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Today was another fun day at the con. There was an Avengers panel - which was a lot of fun. And the "Person of Interest" panel was interesting and fun. It was over way too quickly, though. And I'm *so* tired now. It feels like it hit all at once.
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Today was fun and busy and fun.

I went to a number fun panels - on things like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Fairy Tales, gay characters, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. And there were just fun conversations and coloring. And having an afternoon tea. And a vid show tonight with awesome vids. (Will have to find and post some of them.)

And now I'm at the weird stage where I'm starting to get tired and really should have gone to bed already, but I'm still excited and wired
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Whee! First day of Tribal Forces!

It was a long, crazy day (I had to be here at 9 to help set up), but it's been a lot of fun. "Big Bang Theory" was put on while we were setting up, so there was a fair amount of watching that. Plus talking with people as they showed up. The only thing scheduled for tonight was an 80s pizza party. Jackette brought a ton of 80s music and a few people dressed up and it was lots of fun.

Then everyone just sort of disappeared. I'm sure it's because it's Friday and everyone's tired from the week. I'm sure there will be room parties and such tomorrow night. :-D
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Sadly, [ profile] tribalforces is done for another year. So now the countdown is on until next year's - which will be April 12-14th.

I've always had a great time there. It's always so much fun. And the panels tend to be great too - whether it's for a specific show/fandom, or for a specific topic like writing or SOPA/etc. Or having it be decided after I make the off-hand comment "No shit, Sherlock," to someone (in a "White Collar" panel), that we need to have that as a panel next year. :-P And we do things like a vid show, a chocolate party, room parties, games, random squeeing.... :-D

I love it and it always goes by too quickly.
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Today was fun. It's always great to be with other fans (even if you're not fannish about the same things). And playing our own version of Apples to Apples and Apples to Apples crossed with Mad Libs... :-P

Tonight we had a vid show and chocolate party - always fun.

And now I'm getting ready to go to a room party to watch an episode of BBC Sherlock. :-D
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I'm currently in the [ profile] tribalforces hotel lobby hanging out with some of the other con-goers.

Today started early, but it went well getting everything set up and ready to go. I think we're going to have a great weekend. :-D
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Today was another good con day. :-D There were more good fannish discussions. And you have to love one that naturally moves from repealling "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to product placement. (There might've been another step or two in there, but they weren't far apart.) I also watched most of the unaired pilot of the BBC "Sherlock" with people - which was fun. (I've seen it before, but it's still fun to watch with others.)

Packing up and taking things back to [ profile] jackette and [ profile] gomeisaneelie's house went quickly and easily. Though, the marker for the fuel gauge decided to be weird and was moving wildly on the way between the hotel and their house. I knew I had enough gas, but it still freaked me out, so I called my dad when I got there and he said that it wouldn't affect my driving. And then when I left their house to come home, it was fine and acting like normal.

Am now trying to get back into my normal rhythm, but it's weird, since I'm not ready to be home from the con yet. :-P And, for some reason, I really miss Patch tonight.
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Today was fun. Went to a bunch of fun panels that included a few multifandom ones, one for "White Collar", and one for the new "Sherlock".

I won all six seasons of OZ in an auction for $28 total.

We're now doing a vid show, which is a lot of fun. Some of the vids are from congoers and some are from other people.

And I'm surprised that Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark are going to be at the local Wegman's tomorrow. This both amuses and confuses me because it's a supermarket.
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Got up at oh-god-thirty (aka 6:30) this morning and we loaded the stuff into my truck and made our way over to the con hotel at 8am. We got everything set up and put together in good time and then made our way to BJ's for snacks and such.

The trip went well - we went to Reading Planetarium and saw a show on Native American astrological myths. It was really cool.

The dinner tonight went well and everyone seems to be having a lot of fun. :-D
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Today was fun. I moderated two panels, the second of which didn't really happen, but it was at 3pm on a Sunday, so it's understandable. But watching the pilot of "Leverage" again after everything that's happened was interesting and quite cool because you can see the seeds for the group interactions even then.

