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This morning, I joked that Regina and I had a modern Victorian morning. We had breakfast and talked about what we wanted to do for the day. Then she read something on her laptop and played sudoku on her Nook while I knitted.

This afternoon, we took advantage of the nice weather to drive around some. First, we went to a local historical garden/house that Regina volunteers at and walked around the grounds. Then we went to Moravian tile works so she could get a gift for some friends. After that, we walked around Doylestown for a while.

The viewing list for today was a few episodes of Generation Kill, Disney's Pocahontas, and the new version of Footloose.

Kimmo is still being very adorable and is still laying claim to my stuff. Including my laptop. I wonder how upset he's going to be when I leave tomorrow and take it all with me. :-P
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Regina and I saw Star Trek: Into Darkness today (her second time, my third) and I enjoyed it once again. We also watched the first episode of Generation Kill, Hot Tub Time Machine (which was cheesy and fun), and Starter for 10 (which was good, but some resolution didn't happen that I wish did - and it was funny seeing Catherine Tate as James MacAvoy's mom).

And we had to stop by the pet store for her to get some things for her bunny and they were having a cat adoption day for a local organization. Two of the cats - Tequila (2 year old orange female) and Pepper (two month old black and gray striped female with white chest and paws) were both pretty laid-back and whatever. But Simon (black two month old male) was BESIDE HIMSELF that he was getting pets and attention. I hope all three of them got adopted.

One more thing - Scott Grimes singing the national anthem on the "Tonight Show":
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So far Kimmo, Regina's bunny, isn't too sure about me - though he seems willing enough to keep me around for pets - but he loves my stuff. He's already sniffed and sat on my duffel bag and cleaned my laptop bag. Apparently, this is bunny for "I like it, I'm keeping it, it's mine".
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Regina and I went to New Hope today to look around, but then it started pouring, so we went to Peddler's Village instead. The whole time it alternated between raining and sunny. But we had fun poking around in the stores.

After we came back, we started watching Fortysomething - which is much fun. And it's fun to see Hugh Laurie between his comedy stuff and House and a baby!Benedict Cumberbatch before he became Sherlock.
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Regina and I just got back from going to PF Chang's for dinner (my first time there and it was very yummy, if a bit expensive) and then going to the movies. We saw Dark Shadows, which was a lot of fun.

And earlier today, we walked to Jules for yummy pizza for lunch, then to Trader Joe's, and then to her library so she could show it off, but it was closed for the weekend.

And her bunny, Kimmo, is adorable.
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I had a good birthday today. It's weird thinking I'm now 30, though.

Got mostly money and giftcards - which are cool. And my dad bought me new tires and a new battery for my truck.

We had a good dinner out - which I'm *still* full from.

And my dad invited Regina down - which was great and a comlete surprise. :-D
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I had to get up early this morning to play bells at church. I didn't stay for the whole service, just left after the second song, but it went well.

[ profile] libralyte and I went out for breakfast and then went to the mall. We walked around the whole mall and poked in different stores. I was hoping to find a new pair of Birkenstocks (or something similar), but the only pair I found was $120, and I'd rather not pay that much if at all possible. I was good and did not go into Yankee Candle or buy anything when we went into Teavana. I also pulled [ profile] libralyte into Lush, since J's talked about it a bunch and it seems pretty awesome. So I may have to go back and buy something small to try out.

When we got back, we watched a movie she'd brought called TiMER, starring Emma Caufield, about having a way to find out when you'd meet your soulmate, and if you'd want to know. After a late lunch, I showed her my England pictures, since she also knows [ profile] drdeath.

I hung out for a bit after she left, then went to my Bible study.

I'm still not sold on "Breakout Kings", but tonight's episode was AWESOME. Granted, I thought it was because T-Bag was in it and Robert Knepper's awesome.
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This morning, while at Panera, I watched Shrek Forever After - which was quite fun and cute.

Then [ profile] libralyte came down early this afternoon and we went out on Main Street for lunch, then to look at some stores she likes. We then walked around campus some and went to a used books and music shop - where we both got something.

Afterwards, we met some friends at Iron Hill Brewery (a pub/tavern that also makes their own beer there) and had a good meal. I actually did have a drink. And we all decided to get dessert - but I brought it home so I could fully enjoy it tomorrow. (Though, sometime I want to go out and just get dessert. I love looking at the dessert menu, but by the time I'm done the meal, I'm too full.)

