to listen to John Barrowman's version of "I Am What I Am" for a long while. Don't get me wrong - his version is great, and definitely an affirmation of being true to yourself. But Christopher's was *heart-breaking* because it was that affirmation after being rebuffed by the people closest to him (Georges and Jean-Michel). I really wish I could share Christopher's version of the song.
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It was a last minute thing, but I got to see the National Acrobats of the People's Republic of China tonight. And they were really awesome.
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Went up to Wilmington to see my friend Scott perform - he's a Dame Edna impersonator. (No, I'm not kidding.) Met up with other people from Chapel Street and it was a lot of fun. And it was a good antidote to the craziness of this past week, plus the crankiness from my PMS.

Took my grammy and my next-door neighbor on some errands today. (Dollar Store and BJ's.) I like looking in other people's carts at BJ's because it's interesting to see what they're buying. Some people you can tell - party, weekly shopping for a large family, etc. Then there were the two guys with the pallet cart at the deli counter that had 2 cases of Monster, 2 cases of Red Bull, and 4 boxes of 5 Hour Energy. And from the deli counter they got 2 full blocks of American cheese, one of provologne, and one and a half of salami. I'm not sure I want to know what they were planning on doing with it. (Especially since it sounded like they were planning on leaving after they got that stuff.)

As we were leaving my grammy asked again if I needed anything and I told her I hadn't made up my grocery list yet, so I wasn't going to buy anything, since I'm doing my best to eat healthy and didn't want to get side-tracked. I can't remember exactly how she said it, but my grammy commented to my neighbor that she could see my dimples again. And I was shocked that I got a compliment without any other sort of caveat.
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I saw UD's REP/PTTP production of A Midsummer Night's Dream tonight. And it was awesome. I don't really have words to describe it.

And, for once, I enjoyed the clowns' story. (Second-hand embarrassment, anyone?)

Though, I really have to say that Mic Matarrese (Oberon) and Ben Charles (Puck) were amazing.
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We finally had sunshine this morning! It does exist!

This afternoon, I made some headway on the beta of [ profile] wolfshark's fic, as well as a few of my own projects, so yay!

And tonight, I went and saw the CSP production of Amadeus. And it was really awesome. In fact, I'm fairly certain I saw magic happen. David was awesome as Salieri. And Brian's set design was amazing - he had two flats, which helped create four entrances/exits and the one on stage right had the music of "The Magic Flute" and the one on stage left had a violin concerto, though Brian couldn't remember the name of it. And he did them both by hand - he said he used about ten markers between them. And for the curtain call music, he picked "Rock Me, Amadeus" by Falco.
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J and I met up with [ profile] libralyte today in Philly and we saw Avenue Q. It was so much fun! (And rather wrong. But still fun!)

Afterwards, we ate dinner at Sotto Vallari, which is across the street from the Academy of Music. And it was *really* good.

When J and I got back to her house, we ended up watching an episode of Jeeves & Wooster - which was a lot of fun. (And reaffirms my desire to spam pretty much every "House" community with clips of Hugh Laurie from Blackadder and say, "If you thought Hugh's acting in the season finale was awesome [which it was], watch this!")


Day 19 - Best TV show cast

I don't know. I like all of them for different reasons. And I think that's why I like seeing things like how Nathan Fillion had tried out for the role of Angel.

The list )
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Today [ profile] eternalmusings and I watched Coraline and The Invention of Lying. I liked Coraline a lot more than I thought I would. And I thought it was really interesting that it was all done in stop-motion animation. The Invention of Lying was also good, though my main beef with it was that "no lying" does not mean "no filter". While I understand it was done for comedic effect, you can still have a filter and not say things without lying.

Tonight we went up to Wilmington and saw "Whose Live Anyway?" - the touring show with Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten, and Jeff Davis. It was *HILARIOUS*. And they really are like they were on the show. Some of the games - Moving Parts, Sound Effects, Greatest Hits, and Duets. There was a lot of fun poked at Delaware (which I'm not completely surprised about - especially since Wilmington's pretty dead on Sundays).
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This morning I wrapped all of two gifts and put them under the tree. The last two will be done when the final one arrives and I decide if I want to wrap them together or separately.

Y picked me up at noon in my brother's truck (it's a four-wheel drive), and we headed up to Wilmington. After parking, we went to the theatre and picked up the new tickets. Then we got lunch from the hotel that's attached to the parking garage and made it back in time for the show. And were *very* glad that we got our tickets first, since the line for the Box Office/Will Call was huge with people waiting to get tickets. It was cute seeing all the little girls in the audience with their pretty dresses. The show was good and we both enjoyed it. As we were leaving, Y joked that she was going to call her mom and say, "Why did you never take me to see The Nutcracker?!?"

My dad dug us out while I was out, along with our neighbors (who are older), my grandparents and his girlfriend. Good thing he has a snowblower.