Clean-up took hardly any time and we were able to get in a quick debrief before leaving. (And we'll do a more in-depth one later on with the evaluations we got back.) Coming home was a little harder than I expected. There were the normal post-con blues - which are to be expected, but it was also hard to not have Patch greet me when I got in. (Which surprised me, because it's been almost a month and I figured I'd be okay about it.)

I'm glad I got to spend the weekend with everyone and having [ profile] wesleysgirl was an extra treat. :-D

Day 18 - A song that you wish you heard on the radio

"More Than I Deserve" by Christian Kane. With the amount of country music that's crossing over to mainstream stations, I think it would do well. And I prefer this version - which is the acoustic one he and Steve Carlson did in London a few years ago - to the one that's going to be on the cd.

The list )
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Today was fun. Ran one panel on "Guilty Pleasures" - which devolved into talking about Christian Kane, which is more than fine. :-P And going to a few other fun panels - like White Collar, Celebrity Meetings, and Hurt/Comfort. And watching an episode of White Collar with other fans. Went to dinner with [ profile] eafm, [ profile] mashfanficchick, and [ profile] mirnell. Tonight I won a few things in the live auction, and ended up giving about half of them away. ;-P The chocolate party's been fun and we're watching all sorts of vids - some of which are a blast from the past because they're Jossverse ones by Wolfling and Magpie.

Day 17 - A song that you hear often on the radio

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The first day of the con went well. We got up and threw everything in the back of my truck and headed over to the hotel and got everything set up. Then we went to Wegman's and got lunch before picking up a few things. (And! I got Pocky!) Came back and did a few odds and ends and checked in.

Didn't go on the trip because no one materialized to go. As much as I would've loved to go to the museum again, it was fun just hanging out at the hotel. And it's great seeing [ profile] wesleysgirl again, among everyone I haven't seen since last year.

The dinner went over really well and everyone loved [ profile] elven_wolf's vegetarian chili.

A few of us watched the first two episodes of the new "Doctor Who" - which were fun.

I'm surprised how tired I am.

Day 16 - A song that you used to love but now hate

Probably "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. If it hadn't been so freakin' overplayed, I might still like it.

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The bad:

1. The con's over. :-( It always goes so quickly. I wish we had more time and/or it went slower.

2. My right heel decided last night about bedtime that three days without my normal regime was more than enough time to dry out and crack. I didn't think that wearing sandals this weekend would cause that much trouble. *sigh*

The good:

Everything else. The panels I went to today were good and we had a good discussion in the one I moderated. We also had some good discussions just chatting. And there was a lot of fun in showing each other vids (whether they were songvids or things on YouTube, like John Barrowman geeking out over the Face of Boe). And [ profile] elven_wolf and I did a flurry of exchanges for various audio and video files we had. And overall we raised $200+ for charity through the 50/50 and the auction.

I can't wait until next year. And those of us who said we need to get together between now and then definitely need to do so! (You know who you are.)

After everything finished up, I met up with [ profile] mashfanficchick, [ profile] mirnell and [ profile] akina at the King of Prussia mall and we wandered around Borders for a while before getting dinner, then going through a few other stores.

I'm really glad I decided to take tomorrow off. I'll be able to get some sleep (even though I'm sure I won't sleep that late) and take care of a few things around the house and all before I have a tech rehearsal tomorrow night.
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Today was fun. Went to a few panels today - one on Heroes, one on AUs, part of the "pimp my fandom", and I ran the "I'll watch anything with ____ in it!" panel. In general, lots of fun discussions and fellowship.

Tonight, I helped out with the live auction we had for a couple things from our silent auction. Then we had our chocolate part and watched vids and in general had lots of geeky, fannish fun (like we've been). I just finished cleaning up the consuite, so I'm going to see if any of the room parties are still going.
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Today was good. :-D Far too short, though. (As was the whole weekend, really.)

My SGA panel went well, though we ranged all over the place, even into SG-1 for a while, but it was fun, so - whatever.