All in all, a very good day.
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I had a lot of fun with [ profile] libralyte and [ profile] lixta this weekend. I arrived a bit before lunch and [ profile] libralyte and I went to an organic pizzaria called Jules that was very yummy. After a stop at the library, we hung out for a while and watched a special on Caribbean pirates.

Then the three of us got dressed up (I hadn't planned on dressing up, but out of [ profile] libralyte's wardrobe, I became an '80s mad scientist), and went out to dinner. We were going to go out for drinks afterwards, but then decided not too and instead went back to their place and watched part of Game 3 of the World Series.

Rocky Horror was a lot of fun. There were a couple instances were the cast seemed to anticipate the audience responding, but that was the one flaw. It was a good production and I think they did a good job with the casting. We felt bad for the people who had to clean the theatre afterwards. There was *so* much rice and toast littering the floor (and probably a fair bit of water too). ([ profile] libralyte found rice in her hair later, and I had some in my bra.)

This morning, she and I went out for breakfast and then to the mall so I could look at Lane Bryant for clothing ideas. (I have a gift card from Christmas and my LB closed.)

After that, I decided to come home so I could take care of a few things.


Here's a MadTV sketch [ profile] libralyte shared with me, comparing The Calling, Creed, and Pearl Jam.


And a "Due South" fic rec:

Civil Disobedience by [ profile] china_shop
Frasier/Vecchio; NC-17
Ray Vecchio and Benton Frasier have to be creative to get what they want.
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So far so good with the new laptop. I think I might've accidentally messed up the setup, since I don't have any desktop icons, but everything else works, I've been able to access everything, and the top bar is working with my mild OCD, so I'm not worried...yet. But Vista and the other new stuff is going to take some getting used to.


I'm going up to [ profile] libralyte's tomorrow and spend the day with her, then she, [ profile] lixta, and I are going to see a live production of Rocky Horror.


I think this ad for V would've been *so* much better if they'd cut it off at about 0:16 and ended with a white screen with something like "ArriVing Tuesday, November 3rd at 8pm".

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This morning, I ended up sleeping in to 10am - which is pretty unusual for me, but I guess I needed it.

After deciding we wanted blueberry pancakes for brunch, [ profile] libralyte and I made a run to the grocery store for a few necessary ingredients to complete our mission. After some fun and amusement, as well as frustration, over our initial inability to flip the pancakes, we finally figured out how to deal and started making pancakes in earnest. The recipe [ profile] libralyte found online was very yummy - and made a lot of pancakes. Granted, they were fairly small, but still - when I had enough to make breakfast for dinner tonight and will probably have enough not only for tomorrow's breakfast, but Tuesday's as well....

Once we had finised that, we watched My Faraway Bride - which was kind of silly and not the best romantic comedy we've seen.

The rest of her time down here passed quickly and the trip up to the Marcus Hook train station was uneventful. (And I didn't get lost this time!)

Why do these things always go so quickly?


And the random, schmoopy love song that's been stuck in my head lately - "Why You Say You Love Me" by Clay Aiken

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[ profile] libralyte's dad and YB dropped her off a little before lunch and the four of us went out to eat. After they left, she and I went to the grocery store to get stuff for tonight's dinner. When we got back, I made tomato sauce so it would have time to simmer.

When [ profile] monet1873 came over, we finished putting dinner together - spaghetti, broccoli rabe, garlic bread, and a salad. We had a good dinner (and [ profile] monet1873 brought a nice bottle of red wine). We then had dessert of fruit and whipped cream.

It was really nice time to relax and have a sort of girls' night.
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[ profile] libralyte and I had a good day today.

We went into town and had brunch at the diner. (Sorta/kinda brunch, at any rate. We ate at noon, but we ate breakfast foods.) After that, we walked around town some and even down around campus so she could look around (not that a whole lot has changed on campus).

We also watched the Masterpiece Theatre version of Jane Eyre - which I absolutely adore. While we were doing that, I started a knitting project so I can hopefully get a few things knitted that I've been meaning to for a quite a while.

After that, I took her up to the train station so she could go home. :-( But I'll see her in October (maybe even sooner if we're lucky) and I know I'll be talking to her between now and then.

This evening I watched two episodes of Doctor Who and Friday's SGA (notes on that will be posted in a moment).

Also - I know a while back at least one of you was talking about an audiobook (or iPod book or something like that) of John Barrowman's Anything Goes. Any idea where I can get that? I was thinking of listening to it while I knit.

And knowledge of any place that I could get .mp3/.avi/whatever audiobooks would be great.
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Last night [ profile] libralyte and I went to see Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. I thought it was enjoyable, but not as good as the first two.

