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Yesterday afternoon, Jean and I saw Brave. As always with Pixar, I loved it. As And, as always with that sort of story, it never goes the way you want, but it always turns out okay. There were a bunch of kids in the audience (as would be expected at a Pixar movie on a Saturday afternoon), but it was fun. The kids obviously got a kick out of the movie.

Last night, I drove up to Philly to see Common Rotation play with Dan Bern at the Tin Angel. They played there February of last year, so I had an idea of where I was going and where to park (even though the parking price was insane, it's downtown Philly). Adam wasn't with Jordan and Eric because he'd still been filming for "Men at Work"* through Thurdsay. Eric and Jordan played for about twenty minutes as Dan Bern's opening act, then they came on a few songs into Dan's set and played with him for about an hour and a half (similar to what the guys did last time). Much like last time, Dan Bern didn't do anything for me. I'm not really sure why. After the show was over, I got to say hi to Jordan as he was on his way to work the table. I did get to talk to Eric for a bit (and he hugged me) and found out their new album's coming out in the fall. (Hopefully.) I would've stuck around to talk to Jordan, but I ended up leaving because I needed fresh air. But it was good to see the guys perform, even if it wasn't all three of them, or for very long. (Which Eric apologized for, since he knows I have to drive a ways for most shows, but I told him I was glad to do it.)

Then today I met up with one of the ladies from my knitting group and we went down to Vulcan's Rest to check out their sales. I was looking for some yarn, but didn't really find anything that fit what I wanted and would fall into either of the sale categories. So I asked about their sales for next month and found out they're doing 20% off one of the brands and then will be doing 50% off all reds, whites, and blues on the 15th, so I figured I'd go down then, since I think I'll need a maroon. (I'm still waffling on that project.)

*I highly recommend "Men at Work". It's a sitcom on Thursdays on TBS at 10 (and I don't usually like sitcoms!). It's very funny and also has Danny Masterson from That 70s Show.
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Adam Busch is going to be in a new TV show!

I'm intrigued by this. And I'll admit that I love that Adam's character is the one with a girlfriend. :-D
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Just got back from Harrisburg. It was an interesting trip. The drive was weird because I'm so used to going on main roads like I-95 and such that going on all these two lane back roads was kind of weird. Though, there were parts, especially from Lancaster on that were freeways.

Common Rotation played in the Midtown Scholar bookstore - which is in downtown Harrisburg. It's an actual bookshop/cafe that also has a stage and regularly has indie performances and it's a neat little place. They played with two other acts - Anti Cool, a musical comedy duo, and Mr. Fuzzy and the Barbarian, another folk group (which was a fun band because they had an upright bass, a ukelele, and a washtub bass).

At the end, when they came back to do an encore, people were yelling songs to them and I yelled "Everything Under the Sun". (Yelled-ish - I was sitting in the front row.) They were considering all of them and asked how far I'd driven and I said two hours and they played my song. :-D Afterwards I got to talk to Adam and Eric a bit (Jordan was manning the merch table). And I think I had the longest conversation I've ever had with Eric. Adam and Eric both gave me hugs again - Eric even running around to give it to me. (I happened to be standing next to Adam when I got the two from him.)

So - lots of fun, and I'm excited to listen to their new cd. :-D And I need a Common Rotation icon.
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Kate's going to be here soon and we're going to drive out to Harrisburg to see Common Rotation. :-D This should be really interesting and fun.
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Last night was an adventure. My friend Kate and I went up to Philadelphia to see Common Rotation play at the Tin Angel. Trying to find parking was a bit of a pain (especially with a Chevy pick-up), but we managed to find a place just down the street.

We ended up having dinner in the restaurant, called Serrano, that's on the downstairs floor. The food was good, and the place was busy for a Saturday night at six. I had to laugh when we asked about getting a table and the host asked if we had a reservation. We said we didn't and he looked at his reservations and asked, "Do you think they'll be coming?" about a reservation that had been for a half-hour before. We said we didn't think so, so we got their table. :-P (And, yes, I did make a crack about our night turning into Date Night, but thankfully, it didn't.) And we were a little worried when they said that they weren't sure if we'd be able to make it through the meal in time for the show (which was to start at 7:30). But they have a neat thing where if you eat there, they'll reserve seats for you.

