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I really do spend too much time on Yahoo's Oddly Enough page - Forgotten city lies beneath Edinburgh.

In other news...

Went down to Baltimore yesterday to see Sweeney Todd at the Centerstage Theatre. Beforehand, my class got to take a little tour of one of the production shops and the theatre, given by Jeff Steigel, who's an alum of PTTP. (He was a part of last year's graduating class. It took me a bit to realize that's who Bill was talking about when he said the name, since there were two Jeffs in the class - this Jeff, who was usually called Jeff or Jeffie - which I usually heard, and Jeffrey - who went by either Jeffrey or Hawkins [his last name].) Then we went to a reception catered by Outback Steakhouse, which was quite nice. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the show or not, but I thought it was pretty cool, even if a bit dark.

And it was rather amusing that this article appeared in yesterday's Oddly Enough section - Meat from Farm May Have Had Human Remains. Kind of apropos, huh?
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(AKA 'the end of the semester' or 'everything was due yesterday')

So this past weekend was the closing weekend for the PTTP (grad theatre program here at UD). I had two performances of Moliere's The Learned Ladies and went and saw Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession and Farquhar's The Beaux' Strategem. Liked them both. And Ben (one of the leads in TBS) - hot *day-mn!* I've always thought he was cute - but more in an adorable way than a hot way. When I saw him in the show - wig, 17th century clothing and all - man, he looked good. And talk about sexual chemistry - he had it with everybody.

But I'm kinda sad because Sunday was my last undergrad show with the PTTP, and my last show with this group. I'm really going to miss them. Went to Sandy (the director/chair of PTTP)'s house for a graduation party type of thing last night, which was lots of fun. Saw practically everybody there and got to say goodbye to them. Even had a couple people make comments about staying in touch with them. (yay!) And I also got pictures. (thank goodness for one hour photo.) Must find a way to get them up online. And if I seem to be going through withdrawl in the next couple of days, I'll be okay - really. Must also remember that drinking a tiny bit of white wine and a tiny bit of champagne in the same night w/o eating much in between - not a good idea for me. I've had a mild and persisting headache all day.

But I have all these end of the year things to do. Okay, really it's a 5pg paper (due Tues), a huge lighting project (due Tues), an 8pg paper (due Wed), and an in-class final (on Tues). And all in different classes. At least I have a partner for the project. So I shall probably be holed up somewhere bent over a computer or lighting paperwork for the next week. Fun.

Watched Boys Don't Cry tonight in film class. Very good movie. Also very depressing.

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Don't worry. The real world is not for everyone,
and since you can afford to avoid it, why don't
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Well, I wouldn't really mind going there, since - last I heard - they have a really kick ass all-male a capella group called the Brown Derbies. :0D

In other news - went and saw "The Beaux' Strategem" by George Farquhar and "Mrs. Warren's Profession" by George Bernard Shaw performed by my grad students today. Enjoyed both immensely. Now, I don't usually consider one of the lead men in "Beaux Strat" to be hot or anything - adorable, sure - but today it was like DA-YMN! He had sexual chemistry with practically everyone on stage and for some reason just looked really, really hot.

I am *so* going to miss everyone when they leave. I hope I can get at least some contact info before they go.
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Angel spoilers )

But opening night of "The Learned Ladies" by Moliere went really well tonight. Definitely better than my opening night of "Saint Joan". (The last show that I did soundboard for.) And I love Nathan - he's such a great actor. I'm going to miss everyone so much when we graduate.
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As of 8:35, I have 4164 minutes until I go to LA. (visualize Kermit when he gets excited) Yippee!!! (/visualization) I can't wait! All the King's Men and Winter Session are now officially over. Yay! (Even if I am going to miss hanging out with everyone so much. But, but, but - LA!!!
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I really should try to update more often.

I'm upset - my family didn't get to come see Travesties because of the snow. And I really wanted them to. :0( But what can you do? The rest of the performances went really well.

And I think I love Steve. He played the main character, Henry Carr, and I was still laughing during his 15 minute opening monologue like I was the first time I saw it during tech rehersal.

But Mike got sick before Friday night's show, so he was sick for that show and the Saturday matinee. And he looked so bad after Saturday's performance - like he was lost and out of it and very forlorn. But he had off Saturday afternoon and Sunday and when I saw him yesterday during the All the King's Men rehersal, he looked much better and said as much when I asked him.

And we couldn't stop giggling in rehersal today. Maybe it was all the sexual references, but still....

Random thought - I really wish that the university would offer a class on romantic relationships. I feel very prepared for everything but that.

I'm the =-o
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39% addicted to Instant Messenger. How about you?


Dec. 6th, 2002 12:25 am
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It snowed! It snowed! It snowed!

I'm so excited! I threw some snowballs at Regina and I made a snow angel and had fun. :0)

Okay, that's out of the way.

