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So far it seems like the good news is that I won't be turning into my mother.

The bad news? I'm probably going to turn into my father.

This revelation was brought on by the two of us seeing The Family Stone tonight. We both enjoyed it a lot and I highly recommend it to everyone. And it was written and directed by Thomas Bezucha, who did Big Eden. And we both geeked out at recognizing the town that it was filmed in - Madison, NJ. Which is where I did a theatre internship a little over two and a half years ago. So that was fun, knowing where things were and recognizing landmarks.

And don't get me wrong - my mom enjoys movies too and I think would even enjoy this one, but I think she goes into watching most of them with preconcieved notions that they all need to be worthy of at least some award, whereas my dad and I just go into the whole thing to enjoy.

So, in summation, rent the movie as soon as it comes out. You will not be disappointed.

And on a completely different note - is anyone going to be at the Phantoms game on Sunday?
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Forgot to mention that I do get Bravo at home, so I'll be able to continue watching "Queer Eye". (Yay!) And that I watched it this past Tuesday with my mom while we were in Ocean City. The upside was that she only asked about the premise and stuff. (Especially since she freaked out when she found out that one of my guy friends is gay and thought that he was going to turn me into a lesbian.)

And after all these comments were made while the "straight guy" was putting in contacts referred to anal sex, I don't know if I'll be able to look at contacts the same again. Next week looks interesting - especially Kyan in whatever it is he's wearing. *drool* And why is it that they didn't show that little portion of the clip when they were showing the promo on NBC? Hmm?

Went to a Blue Rocks game tonight with my dad, my grandparents, and some people my dad works with. It was lots of fun. They won 10-2 against the Salem (VA) Avalanche.

And from what I heard from [ profile] rozsecrets, King John is doing really well and they got a grant/contract/whatever to go Off-Broadway when they're done at the STNJ. How cool is that? You can get more info from her lj.

I'm leaving tomorrow to go up to [ profile] libralyte's house for the weekend and I'll be back sometime on Monday with her in tow. So just in case you were wondering....
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Left New Jersey today. It's all rather surreal. Like, I know deep down that it's time to go and all that, but I can't believe it. It's been a long short summer (i.e. it's gone really fast, although it's seemed very slow at times). It only took my dad, Regina, and I an hour to pack all my stuff and load it all into the truck (and I mean all - I hadn't done anything the night before except for unplug the fridge so the freezer could defrost).

I was able to say good-bye to everyone before the show. It was rather sad. I'm going to miss them all. I hope at least some of them will be doing Othello in November, since I'm planning on going up to see it and visit. (It could happen - most of the cast did Much Ado About Nothing back in June.)

Packing for the beach shall have to wait until the morning.

"In memory of those who have left us, today the role of Salisbury will be played wearing a black armband, black pasties, and black fishnet stockings." - Eric's matinee announcement
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Today was my last day at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. Tomorrow morning I shall be packing up and going home. It's kind of sad, really. While I didn't think this way last week, I'm really gonna miss it up here.

I'm going to miss:
the people
King John
the people
"the shears of destiny"
the people
the 5 card, two draw, wild card poker games
Eric's preshow comments over the intercom
the people
the hallway in the Kirby flooding when it rains
the squeaky step on the way to my room
the people (are we seeing a trend here?)
the Late-Nites
the diner

The shows went really well today. Steve ran tonight's show and I was basically there for moral support and to help him out if he had any problems. It was funny when we got to the cues that lead into the swordfight and he's like, "Holy shit!" (I don't think it had really hit him prior to that how complex it is.) And it was quite surreal when, after he had to fade down a cue as another started, he was like, "How was that?" (I had told him how I've been doing it since the cue that it goes into is at a lower level than the one that's fading out, so I had just told him how I fade it out so it doesn't sound too abrupt. It's just weird because he's been doing this for *fifteen years*, even if I'm the "expert" for this production.) The real story behind "the shears of destiny" - one day in rehearsal Ames said, "Someday I'm going to open up a hair salon and call it the Shears of Destiny." And whenever it's said in the show, all of us backstage repeat it. I also realized tonight that I know about 95% of Ian's lines - and he's got a *huge* role (he plays Philip/Richard, the Bastard). It's also interesting to listen durning the curtain call because people tend to clap harder for the people they like and Ian and Andy (King John) come out at the same time and Ian bows first and always gets slightly louder applause than Andy. Go figure.