When we got upstairs, the place was packed. And it's a narrow space (which we had figured because the restaurant was tiny too.) But our seats were near the front, which was cool. The guys came out and played about four songs - which were a mix of old and newer stuff, then Dan Bern (who's the "headliner", and who most had come to see) came out and played a few songs before Common Rotation joined him as a sort of back-up band.

This was the first I'd heard Dan Bern and.... He's kind of like Bob Dylan with a twang. He did have a few funny songs, like "Year by Year Home Run Totals of Barry Bonds", but most weren't my thing. (For some reason I just got a weird/bad vibe from him and I'm not sure why.)

Afterwards, we hung out so I could say hi to the guys and Kate could meet them (which she was really excited about with Adam, since she's also a Buffy fan) and she bought a couple of cds. I tried to get an address from the guys because I'm planning on making copies of some of my Common Rotation cds for Kate and figured that, since it's how the guys make at least a portion of their living, it would be fair to give them some money for it, but they wouldn't hear of it. And then they put us on the list for their set of the second show, so we got to see it for free.

Loretta, who's another East Coast fan, was at the second show, so it was nice to catch up with her for a bit before the show started. They had a slightly longer set (maybe six songs this time, and again - a mix).

We slipped out after the guys finished and headed back to the truck. It was interesting trying to get the truck out because of the way people were parked in the lot, but with the help of one of the attendants, we were able to get out easily enough and head home, making a slight detour onto the Blue Route along the way. :-P

It was a fun time, and I was happy to introduce someone else to Common Rotation. Though, I wish [ profile] nakedwesley could've been with us. :-)

And then today was busier than expected, but good. And got to join M, J, and another friend for M's birthday lunch, which was also a blast.
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One of the fun things about wading through the Union Maid (Common Rotation's free music site) is finding videos from when the guys were touring with the Indigo Girls last year.

Other fun things are getting different versions of songs and hearing stories when they post stuff from live shows.
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Actually, it wasn't that bad.

I got up to Loretta's a little before one yesterday. From her place, we headed up into Jersey and up the Garden State Parkway to the Metro Park Station. It was a good thing we had budgeted an extra hour to get there because we ended up using it due to traffic. And we *just* missed the train we wanted to take into the City. Thankfully, there was another half an hour later and we would still have enough time to get to the theatre. Once we got to NYC's Penn Station, we headed outside and walked over to the subway we needed to get downtown to the theatre. While we were waiting to get in, we went down to the little corner store/deli and got sandwiches.

Kate Hewlett's play, The Swearing Jar, was in the Connelly Theatre - which is a little theatre that seats about 200 people. There was a good crowd - it wasn't sold out, but there weren't many open seats. And it was amazing. It was well-written and acted and everything looked and sounded great. Afterwards, we waited for Kate and Loretta and I both got to talk to two of the other actors - who were very sweet. Surprisingly, Kate remembered meeting me before (since it was almost three years ago at the Creation Con in Secaucus), and it was fun getting to talk to her for a couple minutes before she had to run.

From there, we headed the few blocks over to The Living Room to see Common Rotation. Since we had a little over an hour until they were set to go on, we walked a little farther down the block and went to Mikey's Burger since we were hungry. She says the turkey burger was good. And I just got some fries and a black and white shake - which were good. We ended up hanging out in the front bar of the Living Room for over an hour - which wasn't fun because it was small, crowded, and hot. We had to wait for the group before Common Rotation to finish and for things to get cleared out and reset before we could go in. And it ended up that instead of them starting at ten, they started at 10:37.

But it was a fun time. They played for about 50 minutes. And there's a lot of new-to-me stuff, since (prior to this week) I haven't seen them perform and I'm horrible about checking the Union Maid. Afterwards, I didn't get to talk to Jordan, said hi to Eric, and got to talk with Adam about something we had discussed on Tuesday. And I got a couple hugs from him and thanks for coming up to see them.