This morning, we went to a yoga class at a nearby studio that she found. It was actually kind of cool. I don't think it's something I'd do on a regular basis, but it was neat to try out.

After that, we did some errands and went to Cheeburger, Cheeburger for lunch.

This afternoon, we decided to come back to Delaware for the rest of the weekend. We went to Borders and the mall.

Now we're watching Unleashed.
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I hate my allergies. Every year during the fall and spring when the weather definitely starts changing in either direction, my nose both stuffs up and starts runningand I start coughing. Which in and of themselves aren't too bad - except for when it's all happening at the same time. And I'm not talking about normal coughing, but barking-like-a-seal/coughing-up-a-lung coughing. Thankfully, it usually only lasts a few days.

I'm doubly thankful that my allergies weren't in effect this past weekend for the con, or this past Tuesday when I was with [ profile] libralyte and her little brother.

On Tuesday, they came down so [ profile] libralyte could show Jacob the campus and they could do the informational presentation and take the tour and I took the day off and tagged along. It ended up being a bit of an adventure coming down, because they got messed up with the trains due to a traffic accident and I had to go get them from a different station. But we ended up being only about 5 minutes late, so it worked out okay.

I've been on the tail end of the tours a lot, because they end in the lobby outside of the bookstore, so it was kind of neat getting to actually go on the tour and see where they go and what they talk about. And our "group" - which was just the three of us, a mother and daughter, and the guide, ended up getting a bit extra, since [ profile] libralyte and I wouldn't shut up - me adding stuff to what the guide was saying and [ profile] libralyte both adding things and asking questions because things have changed since we went there. (Like the way they group freshmen housing.) But, all in all, it was pretty cool.

Afterwards, we met my dad for dinner at the Deer Park and had dinner. Then the three of us split from him and walked up and back about half of Main Street to a) kill some time before I had to drop them off at the train station (this time the one in Newark) and b) show Jacob some of the town.

*starts coughing again* I will be *so* glad when my body recalibrates to the colder weather.
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So, I went up to [ profile] libralyte's for the weekend. So much fun.

I left right after work on Friday. And got stuck in traffic at the DE/PA line because there was a crash in Chester (that was off to the side of the road by the time I got there, but the road's obscenely narrow). Then a couple miles down the road, I got stuck in traffic *again*. The funny part about the second time? There were those flip signs saying that traffic was congested from above the airport through Broad Street. I got stuck in traffic about 2.5/3 miles *south* of the airport. When I finally did get to the airport, it took me about 20 minutes to get from one end of the airport complex to the other on the highway - which normally takes me 2 minutes, if that. And once I got to the Broad Street exit, everything opened up. Why you might ask? The Eagles had a preseason game and practically everyone in the tri-state area was there. So, what normally takes me an hour and half, took me about three.

We hung out when I got up to [ profile] libralyte's and watched "Psych" - which I had never seen before and it was fun.

Saturday, we went to the Grange, which is a fair sort of thing. We didn't stay very long because it's basically the same stuff every year, but we had fun checking out the animals. And I fell in love with this gray flop bunny. He was very cute and kept nuzzling my finger with his nose and rearing up on his back legs. Though, [ profile] libralyte said that that might've been just because he was hungry. And I got sarsparilla soda! I haven't had that in years. A local grocery store used to carry it from time to time years ago, but then it closed and I haven't seen it anywhere else.

We then went over to her aunt's house because [ profile] libralyte's going to be dog sitting for them this week while they're away's going to be dog sitting for them this week while they're away. She made me watch Talladega Nights. Parts of it were fun, but - meh. I'm not really a Will Ferrell fan.

And we went to the movies and saw Death at a Funeral. I quite enjoyed it and Alan Tudyk was amazing.

Sunday, we hung out in the morning, then went out for lunch and went to see Stardust because [ profile] libralyte wanted to see it. I enjoyed it immensely the second time around and [ profile] libralyte absolutely loved it.

After getting some yummy ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery, we went back to [ profile] libralyte's aunt's house. I decided to leave about 5:30 because I was worried about vacation traffic. I did hit a little bit of traffic because of construction, but it wasn't that bad and I made it home pretty quickly. Though, I decided once I got back into town that I didn't want to go home just yet, so I went and saw The Last Legion. OMG, it was awesome! You all need to go see it. It's just - gah! It's got Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley, Aishwarya Rai, and John Hannah.
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One of these days, I'm actually going to post about stuff when I mean to on a regular basis. I kept meaning to do it all this week and time kind of got away from me.