My dad and Regina came up to see the show tonight and help me pack tomorrow so we can leave in the early afternoon. It's kind of weird, since I haven't seen Regina all summer and haven't seen my dad since the beginning of July. It's like reality's colliding with my world. And it's weird because I relate to my dad and Regina differently than I do to everyone up here. (It's not much different, but it's just enough that it makes me unsure of how to act.) But I think this summer's been really good for me in many ways - both experience-wise and personally.

"Instead of throwing Chinese daggers, I'm going to throw Chinese duck sauce." - Austin (the child actor in the play and he's 11)

It was also interesting that when I said good-bye to a couple people tonight before I left, since I hadn't really talked to my dad about stopping into the theatre tomorrow (we have to swing by there anyway, since I have to drop off my keys) and they were all like, "But you're going to come by tomorrow and say good-bye, right?" I'm touched.
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Show went well tonight. Booth's starting to get crowded with the six of us in there. (The normal three of us, plus our replacements.) Every time I hear "shears of destiny" from now on, I'm gonna start laughing. (From what I've heard - one day in rehearsal Andy said that since it's one of his lines and Ames broke in with "I'm going to open up a salon and call it the 'Shears of Destiny'" or something like that.) Saw the apprentice company's production of Henry V - which was good.

Made a cd of some sound cues from Glass Menagerie and King John that I like. Also got a "gift" from Steve - a copy of Cool Edit Pro (a sound editing program). Yay!

Can't believe I'm going home day after tomorrow.
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I think I'm a little drunk. I went out with people to Poor Herbie's tonight and I only had a glass of wine (chardonnay), but I hadn't had anything to eat for a while and didn't have any water until I was almost done with the wine. So I feel rather disconnected. But I feel better now that I've gotten some water, walked a bit, and gotten something to eat. R and B, is this how you feel when you get tipsy? But it was fun.

Today was good. Still not getting enough sleep and I don't think I will until after I go home, but in the end - that's okay. I'm having fun hanging out with people and doing things. And I take naps in the afternoon, since I go in from 9 until about 12:30 or 1 and then have off until 5 (well, technically 6:30, but by 5 I'm bored, so I wander back over to the theatre, do my preshow check - which takes all of two minutes, I kid you not, and then hang out until 8). After tonight's show, there was a Late Night performance of two scenes - one was a work in progress about creation and physics and stuff, very interesting, and the second was a scene from Galileo by Brecht (which I think I've read, but I can't remember) - which was also very good. The first scene had 5 apprenti in it and the second was only a 2 character scene and had Ames and Doug (another actor from King John). I love watching them - Ames especially. He's, in my opinion, definitely up in the Alexis range of acting, maybe closer to the bottom of that caste, but definitely has that *something* that makes him really, really good and hard not to watch.

I love Al, one of the lighting interns. We work together on King John and we've gone to Poor Herbie's together last night and tonight and it's so much fun talking to him and hanging out with him and stuff. It was also kind of funny/weird-but-in-a-good-way hearing him call another guy "a sweetheart". (Yes, he's straight.)

Found an article in today's "New York Times" about this town in Italy, Rieti, that every year at the beginning of August has washtub/bathtub racing. I found it highly amusing that men race in washtubs on the Velino River. But I guess I shouldn't say anything since I come from a state that holds a Punkin' Chunkin' Contest every year at the end of October/beginning of November.

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*You know, it's kind of funny, because I've gotten almost the same exact advice from a bunch of people when talking to them about Ames.

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*Wow. I'm really surprised - especially since I only recognized about three of the questions. Must have to do with being an 80's child or something. Kind of like the Featles (obscure Sliding Doors reference).

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*Not surprised, really, since he is my favorite but it's good to have validation. :0)
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Thanks you guys for you support after my post last night. It means a lot. :0) I think I was just going through a funk or something because I feel a lot better today. Mary Ann - I don't think I'll be on until after midnight tomorrow, just because I have a thing after my show that I have to go to, so I'm not sure what time I'm going to be getting home, so if I see you, I see you and if I don't, I'm sorry.