We then headed back to the subway and just missed one of the trains. And the next one was a few minutes late and it was already going to be tight getting back to Penn Station. As we went into the Madison Square Gardens entrance, we figured we wouldn't be able to get the 12:45 train and that we'd have to wait for the 1:30, but it hadn't left yet, so we ran and just got on. After that, it was an easy trip back to Loretta's place and (against my better judgement, I stayed awake the entire time). After leaving Loretta's, I stopped at a Wawa and got one of their frozen caramel cappuchino, figuring the cold, sugar, and caffeine would keep me awake. I ended up drinking about a quarter of it, because it's heavier than the Panera type drink that I'm used to and it didn't sit well. I think think I broke the sound barrier a couple of times - or at least it felt that way since I made *really* good time on the way home.

I got home at 4:30 and basically fell into bed. And then got up at ten.

It was a *great* trip and I'm glad Loretta and I were able to do it.
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After work today, I went up to Philly to see Common Rotation at World Cafe Live. They were opening for Bleu and Tracy Bonham. I met [ profile] nakedwesley there. Unlike the last time I was Downstairs (for Carbon Leaf last year), there were tables set up and we were able to grab a table in the second row, just house right of center. Loretta was also there (which wasn't surprising). The place wasn't crowded at all and I'm sure most of the people were there for the other two acts (which also wasn't surprising), but I think the guys won a few people over. They played for half an hour - and played a mix of older stuff and new stuff, and then were out at their merch table for a while, because they had to leave early.

[ profile] nakedwesley was able to get their latest two cds and we talked to Jordan for a minute or two and then moved aside so he could take care of the other fans - during which, Adam and Eric joined him. Once the line had thinned out (we were waiting to talk to them), Adam suddenly darted around the table and gave both of us a hug and said it was great to see us. And then Eric came over and did the same thing - which surprised me, since Eric's always been the quieter one. We got to talk to them a bit - which was really nice. And I was surprised they remembered us - since it's been a few years.

And then when the guys went into the back to get their stuff, [ profile] nakedwesley, Loretta, and I were talking about their upcoming shows - one of which is this Saturday up in NYC. When Adam passed us to leave, he stopped about halfway up the steps to respond to something Loretta said about the NYC show and he asked if [ profile] nakedwesley and I were coming too. [ profile] nakedwesley said she couldn't - she was going to be in Ohio at that point, and I said that I was more than likely coming. And Adam ran down the steps and gave me another hug.

So Loretta and I then agreed to go up to NYC on Saturday to see Kate Hewlett's production of The Swearing Jar and then to go see Common Rotation. We're going to firm up plans later this week for it. I'm excited!
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Common Rotation will be playing downstairs at World Cafe Live on August 10th at 8pm!

Tickets are $15, but the show also includes Tracy Bonham and Bleu. Here's the page with all the information.

Common Rotation!
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Yeah, I really should clean out my bookmarks more often. It definitely helps me remember things - like that I need to print out my receipt for Shore Leave and get directions to the hotel (since that's this weekend) and that I need to RSVP for my high school reunion. It's weird thinking that it's 10 years already.

But on a better note - I found a link to some awesome Common Rotation pictures from a recent show. [ profile] nakedwesley - I wonder what it means when they all have beards. :-P
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FYI, for those in the area who might be interested.

Common Rotation
World Cafe Live (upstairs)
March 24th
either 7:30 or 10 pm - there's some conflict

Carbon Leaf
World Cafe Live (downstairs)
March 25th
9:30 pm
$13 before, $15 at the door

Anyone want to go to either? I know I'm going to the Common Rotation show. I'm ambivelant about the Carbon Leaf show - I want to go, but I don't know if I *want* to go.
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Had the day off today (since I have to work tomorrow - boo!). Went up to spend the day with [ profile] libralyte and then we went to see Common Rotation in Philly and met up with [ profile] eatstake and her friend Debbie.

For the record, [ profile] nakedwesley - looks like Jordan's growing his beard out, Eric's got a beard, but it's neatly trimmed, and Adam was a bit scruffy, but it looks like he's growing his hair out a bit.

They did a number of their standards - like "How to Lose", "Auctioneer", "Given Signs", "Trumpet", and even "Indie Rockin'" - and a couple of new ones. Though, surprisingly enough, they didn't do "Everything Under the Sun" or "Party People" (or even "Gone Dyin').

[ profile] libralyte enjoyed the show, though her knee started cramping up a bit, so I think that colored things a bit. But she did like Jordan - partly for him being multi-talented and partly because he was more subdued than Eric or Adam. Which I thought was funny, because, as [ profile] eatstake and D can attest to - the guys were on the subdued side tonight.