Monday night was the University's Library Assosiation's annual dinner. It's held up at Arsht Hall and it's kinda swanky. Really nice dinner, open bar beforehand, and a well-known author as the speaker. This year was Nathanial Philbrick - whose most recent work is Mayflower, about the Pilgrims. (Though, he's written a number of other nautical books.) The dinner was good, I sold a bunch of books, and he gave a good presentation. The whole thing started around 6 and I got home at about 10:30.

Tuesday was pretty normal. Work was kinda busy with the fact that we're doing caps and gowns (and et. al.) for graduation this week. Did some cleaning in the advent of [ profile] libralyte coming to visit.

Wednesday was my opener, so I had to be at work early. Then I had a book signing at 8pm. I left work at my normal Wednesday time of 4:15 and hung out on the mall reading for a while before meeting my dad for dinner at California Tortilla. The booksigning was fun, it was a group of 9 women who've written a few different things (not necessarily together) and who are doing a tour. The people there were pretty evenly divided between the speakers and the audience. Got home from that around 10:30 too.

Yesterday was a normal day along with me skipping out of choir practice and doing some more cleaning. (I think things look fairly presentable now.) Though, there was also the blow up. At one point, my dad said, "I bet you're glad I'm going away for the week, aren't you?" And I thought, "Damn right!" (He and my grandparents are taking 12 days and their camper and driving down to Savannah, GA, then to Cape Hatteras (I think) and back.)

Today was good. Had a conference call this afternoon about the updates we're getting to our new computer system at work. ([ profile] eatstake - as of, I think, Wednesday, I'll be using Bookmaster 8.5.) After work, ran home to chance and take care of Patch quickly before running back out and up to Wilmington to meet Beth for dinner. We took advantage of Wilmington's Restaurant Week and ate at 821. (A bunch of restaurants get together and offer various fixed menus for 2 course lunches and 3 course dinners.) It was quite yummy and we had a great time, since we haven't seen each other in ages.

And tomorrow, I'm going up to [ profile] libralyte's and hang up there for a while before bringing her back here for the week. (And I have off! How great is that?)
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WW: +3 (-37.4, I think)

I know a few things that would help get me on track. Sadly, moving is not one of them at the moment. (Unless someone wants to adopt me. I don't eat much - I swear! And I'm good at household things.)

But I got to spend this past weekend with [ profile] libralyte and [ profile] lixta (though, I didn't get to see as much of [ profile] lixta as I wanted). But I got to watch part of the "Sci-Fi Friday" with them and see Sheppard and McKay. (And, when presented with two men who look like they do, I usually go for the McKay types first, if at all, but - damn, Sheppard's good-looking!) And, after watching a bit of "Battlestar Gallactica", I have to agree with [ profile] serafina20 - Jamie Bamber is a great pick for Grant. :-D

On Saturday [ profile] libralyte and I went to the Grange, which is like a county fair, in which we looked at a bunch of cute farm animals, got some candles, and ate some "fair food" (as [ profile] lixta calls it). Then we went and wandered around her mall for a while and saw The 40-Year-Old Virgin - which I *highly* recommend. (And, [ profile] libralyte, that was his real chest hair.)

On Sunday we went shopping, though we didn't actually buy anything.

Over the course of the weekend, we watched the first 6 episodes of "Dead Like Me" - which I've really fallen in love with, I think. I got the other two discs tonight to finish the first season.
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Had much fun with [ profile] libralyte and [ profile] lixta over the weekend. (Even if I really only saw [ profile] lixta on Thursday.)

We went to the Grange (county fair) Thursday evening and had lots of fun looking at exhibits and chatting.

Friday we ended up just hanging around their place and Regina, Nahnee, and I watched most of a Sharpe movie and the first two episodes of Band of Brothers (and now I understand their attraction to Damien Lewis.) And we ended up hanging out there that night because of a situation with one of the horses they were boarding.

Saturday, Regina and I went to Fonthill and Moravian Tile Works (in Doylestown, for those of you who know the area). Both were started by Henry C. Mercer at the beginning of last century (the house was built from 1908 to 1912 and considering the amount of work, I'm surprised it was done in only four years). But they were both really cool. Then we went to see De-Lovely - which was really good. I'm glad I got to see it.

Sunday we tried to go to New Hope to look at some of the shops, but it seemed like everybody and their brother, plus practically every biker group in the Northeast was there. So we ended up just going to the mall and wandering around there for a while.