I watched Angels and Demons tonight and enjoyed it as much as I did the book. And both times I felt betrayed by a certain character. (Yes, I realize I'm silly - he wouldn't have not done it in the movie, since it was in the book.) And it didn't hit me until near the end of the movie that I feel like Ewan McGregor was rightly cast for the Carmelengo, even if they had to change the character's given name, since Ewan's not Italian.
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Whoo! It's Friday!

I was going to go out with J tonight, but she backed out on me at the last minute. I decided to go on with our plans anyway and went to Chapel Street Theatre to see One Dame Dazzling Diamond Extravaganza. Yes, one of the gentlemen at CSP is a Dame Edna impersonator (and has even won awards for it!). It was fantastic! I had a great time and I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time.
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Tonight was fun. Raced through a couple of errands after work so I could run home and then run back out to meet some of the CSP Hay Fever cast so we could go see the PTTP Rep production of it. (They're the local professional troupe that's associated with UD.)

As one of the other girls said, it's nice to see a production with money. I did enjoy it. There were bits where I thought our production was better and there were bits were I thought their production was better. And we got shushed twice for laughing too loud. (And we were in the balcony!) Go figure.

Afterwards, a few of us went out to Matilda's (which is like Outback, but not). It was fun.
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I'm slowly making my way through season 2 of "Due South" and watched two more episodes today. It's funny that I remember the main characters (Fraser, Vecchio, Diefenbaker, Welsh, Huey, and Louis), but aside from the season one finale, one other random scene from somewhere in season 2, and a few bits and pieces of seasons 3 and 4, so far I haven't remembered any of the other episodes.

But, whether or not you want to slash them or not, I love the relationship between Fraser and Vecchio. You can tell they're best friends and that they do really care about each other, even if Fraser exasperates the hell out of Ray most of the time and a lot of what Ray does and says goes over Fraser's head.


This afternoon, I got to see the national tour production of Spamalot. It was awesome! I think this cast was my second favorite to the original cast (with Alan Tudyk).

And afterwards, I went out to dinner with Jean and Melissa and we had a great time at Houlihan's and then at Borders.
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Well, after yesterday's craziness, today went well. And we had no trouble getting up there and everything worked out just fine.

Since I was driving to work and would be on a tight schedule afterwards, I wore what I wanted to wear to the show - a nice short-sleeved shirt and a full length skirt (but with more comfortable shoes during work). And I got a few comments on how nice I looked. One of them was from Greg, who's one of my managers, and he was like, "You look nice today," paused, and then continued, "but I'm not going to say that you look nicer than you normally do, because that'll get me in trouble." I laughed and told him I knew what he meant. (This comes from when I had to dress up for a work-related function and the next day he says to me, in front of a few other female employees, "You looked really nice yesterday," and they jumped on him for that.)

I wasn't sure what to expect because a courtroom drama where one man believes there's reasonable doubt doesn't sound very exciting, but it was really good and I really enjoyed it. Afterwards, they had a little Q&A with some local lawyers and such about the judicial system and all, and two of the actors came out as well - one being Richard Thomas - and it was neat hearing some of the stuff that was discussed about the show and the legal system.

Now I'm in the midst of getting ready to go to [ profile] tribalforces. My laundry's in the dryer and after that I'll get packing.
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*rolls eyes*

So, my dad wanted to work on my truck because it was shaking a bit when it idled. (Enough to notice, but not enough that I was really worrying about it.) And I was like, "Okay, fine with me." So he starts working on it tonight and realizes it's not a job he can do for whatever reason, so he said, "Come on, we're taking this down to Tim's and he'll fix it." So I hop in my truck and he in his and now my truck is shaking really hard prior to hitting about 10 miles an hour. We get out the neighborhood and it starts stalling. It did it about 6 times before my dad realized that he had switched two of the wires. So now I won't have my truck for who knows how long because Tim is going out of town on Friday for I'm not sure how long. And my dad told Tim that there wasn't a rush on it. I felt like saying, "Well, not a huge rush, but I would like it back sooner rather than later," but I didn't want to have to walk home from below Elkton and my dad is being nice enough to let me use his truck for this weekend.

And then there's my mother. I think the only reason she doesn't frustrate me as much as my father does is because she no longer lives under the same roof and I only see her once a week.

The backstory on this is that ever since I was little, my mother would get us tickets to go see a show. When I was really little, it was to see The Nutcracker, then it turned into other things, so over the years, we've seen a bit of everything from Camelot to Fame to Stomp. Normally, it was just her and I, and then John as well once he came into the picture.

Tomorrow night is this year's show (Twelve Angry Men with Richard Thomas) and last week I reminded my mom about it and she was like, "That's next week?" so I wrote it on their calendar.

Then I called her this morning before work because I figured it would be better if I had my ticket, since I was going to be going straight up from work instead of riding up with them. And my mom agrees to talk about it after work, since she had some other things to take care of. And then she says, "Do you want to bring someone with you?" and I replied, "No, I don't mind going wih you and John," (figuring maybe John was being gracious about it, and maybe didn't want to see it). And that's when she tells me that they got four tickets to the show. It's like, "Thanks, Mom. You couldn't have told me this, you know, back in *December* when I got the tickets?" That way I could have had time to ask someone to come."