Afterwards I got to say hi to Adam and got a side hug from him. And got to talk to Jordan for a minute or two and he said they'd probably be back there somewhere around March.
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What I did this weekend -or- Adrian goes to Moonlight Rising IV.

Cast of characters:
[ profile] nakedwesley
[ profile] psubrat
Nathan Fillion
Amber Benson
Jonathan Woodward
James Leary (Leary)
Kelly Donovan
Stacey Scowly
Ken Feinberg
Camden Toy

[ profile] nakedwesley and I left around 7pm Thursday night to make our way up to the Poconos, which is about a 2.5-3 hour drive from my house. Well, it took about four because we ended up driving past the hotel and up onto this little curvy road in which I kept pray every quarter mile(ish) that a deer wouldn't jump into the road. But we did finally get there and met up with one of the people we were to be rooming with. The villa that we were staying in (looked more like a condo) was interestingly laid out, but not bad. The main downer was finding out that Adam Baldwin had to cancel last minute.

Friday morning I had my first photoshoot with Kelly. He and Stacey (who was also doing a photoshoot) were really sweet. Kelly would go over to the monitor with people and make sure that they were happy with their pictures, retaking if they weren't (and there was even a time or two where he asked if the person minded retaking it because he didn't like it). Then [ profile] psubrat showed up with Boo - who's adorable. She, [ profile] nakedwesley, and I hung out for a few hours chatting about fannish stuff and having a great time. I did slip away for a bit to go to Stacey and Kelly's Q&A - and I'm glad I did. They told the story of how they met (in a gay restaurant that makes really good fajitas), and about how they had to break into their villa - through the second story balcony. And they decided to close it by singing a Barry Manilow song.

[ profile] nakedwesley and I went to the cocktail party and ended up talking with some other fans - which was fun. And I actually had a drink (my dad thinks it's weird that I hardly drink) - a rather yummy Bay Breeze. Some of the guests came to it and when [ profile] nakedwesley and I were talking to Leary, she mentioned how we had been at the Angel Booster Bash last year and that I had been a platypus and he actually seemed to remember that. (I'm sure [ profile] crazywritinfool will enjoy that.) And after I had taken a picture with him and then realized that it didn't come out, he was gracious enough to agree to take another one with me later on. His comedy show was fun, even if I'd heard most of the stuff at the ABB, it's fun listening to him tell it and hearing everyone's response. He also showed some commercials from when he first started.

Saturday was a lot of fun. I got a picture with Nathan - who was quite sweet (and wearing a long-sleeve tshirt with the chemical formula for caffeine on it). After getting pulled up to Nathan by Jonathan (who was also doing photoshoots with him), he told me to stand on the X, but there were two next to the one he was going to, so I tried to make a joke about it, but it apparently didn't go over very well. And then after the picture was taken, it had to be retaken because I had (unintentionally) blinked. Nathan and Jonathan's Q&A was great because they feed off of each other quite well. Nathan was telling us about his flight out here and how he had gotten stuck in the Minnenapolis airport for a few hours and Jonathan starts making up a song in the background to go along with the story.

The autograph line was interesting. I got autographs from Kelly, Leary, Nathan (who called me sweetie), Jonathan (who wrote a missive*), and Amber. I also got a chance to chat with everyone.