The only downsides were a) coming home and b) coming home to find that none of the laundry had been done over the weekend, so I spend last evening doing most of it. I know that my dad should be excused because he wasn't home over the weekend either, but my brother could've taken a couple of hours of his "busy" schedule to do it. (Though, if he did, I'm sure most of the laundry would end up like the load of his laundry that he *did* do - i.e., on the floor outside the door to the laundry room. The only way I knew it was done was the dryer sheet that was mixed in with the clothing.)

Went to WW today and lost 1.8 pounds this past week (for a total of 14.2 overall for the past 4 weeks). I'm very happy about this, since I used all but five of my points over the course of this past week. (Even though last week I used all but one of my points and lost three pounds and the week before I had only used five extra points and lost 1.8 pounds. I think my metabolism is having fun with me. But I'm not gonna complain since no matter how I look at it a) I haven't gained anything back and b) I'm still losing weight.) Though, when I told my mom tonight, she started harping on the whole "you should(/have to) *only* eat your daily points" again. I swear, the next time she brings it up, I'm going to tactfully bitch her out. Seriously, if I could only eat my daily points every week and lose 7.6 pounds (which was my first week's weight loss) each week, I *so* would. But that's not gonna happen. Besides, this way I know I'm gonna be healthy and keep the weight off and I might learn some patience with myself and others in the process (as well as how to tactfully tell people off). Note to self - just keep thinking about Universal Theme Park and Los Angeles.

I have a new lj layout, so go check it out. And thanks to [ profile] lunanne for helping me out with it. Now I want to go find a few new icons and possibly a new mood theme.

Final note: I want to have the male gymnasts' babies. Especially Paul Hamm's and Aleksei Nemov's.
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So, let's see....

1. Went up to Regina's ([ profile] libralyte) house weekend before last for a few days. Lots of fun. Went to the Grange (which is a huge fair) one of the days. Got to see a sheep auction. Rented a bunch of movies - Kissing Jessica Stein, Sorority Boys, Treasure Planet, and Secretary. The last one was kinda cool. Regian was thought Sorority Boys was bad, but at the same time enjoyed it. (Or at least enjoyed Michael Rosenbaum.)

2. I brought her back with me when I came home on Monday. Eve was on her way down to Delaware from Jersey, so she swung by and picked us up on the way.

3. Tuesday was the day of the medical stuff. Had to get some blood drawn for a blood test and had an eye doctor's appointment. Luckily, the nurse was able to get the blood from me in one try. (I have problems with blood being drawn.) Good news from the eye doctor - I only pulled away from the glaucoma tester once. Better news - my eyes only changed a tiny bit since the last time I was there a little over three years ago, so for all intents and purposes, my eyes are stable. (I have a stigmatism.)

4. Regina and I went down to the beach from Wednesday to Friday. Eve and Mike (a friend of Eve's) came down with us on Wednesday. We hung out at the Indian River Inlet for most of the day. Then went to Applebee's for dinner. (They have a really good blondie dessert.) Thursday was a little colder at the beach and Regina didn't go swimming. And since I did, I now supposedly have "the swimming mentality of a 5 year old" (or so Regina says). We went into Rehoboth and poked around on Friday.

5. Since my dad hadn't been down to the beach at all so far this summer, the three of us went down again on Saturday. We came back early because Regina and I were supposedly going to go out with Feroz later that night. But it didn't happen.

6. We met him for brunch on Monday. Then we went over to school so I could get my schedule straightened out. Followed by going to the mall for a bit (since Regina wanted to hit Lane Bryant) and saw Stephanie. I dropped Regina off at the train station so she could go home.

7. Cleaned my room (somewhat) yesterday. Still have an overflowing bookcase and a closet and bunch of drawers in shambles, but that's do for now.

8. Going to visit Kath ([ profile] nakedwesley), tomorrow. So far the plan is that she's goign to drive up here, we're going to hang out here for a while, then drive back down to Baltimore. We might go to the Inner Harbor. Hmm. Need to go figured out the whole train thing for getting home.

9. I really need to stop buying books. I've bought a bunch lately and I already have a bunch that I haven't read yet. At least I know I'll have enough recreational reading for the school year.

10. Forgot a couple of guys for my "Casting Couch" that I did a while back - James Spader and Orlando Jones. Don't know how I could've forgotten them.

11. One day, I will be done the two stories I'm working on at the moment. And then I'll have a big party in honor of it.


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