And then through me trying to find a ride because of my dad messing with my truck, and my mom and John having issues with their house (which is a whole other story), it ends up that I'm now going with John's sister, mom, and niece and I have to be at John's mom's house at 6:30 tomorrow evening. I get done work at 6. This is going to be insane.

And this actually works. Though, I find it amusing because I was born in November of 1981.

You Belong in Generation X

You fit in best with people born between 1961 and 1981.

You are fun, laid back, and very independent.

You are willing to take risks and live your life however you see fit.

You are casual, accepting, and friendly. You see everyone as your equal.

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Today went really well.

There was more volume on I-95, both on the way down (at about 10:30) and on the way home (about 10pm), than I had expected, but it moved smoothly and continuiously, so I didn't have any problems in that area. I was also able to find [ profile] aprilvalentine's house easily enough.

While she finished getting ready, I watched part of Galaxy Quest - which is such a fun movie.

We took her van, since she knows Baltimore better than I do, plus we'd have [ profile] njpax with us afterwards. The directions we had to get from her place to the theatre were a bit weird, so we ended up getting lost and driving around for a while. But we finally found the theatre just in time, then couldn't find our parking garage. So we found a meter and decided we'd either find out where the garage was and move the van at intermission (since we had a voucher for it) or go feed the meter a bit more.

We met [ profile] njpax inside and talked with her for a minute or two before we had to get to our seats. We had all gotten our seats separately, so she was in center row J and somehow [ profile] aprilvalentine and I got seats next to each other in center row B. [ profile] aprilvalentine thought we were too close, but I thought the seats were great. In the grand scheme of things, you don't really need to see the actors' feet. (There were strip lights and speakers at the edge of the stage.)

The show was great. The costumes were amazing, the scenery was beautiful, and the cast was great. *sighs happily* And, yes, Lou Diamond Phillips was amazing.

At intermission, [ profile] aprilvalentine went out to see if she could get the van to the garage. On the way back, she fell and landed on her hand wrong, causing some sort of damage (probably a sprain) to her wrist and elbow.

During the intermission, [ profile] njpax sent a note back to Lou letting him know that she was there. (She's kind of gotten to know him over the years between seeing him with his band, The Pipefitters, and in other shows.)

So, after the show, we went around to the side door and his dresser came down and got the three of us and we were taken up to his dressing room. And on the way up, we got to see some of the rest of the cast and [ profile] aprilvalentine and I kept saying "hi" and "great show" to them.

Lou was very sweet and personable with us and took pictures and signed a few things. I was able to get him to sign my autograph notebook and got a picture with him, but it's on [ profile] aprilvalentine's camera because mine was dead. (The weird thing is, last night I thought about checking it, but then I figured it would be fine, since it's been in its case. I was wrong.) I, sadly, was unable get him to sign Stunt C*cks because right when I thought, "Ooh, a perfect opening!", he told us that he had to go because he had something in between the two shows. But I did get a hug and a kiss from him.

Afterwards, [ profile] aprilvalentine went and got her van and we went to T.G.I. Friday's for dinner and we had to park at the top of a neighboring carpark. After a yummy (and very filling dinner), I ended up having to drive the van down because [ profile] aprilvalentine's arm was still hurting and her van doesn't steer very well. It was interesting because the van steers better when the gas is being applied, but going around the turns on a carpark, your first instinct is to put on the brakes. Once we got out of there, she was able to drive to her son's work and pick up his car. From there, she dropped me off at her place before taking [ profile] njpax to where she was staying at another friend's house.

So, all in all, a very good day. And it is now time to go crash.
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Whee! It's Friday!

I'm excited about going to Baltimore tomorrow to see Lou Diamond Phillips in Camelot.

And my writing's been coming along. I'm now a third of the way through this epic.

March goal:

25964 / 25000 words. 104% done!


77472 / 250000 words. 31% done!
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I've known for a couple weeks now that I'm going down to Baltimore to see Lou Diamond Phillps in Camelot this Saturday. But it's still in the surreal, "I can't believe I'm doing it!" sort of way.

So here's my dilemma (if you will). There's a good chance I'm going to get to meet him. I'm going to be taking my autograph notebook, but I'm considering taking something else as well to get signed. Well, if I don't chicken out of showing him.

Back at Moonlight Rising, I got a copy of James Leary's short, Stunt C*cks, which LDP has a cameo in. So, I guess my question is...

[Poll #1159981]
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I got my ticket! (Well, I ordered it. I should have it in a few days.)

Center Orcestra, Row B, seat 104


And I love [ profile] nakedwesley's comment to last night's post - "Oh c'mon, this is one half of KeiferLou! I would have been disappointed if you hadn't gone. *g* I'm intrigued by the idea of him playing Arthur though. Who is playing Lancelot?"

(The answer is Matt Bogart.)

And here's the promotional video:


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