Forgot to mention that the show went well yesterday. Tonight's show went really well too. Kinda sad that I'm leaving Sunday morning, since that's the last day for everyone and I'm gonna be gone early. But I'm sure I'm going to be keeping in touch with a lot of people (hopefully, at least). Starting to do the rounds of getting pictures and addresses and stuff.

Went to Poor Herbie's tonight with Al and met Matt, Doug, Haynes, and some of the box office ladies. We didn't stay very long, but it was fun. When we came back here, we ended up hanging out with a bunch of people since it was Jess' birthday - which was fun too. I'm going to miss so many of these people.

One thing I've learned over this summer - the two favorite words after "day off" for the people in this proram is "free books". Ames came into the green room this evening carrying a large cardboard box full of books, put it down on the table and all he said was "Free books" and the five or six of us that are in the program practically rushed the table. He then brought in another box about the same size, also full of books, and we were through those things like they were the last books on earth or something. It was rather quite amusing. I got a couple that look rather interesting.

Have to say, I love Eric Hoffman (one of the actors). The past few nights after Allison (the stage manager) makes the 15 minute announcement, he'll get on the intercom and say something. Two nights ago it was "Tonight, the role of Salisbury (his character) will be played without pants." Last night it was "Tonight, the role of Salisbury will be played without underpants." Tonight, it was, "Tonight, the role of Salisbury will be played wearing a leopard-skin bustier and fishnet stockings."
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So I've heard "Unwell" by Matchbox 20 three times between yesterday and today. For some reason, it just resonates with me. You know - when a song just hits you *right* *there* and you don't necessarily know why? That's how it's been with this song. And I wonder what's going on if twice before the song came on, I was thinking about Ames. *shrugs* Whatever.

lyrics for 'Unwell' )
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Had the day off today - which was good, since I really needed to a) go to the grocery story and b) do my laundry. Didn't really do much else today. Worked on a fic and one of the websites for a bit. Watched "The Simpsons" and actually saw two episodes I haven't seen before. Did go out with Steve, Sarah (his girlfriend), Paul, Andrew, and a couple other people to Poor Herbie's for some drinks. Got a JD & Diet Coke, a Long Island Ice Tea, and a shot of vodka (which I actually downed like a shot, Chrissie!). Only paid for the shot, because Paul and Steve got my other drinks, though I did pay for one of Paul's pints of Guinness. It was fun.

Kind of miss being around the cast and crew of King John since I've been spending so much time around them recently. And, yes, I miss Ames. But, after talking to a bunch of people, I feel more confident about chatting him up and stuff.

And, yeah, this sounds like me -

A Naiad
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So there's actually a very good reason for me not posting last night. I was at a party and didn't get in until about 3:30 or so and, not thinking, turned my computer off right away. And when I remembered, it was about an hour or so later and I was like, "whatever" and went to bed.

Anyway, last night was the official opening night of King John. It went really, really well. Had, like, one or two nitpicky things, but other than that.... Afterwards there was a party/reception outside with free alcohol (wine and beer) and free food (donated by local eateries and stuff - including sushi - I tried a vegetarian one, R!) So lots of fun - got to mingle with people and hang out with the cast and crew and stuff. And at one point Paul, Steve and I were talking and Steve was like, "While I have you two here, we have a week left and we need to go drinking and I need to buy you guys a drink." After discussing it, we now have a 9pm call for Poor Herbie's (the local bar/pub) tomorrow night. (Now, in theatre - you don't miss a call or very bad things will happen.) So who knows who all's gonna show up tomorrow night, but it'll be fun. While we were at the party, some of the female apprenti got Mike (one of the actors) to do his Fabio impression - which was quite funny (although Mike's got curly brunet hair). And I was hanging out with Ames (another actor) and some other people and he was telling us about this audience member that he was pretty sure was high and what she was doing to some of the actors and stuff and when he started getting in my face and staring as an example, I started giggling. Which he then periodically exploited for the rest of the party.