I watched most of the "Firefly" episode "War Stories", which was fun. (I *heart* Alan Tudyk so much.) And I watched a bit of the SG-1 episode "Abyss".

There was also a bunch of hanging out in the lobby and chatting with the other attendees.

And I did end up buying a zine. I wasn't planning on it, but one jumped out at me and I absolutely needed to buy it. I'm not very far into it yet, but so far it's really *hot*.

It was also decided that "Dude, the last couple minutes of 'Captain Jack Harkness' were *really* hot!" is a valid enough reason to get into "Torchwood", so I will probably do that after I watch some other things. I was also shown a rather fun, if cracked Torchwood songvid. (I'm posting the bit I saw and the songvid at the end of the post.)

[ profile] mashfanficchick was going to do a second Seder tonight, but then after we, [ profile] mirnell and [ profile] akina16 hung out in our room for a while after seeing [ profile] eafm off, she decided not to, so we just ate dinner and hung out.

After that, I had to leave. Once I got onto Rt 202 South, I was on autopilot until I got home and got a shower. It's one of those weird things where I'm *really* tired, but I haven't come down from my con high yet, so I'm still going. But I think I'm going to head to bed in a couple minutes regardless and make myself go to sleep.

I had a great time at [ profile] tribalforces and can't wait until next year.

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Today worked out well. Got up here to the hotel without any problems. [ profile] mashfanficchick and I accidentally went to a completely different grocery store, but we still got what we needed.

[ profile] mirnell, [ profile] elven_wolf, [ profile] akina16, [ profile] ladyivy, [ profile] mashfanficchick, and I went and had a lot of fun at the Franklin Institute. And the Star Wars exhibit was pretty neat and we had fun with the rest of the museum too.

This evening we had a cookout and then some watched Ark of Truth and some watched Serenity.

I'm already wishing I had more time with all these people.
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I had a great time this weekend at [ profile] tribalforces. Got to see a bunch of people I had met last year at the con. And I also got to see [ profile] justhuman and [ profile] lucifrix - both of whom I hadn't seen in a long time. Also got to meet some new people who were quite cool.

The panels were lots of fun and there were good discussions and some good recs. We also had a blast watching vids and various eps of shows. A few of us even went to a nearby zoo on Friday - which was neat. (And then got lost on the way back to the hotel, but it worked out in the end.) I was surprised that I won the door decorating contest that we had. And we watched both SG-1's 10x13 "The Road Not Taken" and SGA's 3x13 "Irresponsible" as a group, which was a lot of fun.

The oddest part of the whol thing was that our meeting room was right in the middle of the "Mainline Mothers of Multiples" (twins, triplets, etc). (I kid you not.) So they kept trying to come in our room and we had to politely deflect them. (Though, I think that if they were dumb enough to not read the signs up announcing what group we were, that we weren't part of their group, and ignore the police tape across the top part of the door, they should've been allowed to go in and see, but I can understand why not.) And most were really nice about it when we brought it to their attention, though I heard that a couple got a little snippey. So I suggested that we should politely start a conversation with the opener of something like, "So, since you're the mother of multiples, and statics show a leaning towards this in multiples, how would you feel if one of them came to you and told you they were gay?" Someone else had the much more evil idea of talking about twincest.

Gah. I'm still off in my own little world of "I was at a con all weekend where they understand me!" (Not that other people don't understand me.) But I felt like I was one of the cool kids for the weekend or something. It was *so* much fun.
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Quick note for [ profile] anaidiana - yes, that was me you saw Friday morning.

I had a *great* time at the con and it went by *way* too quickly.

Friday morning was an adventure in getting gas, since I didn't have any. First, I tried to find a place that had more than just the premium option, and when that didn't work and I gave in, I got about 6 gallons of gas before the station Ran. Out. Of. Gas. So I found *another* station that actually had regular gas and filled up. Other than that, getting up to the actual con hotel was quite easy.