The banquet that night was fun - and especially since I ended up sitting at Jonathan's table. And I was at the end of the buffet table when he and Leary entered and I said hi to them both and they responded and he gently gripped my elbow. We ended up being at a table between Leary and Stacey and Kelly (they were at a table together). Jonathan was nice enough to buy our table some wine and by the end of it, we had had two bottles of white and a bottle of red. (And I had a little over 2 glasses of the white.) Jonathan went around the table and asked everyone where they were from and talked with them about it a bit. When he got to me (I was the second to last, since I was on [ profile] nakedwesley's left and she was on Jonathan's left), he asked where I was from and then asked if she and I were together and I told him that we had come together, but that we didn't come from the same place. He then asked if we were dating and I replied, jokingly, "Not yet." He paused ever so slightly and was like, "Good for you" before clinking glasses with me. The whole table had a good conversation - going from his website to the internet, to hypnosis and just some general silliness - which led to him putiting his spoon on his nose. Then Stacey put a spoon on her nose and then Leary did too and started reciting Shakespeare, to which Jonathan started saying a dirty version of "I'm a little teapot". At some point someone took one of our white wine bottles and took it to Amber's table (which was behind ours) and Amber took it over to Nathan's table, which was next to hers, put some lip gloss on him, and had him kiss the bottle. As soon as she sat back down, he called over to her, "That tasted like ass - the lipgloss, not the bottle." Then later he went over, grabbed the bottle, and high-tailed it out of the room, with one of the girls giving chase. She came back in, followed by Nathan, rubbing his nose. At the end, Jonathan was kind enough to take a group photo shot. Afterwards, when I told him that I'd get him a copy, [ profile] nakedwesley came over and said that we'd invite him to our wedding and he offered to officiate, since he was ordained online, and is a part of the "11 finger church". To which I replied, "But wouldn't it be 13 fingers?" And Jonathan said, "But testicles aren't really fingers." And I couldn't help but reply, "well, they could be thumbs." Which I think got him, because he turned away for a moment and then turned back and, taking my head between his hands, kissed my left temple.

Common Rotation had a great show. Only one of my pictures turned out, but whatever. (It's my dad's digital and I'm not completely used to it). And then as we were walking out to the truck, I commented to [ profile] nakedwesley that "Everything Under the Sun" (which they do every show) sounded really good and that Eric looked really good too. And as soon as I said that, a voice behind me said, "Oh, is he?" and I looked back to find Jordan (the other part of Common Rotation).

On Sunday, I ended up caving in and getting a photoshoot with Jonathan - lots of fun. While we were waiting, it was fun watching everyone else who was in there doing photoshoots. Like, Nathan talking with Kelly and how animated he (Nathan) is. And then him trying to offer the other guys part of his breakfast sandwich. When Jonathan showed up, he brought a rather large inflatable monkey with him. He would blow on it for a while, then get distacted, blow on it for a while, then get distracted, so it wasn't getting done. I took it from him to hold for him and then ended up blowing it up myself - which, at some point, led me to making the comment of "I'm blowing Jonathan's monkey" - to lots of laughter. Ther should be photos soon. Then when I finished, he took my face in his hands and kissed my right temple. The Jossverse panel was fun - it had everyone on it and Nathan took control and made sure that all the guests answered the group questions. Went back through the autograph line and got a copy of Leary's movie Stunt C*cks. Bought a pic of Jonathan that I really liked and had him sign it. Then I went back by Nathan, because I needed another signature and he called me sweetie twice.

Watching "The Message" ep of Firefly was a lot of fun with Camden and Jonathan making comments about it.

Got a hug from Kelly when he and some other people were leaving. Got the picture with Leary. We hung around for a bit, then decided to leave and skip out on the dance. We snagged Jonathan before we left and thanked him for the weekend and he thanked me for blowing his monkey.

I think I have a crush on Jonathan now. He was such a sweetheart. And, apparently, he ended up coming because he called them last minute and said, "Hey, I had a great time, can I come this year and hang out?" He wasn't even really gong to get paid, though I think I heard they were going to work something out.

The trip home was uneventful. The main bad thing about the weekend was that there wasn't really a schedule. I get that Adam not coming and Jonathan coming will mess things up, but not enough where you have to check on a regular basis and fanatically on Sunday to see what's going on.

I'll be putting up pictures tomorrow.
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I feel like I should get a shirt that says "I Survived UMCP!" (University of Maryland, College Park)

So Matt and I left Monday morning at 7 to go down to help them for part of their buyback period*. We got down there at 11. This drive takes approximately 2 hours. A big chunk of the time was due to me only knowing we were going somewhere south of Baltimore and north of D.C. and Matt knowing, but not being 100% sure and then missing the exact fork in the exit. So, a lot of backtracking ensued. We worked until 8 pm, which was when the store closed. It wasn't hard work - a lot of typing ISBNs into a computer, telling students what they could get for the books, and then moving the books around, and stickering them if necessary.