At first I was going to leave about midnight because I was thinking about going to church this morning, but next thing I knew, it's like 12:30 or so and the last few of us interns and apprenti are going back to the dorm with three of the actors in tow - Ames, Mike, and Matt. When we get back, there's a bunch of apprenti outside, so we end up hanging out with them and having more alcohol (some beer, tequila, and a bottle of Southern Comfort - which tastes oddly like cough medicine, but not in a bad way). And a bunch of people got thrown into the kiddie swimming pool we have (which had ankle-deeep water). We then got Matt to do his velociraptor impression - which is actually quite good and rather funny.

Ended up hanging out with Ames most of the night while we were at the dorm - which was cool since he's a great guy. He kept saying, "I'm a dirty old man." And we'd disagree with him (because he really isn't). It was rather amusing. And a few times, he was like, "I feel kind of drunk - but I only had, like, two glasses of wine and a beer so I don't know why." At one point he wandered a little way away from the main group to lay in the grass to see if that would help and Sharon and I wandered over with him to keep him company and talk. While we were talking, and after I smiled at something, he said to Sharon, "Doesn't she have a beautiful smile?" and she agreed with him - which made me slightly embarrassed because I'm not used to that. Somehow during our conversation, Sharon and I started touching him - (No! Not *that* way! Get your mind out of the gutter!) just, like, playing with his fingers or stroking his arm, or running our fingers through his hair. ("Hi, my name's Adrian and I have this need to touch and make physical contact with other people and I've been going through withdrawl." Tactile Anonymous, here I come. :0P) But he seemed to enjoy it. After Christine joined us, whenever someone else would come over, he would say, "I'm being stroked by three beautiful women. Life doesn't get any better than this." Then Mike came over and comments started getting made about Ames and Bottom (who he played in a touring production of it) and the fairies after Bottom gets turned. (Mike played Oberon/Theseus in the same production.) At about 3 am, we tried to convince Ames not to drive since he still felt a bit sloshed, but he wouldn't listen to us. (He lives about 30 minutes away.) We asked Mike what he thought and he was like, "I rather he didn't, but I think he'll be okay." Some of us were like, "Ames, let one of us go home with you, so we know you'll be all right." But most of them didn't really push it since they had to be at the theatre or other places early today. I probably could have done it since I didn't have to be at the theatre until about 1 and he had to be there at 1:30, but I didn't feel like arguing anymore. (I probably should've, though.) But Sharon made him promise to call when he got home - which he did.

I was kinda nervous about this afternoon since it was going to be "the morning after" (well, technically afternoon after) since he had had Mike tell us this rather funny, yet embarrasing story about this time when he (Ames) got shit-faced at Bonnie (the artistic director/head honcho)'s house this past winter - which he's kind of embarrassed about and I wasn't sure if he was going to be rather embarrassed about getting slightly drunk and just kind of pretend it didn't happen. But I was in the green room (where we all hang out) when he came in and he as he passed by me, we said "hi" to each other and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. So I guess I shouldn't have worried, right?

Today's two shows went really well. And the second one was basically perfect. My mom and John came to see the matinee today and really enjoyed it - which I'm very happy about. Ames, last night when I told him my mom was coming, was like, "I want to meet your mom - you'll have to introduce me to her." But he disappeared before I got a chance. I can't begin to describe how cool it is that my mom - who was the biggest, "I want you to follow your dreams, but is theatre even a valid job option?" in my family - drove two and a half hours *one way* to see a lesser known Shakespearean play - the author of which she doesn't like that much. And it was kind of funny - I was down in the green room after the second show to grab something and saw an envelope on the table with my name on it (spelled 'Adriane'). Ames had told me he wanted to give me something, so I figured that that was it (and I had also seen a couple of the other notes he had given other people on the crew). When I double checking with him to see if it was, he was like, "I originally gave it to Al (the lightboard op) to give to you, but then I took it back because I figured I'd see you."