Beginning to suspect my "inner child" is of the gay and male persuasion. Not sure why. At least if it's true, he's got some maturity. But last night's episode of "MDs" didn't help my argument to the contrary.

And for some reason, I seem to have started channeling The Very Secret Diaries. It's very funny and irreverant and based on The Fellowship of the Ring.

But I'm going to go see Two Towers on the 20th! Woo-hoo!

I cannot wait for finals to be over. I hate stress.

But I love "my" grad students at PTTP. They're all such sweeties. And it's hard not to feel good around them.

Sigh. And now for the sad news. :0(

I found out today that my friend Mandie's boyfriend, passed away last night.

And Glenn Quinn, Doyle on "Angel", passed away this past Tuesday, 12/3.

My condolences to both sets of family and friends. And Mandie - if you need anything - you know where I am.
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The funniest thing just happened. Regina and Susannah were watching Meet Joe Black on tv and at the end, before William Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) and Joe Black (Brad Pitt) exit, they're talking while watching a party thrown in Parrish's honor from a distance and there's a lull in the conversation and they just look at each other. It's a wide camera shot and you can see the starry sky and the fireworks in the background. And Susannah goes, "Duh, duh, duuuh. And now they're gonna kiss." Which sent me and Regina into hysterical laughter. This is a girl who, when she first got introduced to slash was "Eeewww" (after asking if one of Regina's pictures was of two guys [a screengrab of Curt and Brian from Velvet Goldmine] while we were talking about slashfic).

Okay, so now for stuff since the last time I updated.

I turned 21. And no - I haven't gone drinking yet. Haven't had time. So if anyone wants to take me out or give me alcohol, be my guest.

And I'm going to LA!!! I'm so excited! I get to see all my Shelter friends again (or at least most of them) and meet some new people (including some of the cast and crew of "Buffy" and "Angel"). I can't wait for February!

Travesties went *really* well. I'm really happy about it. We have a few more shows in December and my whole family's coming on Dec. 5th. And I mean everyone - both my parents, my grandparents, and my brother. And John's even coming. (Although he's not exactly a part of the family.) And Nathan (one of the actors) is so cute - whenever I tell him that he did a great job with a performance, he starts blushing and gets a little flustered and embarrassed. Went to a cast/crew party at Jewel's (the director) house this Wednesday, which was a lot of fun. And after the party, Jewel and Marj made Nathan take me home. I don't live very far from them, but they wouldn't let me leave without knowing that he was driving me home.

And I'm upset! "MDs" hasn't been shown since the Halloween episode. I hope it doesn't get cancelled.

I have this huge audio project due after Thanksgiving that I have to do on the computer, which I'm really worried about, but things are going good for it. M.A. (another actor) just offered to help without me even asking - which was an answer to a prayer that I haven't even asked - which was great. Hopefully I won't screw anything up too badly.

Last Thursday was the dining halls' Thanksgiving dinner. Ended up eating dinner with Dan and some of his friends. It was as a lot of fun. Even got some compliments about my faith - which is cool, since I don't even remember ever saying or doing anything around him, aside from wear my "God Wars" shirt.

Went and saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Sunday night with Regina and Beth - which was fun. And I'm still not gonna read the books!
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Let's see... What's happened since Wednesday afternoon? Not much, actually.

Tech rehearsals start for Travesties (by Tom Stoppard) today and it opens on Friday. I'm running lightboard this time. Hopefully I won't have any travesties like on Saint Joan.

Regina, Chrissie, and Heather took me shopping and to dinner Friday night so that Regina could get me a birthday present. It was a lot of fun.

Had my birthday dinner with the family on Saturday night since I'm going to be at rehearsal on Wednesday night until about 10:30/11:00 pm. But my brother gave me a $25 gift certificate to the Deer Park (restaurant/tavern where he works and we usually frequent). So may be after I get done the show, I can go out or something and drag some friends.

Went to the opera for the first time yesterday. Regina and I went and saw Tosca - which I enjoyed. Took a while to get into it, since I wasn't used to the idea of them singing in Italian and having to read the translations, but it was good. Favorite parts: 1) she's starting to get jealous that her boyfriend, Mario, is seeing someone else and at one point, he goes on for a minute or two and the translation? "Get serious." 2) making "Tosca: The Romance Novel" jokes with Regina during the intermissions. But the soprano who sang the part of Tosca - Lisa Daltirus - was *amazing*.

After last night's episode of "Alias", I think I love Victor Garber. He's such a great actor. And after last night's episode of "Angel" - if I didn't already love Joss Whedon, I do now. And I got more reasons for why I love Alexis Denisof. As well as a fight with Regina over Fred/Gunn.