On Tuesday, it was much of the same, except the hours were 9 to 8. Matt got lucky - he was out on remote** most of the time. I was stuck in the store/student center's basement all day. Tuesday night, we decided to venture out and find somewhere to eat that wasn't right next to the hotel. I had been told that there were a bunch of restaurants (a "restaurant row", if you will) along the main road. Well, after passing a bunch of sandwich shops and such about a block and a half from the campus, we kinda figured that that had been it since we moved into a residential area and then into a ghetto and then into a somewhat nicer area. We happened across a place called Franklin's that billed itself as a "restaurant, brewery, and general store". The food was okay and the service on the slow side, but the store had some cool stuff in it.

Wednesday was pretty cool, even if I had to be into work by 8:30, seeing as how I was out at a remote by 10. And the even cooler part was I was all by myself and I've never been on remote before. The students came in spurts - which is pretty normal. In between, I was able to putz about on the internet and ended up reading fic. Even got through most of the month of February of Dr. Jackson's Diary. (Which is a very fun fic and you should all read it.) We left about 4-ish to head home. The downside to the day was that Matt had gotten sick the night before, more than likely, he thinks, due to food poisoning. I tried to make him let me drive, but could only get him to agree to partially driving, saying that driving for a while would help him keep his mind off how he was feeling. So, he drove to Ellicott City before having to stop. From there, I took over and drove the rest of the way. Due to some technical difficulties with his car, we were using his parents' car - which is a Mazda 6. I really like that car. Finally got back into Newark at about 6:30.

Then Wednesday night, [ profile] nakedwesley came up (or would that be down, since she was coming from work?) so we could go see Common Rotation play. It was a living room show of a college student, with the opening act being the Deltones, an on-campus a capella group that said college student was/is a part of. [ profile] eatstake and her friend D----- also ended up showing up. The whole thing was a lot of fun, as CoRo's shows usually are.

I can now officially say that I am caught up on season 2 of "Stargate: Atlantis". And I will have to wait like everyone else for new episodes. Well, maybe a little longer, since I won't be home when they air. Unless I can fin a sneaky way to get my relatives to let me have the tv that night. I do have to say that overall, I liked season 2 much better than season 1. I love Carson and Zelenka. Ronon's just plain cool. And Sheppard's pretty kick ass. And it was weird listening to Rodney's plan in "Inferno" and thinking, "That actually makes sense," seeing as how I'm so not a science person. And, I'm also waiting for John's Big Gay Reveal (tm). :-P (Because, honestly, it's so there.)

And I shall be starting SG-1's season 9 tomorrow night, though I will admit that I am a bit nervous, just because Jack's not going to be in it any more. Though, I have heard a lot of good things about season 9 and Vala and Cam, so I guess it's just a fear of the unknown.

And I'm sure that [ profile] libralyte will be happy to know that I've started watching season 2 of "Dead Like Me."

Just as an FYI - new Queer Eye episodes will be starting on June 6th at 10pm. And SG-1 s10 and SGA s3 will be starting on July 14th.

* Students sell back their books for a percentage of the original cost and the store turns the books around and resells them for a slightly higher price (but still under the original cost).
** Satellite location for the bookstore to also buy books back, to make it more accessible for the students and therefore give them further reason to sell back to us and not the competition.
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I can't believe no one's said anything about this week's House yet. )

Sekrit message for [ profile] nakedwesley - I wonder if Eric's clean shaven? :-P

ETA: And those of you who either were or will be attending the Paley Festival - *so* damn lucky.

Trip update

Aug. 7th, 2005 12:19 am
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I'm sure that many of you have been waiting for this...

"What I did in L.A. for a week"

including The Angel Booster Bash (aka The Leary Booster Bash) and the travels of Wesley

by Adrian (aka "the platypus")

small disclaimer: I'm going to keep my thoughts of the con staff/organizers out of this as much as possible, since I want to focus on the positive. Let's just say that I'm thinking of sending them a box of DayPlanners and a bunch of pens.

Just as an FYI - here's my short-hand for the celebs that were at the ABB. Jenny (Mollen - "Nina" on AtS), Drew (Goddard - writer for both), Christian (Kane - Lindsey on AtS), Clare (Kramer - "Glory" on BtVS), Stephanie (Romanov - Lilah on AtS) Leary (James Leary - "Clem" on BtVS), Jonathan (Woodward - "Holden" on BtVS and "Knox" on AtS), Bridget (Brannagh - "Virginia" on AtS), Mercedes (McNab - "Harmony" on both), Julie (Benz - "Darla" on both), Alexis (Denisof - "Wesley" on both), Andy (Hallett - "Lorne" on AtS), Mark (Lutz - "Groo" on AtS), Dayne (Johson - makeup for AtS), Camden (Toy - one of the Hush Gentlemen, Ubervamp, others on BtVS), Scott (Swartz - various demons on both), Jason (Carter - "Repo Demon" on AtS), Steve (Carlson - Christian's bandmate), and Dennis (Christopher - "Vail" on AtS).