I think I have feelings for Ames. But have no idea what to do about it. Well, I know what to do - I just don't know how to do it. So I solicited some help from two guy friends and one girl friend, and got a little bit of help. Still painfully nervous about trying it out, though. Why does this have to happen a week before I leave? Well, maybe it's good that way - otherwise I might not do anything and this way I'm a bit more like, "Okay, I'm gonna at least attempt something."
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Tonight's show went great. Had one tiny mistake - a cue was a hair late, but if any could be late, it would have to be that one and the designer said to not kill myself getting it going (since it's a cue after this huge fight scene), so I'm not going to worry about it. And since that was the only problem - yay! Although at one point, the alarm went off and we had to stop the play and evacuate everyone. But nothing was wrong or damaged and no one was hurt. They think it was just that a steam iron was on in the dressing room too close to a smoke detector.

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*Maybe this why we get along so well, Mary Ann. :0)
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Tonight's show went well. Was a bit late on three things, but that's something easily remedied. (And at least none of them were the same cues as last night.) Was getting more comfortable with the show (goood thing) when David decided to change some levels for the fight scene (bad thing). Well, it's not terrible, it's just going to make something that's already very tense for me even tenser (more tense?). But at least I wasn't a nervous wreck at the beginning of the show tonight.

But it seems like my mom and John are coming to see the show Sunday afternoon. *Looks around for the devil ice skating* (No wonder it's been rather cool around here lately.) For those of you scratching your heads - my mom's willing to make a 2.5 hour *one way* trip to see *Shakespeare*. It's a miracle! (She usually gives up as quickly as possible.)

And someone has waaay too much time on their hands. (Regina - makes me think of Shannon)
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Considering how last night's preview went rather wrong, tonight's went really, really right. I was a tiny bit late on two cues, but that's easily fixed and the kick-ass swordfight went really well, althought the designer swears that one of the cues for that got played twice and I swear that the only thing that *could've* happened was that the second cue came a hair late because the first one might've had a bit of silence at the end. We played through the cues twice after the show and all the cues were what they were supposed to be, so go figure.

My dad and brother got home from Washington okay earlier tonight. They had a really good trip.

Saw a couple of deer last night on campus. That's in addition to the 2 chipmunks, a couple of groundhogs, some birds, and the psychotic squirrels.

And [ profile] wesleysgirl is writing a Wes/Doyle story called "Open Season" so go read it on her lj. :0)
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Well, today went well. All things considered. This afternoon was our first complete runthrough. Tonight was our first preview (which is halfway between a runthrough and a real show - we're doing it for real, but it's a smaller audience and they're paying less and they might know that we're still tweaking). Nerve-wracking to say the least. Did pretty well, overall, even though there were some snafus. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'll be so much happier after this show opens so that I'm not spending extended periods of time on it and getting really stressed out.

Found out one of the minor actors in the show had a "recurring" role on "Buffy". He played the Police Chief in "School Hard" and "I Only Have Eyes For You." Interesting.

Stories are coming slowly but surely.
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Tried updating last night, but LiveJournal was being all wonky, so I couldn't. Tech rehearsal went well yesterday, if slower than molasses on a cold day (or so it felt). But I was able to finish a book that's been sitting on my desk for over a month with only 50-odd pages left.

Had today "off". I had to go in for about two hours to work on some paperwork, but it was just entering all stuff that we had written out over tech into the computer so it would look all pretty. Also did laundry and went into town to get groceries (both of which are of the good). And also got some stuff done on my website and another one that's kind of adopted me. But am nowhere near finished the update with either yet. (Though I think I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with mine.)

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. :0(
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Today went well. The music's pretty kick ass and the play seems pretty cool too. It just gets kinda long and boring after sitting in a rather dark room for long periods of time with not a whole lot to do. On an upside - I did get some reading and writing done. :0) On a downside - I have to do it all again tomorrow. *sigh*

Talked to my mommy today and she cancelled the erroneous doctor's appointment and we're now going to the beach Monday, Aug 11th and coming home Wednesday, Aug 13th. And I talked to my dad and he and my brother drove up and did some sight seeing at Mt. Rainier today. (They didn't actually go up Mt. Rainier, but one of the neighboring mountains. And when I say mountain I mean "huge ass, this is practically Mt. Everest" type of mountain. But it's *so* beautiful up there too. Very, very cool.) And my dad said that he'll probably come up for about 9 am on Sunday, Aug 10th so that we can be leaving by a little after 10 am. Yay!