Friday afternoon, six of us went to UPenn's Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, which was pretty cool and gave us many things to squee fannishly about. On the way back to the hotel, there was one scary bit in which Chi, Selkie, and I were almost pushed into another vehicle by a tractor trailer, who knew we were there.

Friday night, we had a Sentinel/SG-1 room party. We had a great time aside from the lady in the room next to us who kept calling security on us because "we were too loud" starting at about 8 pm. Aside from two outbursts of laughter, we were talking in normal indoor voices and the tvs (we were in a suite) were at a normal, if slightly lower, volume, and when we were first asked to keep it down, we actually did drop our voice volume. (And it didn't help that sound carries *very* easily in that hotel.) We found out later that she was so pissed because she had to get up for a 4 am flight the next morning. Obviously, it was too hard for her to come over and knock on the door and politely explain this. And we couldn't have been that bad if the people in the other room we shared walls with didn't complain.

Saturday day went well. I helped out with registration and mainly signed in dvd sets people were sharing for watching purposes during the con. Because there were only about 20-25 of us, we were in this tiny meeting room that was loosely set up with three dealers' tables, an area with chairs for the panels, and an area with chairs and and a make-shift entertainment center. My first panel (Canon vs Fanon) went quite well and we had a good discussion, even if we didn't always stay on topic. The second (Plot Bunnies) kind of imploded, but that was fine because it was basically meant to share plot bunnies and we all know what fickle beings those things can be and we ended up watching some vids on someone's laptop. During dinner, Sarah, Barrie, and I went to the mall for food and because they wanted to pick up some cheesecakes for the room party that night.

Saturday night was lots of fun. I fully enjoyed the jacuzzi bathtub that was in our room. (It was *huge* and bubbled very nicely and I stayed in it for almost an hour, by which point I was a raisin.) We didn't have any complaints about our room party and we watched lots of songvids (information about which I will be sharing soon) and ate too much chocolate and other junk food.

This morning was...interesting. Yesterday, one of my lenses popped out of the frame while I was cleaning them. This has happened before, so I popped it back in and figured I'd be careful until I got home, at which point I'd tighten the screw. Well, when I got dressed, the lens popped out and the frame came apart. Thankfully, I didn't lose the screw. So I finished up packing things up, took some of my stuff out to my truck, and then went in search of a repair kit. Mind you, at this point, while I can see - everything's *really* fuzzy. I was informed at my registration desk (since there are two hotels that are connected together), that they don't have any eyeglasses repair kits, but that the gift shop in the other hotel does. So I trek about half-way or so to Jabip (which is where our meeting room was located) and asked at their desk if they had one, so I wouldn't have to buy one if I didn't need to. But they didn't. So I went into the gift shop and some how managed to procure one. Glasses were fixed and then I finished trekking the rest of the way to Jabip for the first panel which was - surprise, surprise - mine and I was a little late for.

The Unique Fandoms panel also went really well. And we had a nice discussion. After that, we watched Richard Dean Anderson's episode of "The Simpsons", which was lots of fun. Then there was a brief recess while a few of us went to either move belongings around or check-out. During our closing panel, there was a raffle for a signed photo of Michael Shanks and a free pass for next year's Tribal Forces - which I won. Talk about surprised. I'm one of those people that wins something once every 7 or 8 years, if that, and what I get isn't usually all that spectacular.

We hung out for a little while after that when a few of us decided that it would be a good idea to go get lunch. I told them I wanted to get my truck and I'd meet them, since they had parked in front of the Radisson and I was still in front of the Scanticon. Somehow, we missed each other and didn't have lunch together. So after waiting around and looking for them, I said good-bye to the other con people who were left, found my own food, and then went home.

When I got home, I left almost immediately because my Bible study time had been changed and ended up spending the next three and a half hours or so at church for different things.

And now I'm really tired and I think that I threw my body far enough out of whack this weekend that I just might be able to get it back into whack.

So, in summary, very good weekend, and shall be repeated next year, but at the end of April (so we don't have to deal with any pesky Key Clubbers, among other reasons, I'm sure).


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