And the sign ups for the PBP are on Wednesday. AAAHHH!!! I hope I get in!
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So I went to Tay's for a barbecue Monday night with some PTTP people. It was fun. Richie's a pyro. We were lighting up some charcoal grills and he was like, "Does this one have some fluid on it?" and we were like, "Yeah," so he lit it and then added more fluid to it.

Yeah, it figures -

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Oct. 13th, 2002 07:41 pm
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Yay! So I survived Saint Joan. Today was our final performance. The past five performances (Thursday, Friday, 2 on Saturday and today) went really well. No mishaps aside from the normal dropped lines and minor things that can't be avoided sometimes.

I'm still not totally used to seeing the guys (actors) in their undies when I'm doing my preshow set-ups. Believe you me, it's not bad - it's just distracting! (Especially since most of them I just want to stare at.) Like the other night, I walked into the Dance Studio (one of the backstage rooms), and Ceeko was changing for the photocall and he was bare-chested and wearing these tight pants and I practically started drooling.

And I need help on guy stuff! There's this one guy, Mike, who is *such* a sweetie, and I kind of like him, but, you know, I don't want to say anything to him and I don't know what to do!

Yay! New "Alias" and "Angel" tonight!
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Tonight's show went *so* much better than yesterday's. Nothing went wrong aside from the normal dropped lines and such. So I feel really good now - especially since I was stressing during most of the show.

And my prof was actually quite cool. When she came into class, she started talking to another student about something that happened in a rehersal for a different show. Then she turned to me and was like, "And you." And I was like, "Yeah?" And she was like, "Do you promise not to do it again?" I was like, "I'm definitely going to try not to." She was like, "That's not what I asked." And I was like, "I promise that it's not going to happen again." And she was like, "Good." And that was the end of it.

And I also went to the doctor's to get some minor surgery on my neck done to clean out some atypical cells around where I had gotten my mole removed a few weeks back. So it should be interesting to see how it heals. And I have to go back in on the 21st to get the stitches out.


Oct. 10th, 2002 12:07 am
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Now I understand why people feel driven to drink. Today was just one of those days.

It started off great. Classes were good. Finally starting to get a handle on my email that's been piling up. Rehersal went really well. And then the show happened.

Okay, let me back up so you've got some perspective. I'm a theatre production major and as part of my major, I have to do so much work with the grad program. Which is cool because I get some experience and I get to work with a great group of people.

Well, this time I'm working the soundboard for Saint Joan.
During Monday's tech rehersal, I kept making mistakes - which made me feel bad and then would stress me out and probably make things worse. Then yesterday's tech was better, and I only made, like, two mistakes. So I figured I had it all out of my system. During today's rehersal, things went really well and I felt really good about everything.

And like I said - then the show happened. I forgot to flip a switch back after the second cue to change some levels. Luckily, you couldn't really tell. Then I discovered that one of the master levels was down, that's why the second cue sounded a tiny bit off. So I fixed that. And I was still feeling good, since those were just tiny things that didn't seem to have any real bearing on the overall sound. Then three cues from the end, I accidentally hit the system power button, which turned the board and all off (but not the computer). So I quickly turned it back on and figured everything would be okay. But then the last three cues wouldn't play. The first of which was needed for an actor's exit. Luckily, he was able to get himself off without it.

Everyone was cool about it, (and I found that if that happens, the computer needs to be restarted, but there was *no* way I've had time) but I still feel *really* bad about it. And I apologized to Steve about it and he was cool about it and was basically like, "Don't worry about it. Shit happens." Who've thunk the 3,001 time that I lean against the one set of equipment in the exact same way that I've always done, that it would turn things off? And some other things that I had no control over went wrong as well, so I hope things go better for all tomorrow.

And I hope that my Audio prof won't be too hard on me in class if she knows (which I'm sure she will).

I'm not sure I'm totally complete with what happened tonight, but I know I will be after my Audio class tomorrow. Let's just hope I can get through that.

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Well, today was my first day of tech for Saint Joan. It wasn't too bad, but then again, I was only in there for about three hours. And I wish I had a chance to talk to Richie (an actor in Saint Joan and one of my friends) because he had a bandage around his arm and, you know, I was concerned. But I'm sure I'll talk to him tomorrow. But it was cute because he walked in to the theatre and saw me up in the booth and waved. I really enjoy all my grad friends in the theatre department and I'm really going to miss them at the end of the year. :(

Tomorrow's going to be a bit more brutal - 1:30 to ~10:30. And then Saturday's going to be all day (like 10:30/11 until about the same time). But then I have Sunday off, so that's good. And, plus, Sunday's a new "Angel" episode! Yay!

And can I just say that I'm in *so* totally in awe of what Joss Whedon & co, everyone involved, and especially James Marsters have done with Spike so far this season on "Buffy"? After every scene of his, I'm just sitting there with my mouth on the floor.

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So, yeah, I'm partially the second one.


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