And my mom told me that she and John went parasailing (I think - too sleepy too remember exactly) while they were down at the beach and she really enjoyed it and wants us to do it when we go down to Ocean City, MD. This is coming from a woman who hates heights, doesn't like the High Ride (you know those rides that go from one side of an amusement park to the other on cables), and has had second thoughts about going on a roller coaster *AFTER* she's waited in line and gotten strapped into the seat and made the attendants let her out. Go figure.
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Well, Steve figured out how to make the headset work, so we now have a way to save the theatre a bunch of money on headsets, but we don't have the money to go buy the extras that we need. Figures.

David Maddox (the designer) *finally* came late this afternoon/early this evening. Kinda interested in/nervous about how tomorrow and Sunday (our two tech days) are going to go since he hasn't exactly been forthcoming on info for Steve prior to today. But on an upside, I should be able to *finally* finish Brendan - which has been sitting untouched on my desk for the past month or so and I only have about 50 or 60 more pages to go. And I'll hopefully be able to write some as well.

Two more weeks. Two more weeks.
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Got to go in late today (which meant sleeping in). Yay! Took a little trip to Radio Shack to pick up one of those hands-free lightweight cellphone headsets so Steve could see if we can fix it up and get it to work with our Clearcom (intercom system). We got it to partially work and Steve thinks he knows what to do to get it to totally work, so that's good. Especially since these things cost a fraction of the price of the theatre ones and everyone seems to break them.

Got a card from my mom today - which was nice. And got a letter and some pictures from my Grammy telling me all about the stuff that's been going on at home lately. :0)

Definitely ready to go home. Especially since my mom and I are hopefully leaving for the beach the same day I get home. But we'll have to see what my dad says since he's going to be the one picking me up and he and my brother are on vacation visiting family out in Washington state (*whine* where I would really like to be) and doesn't check his yahoo email on a regular basis to begin with. Will have to get my aunt and uncle's phone number from my mom when she gets home tomorrow from her mini-vacation. That way I can say 'hi' to everyone and try to get some answers out of my dad so I can give the people who need to know my info for when I'm leaving.

Have become addicted to a new Yahoo! game called WHATword. It's kinda like Boogle, but not. It's lots of fun. And also very frustrating when I try to play it on my laptop and also am chatting on IM, since my computer has decided it likes to freeze every once in a while for a few seconds.

But I am planning on getting a new laptop before school starts, so hopefully that'll help. Right now I'm looking at getting a Dell Inspiron.

And I've rediscovered the joy of writing in a notebook. It's much more relaxing that sitting at my computer (glitches excluded).
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Work was kinda blah today. Did some stuff this morning with some headsets to get them working and then spent the afternoon playing cards and computer games while waiting to hear about some speakers. (Which we didn't end up moving today anyway.) Feel very proud of myself - taught Paul how to play rummy.

Watched "Fame" tonight. Called Harlemm winning (yay!). I'm really excited about him winning. He's got an amazing voice and can dance really well too and definitely has the personality needed (I think) to succeed.

Been working some more on the mpreg. And it's such a rough draft at this point that it could give sandpaper a run for its money. But that shall be corrected before I send it to anyone to beta. And the revisions my Gunn/Giles fic will be finished after I finish the rough draft of the mpreg. Kath - you can send me the second part of the beta for that story whenever you get a chance.
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Did some spray painting today - which was kinda fun. Also did some reasearch on some cables Steve wants to buy, and then find out that, like, nobody has any money to buy it because all the departments have used up all of their extra money so far this year. At least it's not for something *majorly* important and we can make do with the way we've been doing things until Rich (the production manager) can make a proposal for it.

Watched "Smallville" tonight. And the Clex is practically as text as the Clark/Chloe and the Clark/Lana. Also watched "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" - lots of fun. And while I was kinda "meh" about how the guy turned out, the house turned out really nice. And just my luck - I start doing King John this weekend and will be doing it for the next three weeks. So the next time I'll probably be able to watch "Queer Eye" or "Boy Meets Boy" (gay reality dating show) will be at home - where we don't get Bravo. Figures. Ack vell.


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