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This was perfect.

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Avengers vid to Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive". And the opening is awesome too!

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Regardless of whether you're a Captain America/Avengers/comic book fan or not, this is an awesome video.

And a definite thanks to all the veterans and their families.
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On a lighter note of why I love "Criminal Minds", I present "Wheels Up (The Hotch Song)"

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I haven't done too much in the Sentinel fandom lately, but I just came across this vid and wanted to share. It's such a fun, light-hearted vid.

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I hope everyone celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day. :-D

Here's my contribution, the water wheel scene from PotC: Dead Man's Chest, and two Will/Norrington vids.

First, the fluffy one:

And now for the angsty one:
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Charles/Erik songvid to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".

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I spent the afternoon with Melissa, Jean, and Jean's friend from out of town, Amber. We had an informal tea party, with good finger foods and yummy tea. And then it moved into watching stuff on Youtube and showing Amber "People of Walmart".

And we had fun with the Tim Minchin song "F Sharp".

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For all the Star Wars fans - "Star Wars That I Used To Know"

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You gotta give these guys credit - not many frat boys would sing along to "Call Me Maybe". And it's rather cute and funny and awesome.

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Movie Sherlock Holmes vid to an awesome cover of "Poker Face" by Vitamin String Quartet

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A multi-fandom vid by [ profile] recycledmedia to SheDaisy's "Passenger Seat". Includes The Sentinel, The Professionals, Due South, Starsky & Hutch, and Invisible Man.

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I don't really care about Disney All Access, but I do like this songvid Disney made for it.

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Posted by ZacharyLevi to his Twitter - the next generation of nerd.

And from [ profile] wesleysgirl - a cosplay version of P!nk's "Raise Your Glass"
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This is awesome - Leonard Nimoy in Bruno Mars' "Lazy Day"

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Nathan Fillion is on the cover of this week's "Entertainment Weekly". I'm sure the main reaction was something along the lines of "Ooh, Nathan's hot!" Mine, meanwhile, was (with much affection) "You are such a dork."

My fandoms are crossing again! Someone did a "Leverage" vid using a song sung by J. August Richards. (Yes, Gunn.)


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