Pre Angel Booster Bash )

The Main Event )

Post Angel Booster Bash )

And that's all, folks. I should have my pictures back in a day or two, and I'll see about getting them up somewhere.
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Things have been on the crazy side lately - but on the good side of crazy. I got a bunch of stuff done week before last in the way of revising one of my fics and getting my schmangstathon fic written. And the former is as ready as I think I can make it to be placed in [ profile] eternalmusings's more than capable hands to beta it (aka pointing out the many faults). So, yay there.

[ profile] anaidiana's graduation party, which was on the 11th, was lots of fun, though I felt bad for [ profile] xtrodom, as this was his first time meeting the extended family. But I got to see a bunch of people I haven't seen since high school, so am very happy about that. Then I went with [ profile] nakedwesley to see Common Rotation's last performance at The Point (hopefully it's only the last at it's current location), where we also met up with [ profile] eatstake, one of her coworkers, and her friend, [ profile] psubrat, who we ended up talking with for a looong time after the concert and will be seeing at the Angel Booster Bash next month.

Then, this past week, both [ profile] drdeath and [ profile] libralyte were here visiting. So. Much. Fun. I wish they could've both stayed longer, but, alas, they could not. We went swimming, they consumed alcohol approaching inordinate levels, and watched some good movies - including Ladder 49, Be Cool, and Shi mian mai fu (aka House of Flying Daggers). (And, dude, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Andy Lau are both very good looking.) And, can someone explain to me how two large bags of M&M's (one peanut, one plain) can survive in a house with three women for about half a week without being touched? (Ditto for a thing of chocolate chip cookies.)

I've decided to take up knitting again and actually make stuff. Should be interesting.

Went to see Batman Begins with [ profile] libralyte over the weekend and there was a Serenity trailer. And the movie itself rocked. Need to see it again.

Found out that the entire Chronicles of Narnia is now out in one paperback volume. Need to get it. Also need to get Finding Peace by Andrew Barriger. His stuff is like a good fanfic. (I read two of his books in a week - one of which was in two days.)

Have been watching "Into the West" and have been enjoying it a lot. Liked the first part better than the second, but still enjoyed it.

The brakes on the truck went yesterday when I was on my way to WW - which was kinda scary, but I was able to get there and home safely. My dad checked it out last night and said that part of the brakeline had rusted through and the brake fluid had leaked out. So it's now getting fixed and should be done tomorrow. And even though I'm not happy it happened, I'm much happier it happened when I was driving than when I let [ profile] drdeath and [ profile] libralyte borrow it.

I'm currently playing Truth or Dare on MSN with [ profile] soft_princess, [ profile] doveslasher, [ profile] robintcj, [ profile] luvxander, and [ profile] winterlive.


May. 5th, 2005 10:47 pm
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WW: -1.0 (-49 total since 7/26/04)
Curves: maintained

I'll take what I can get this week. And, getting my parents and grammy off my back for a while - good thing.

One of these days I will actually remember to post everything in a timely manner. Common Rotation played last Friday at Alpha Lambda Delta's Battle of the Bands (to support Battle For Life). (They weren't actually competing.) It was fun and one of the other bands was really good. The bad part was that, since I got there a little late, I missed hearing a friend of mine. But there was a surprising amount of people who knew who they were. Hmm...wonder how many of them came down from Bryn Maywr. :-P (And, yes, Kath - Lorretta was there.) Matt Busch (Adam's brother) was there manning the table and you can definitely see the family resemblance. The guys didn't come out afterwards since they had to rush off.

Last Saturday I went to have a bra fitting done and found that since the last time I had it done (which was either right before or not long after I started WW), I went from a 42C to a 39D. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, or even an up or down thing.

I hope you all don't mind me asking, but does anyone else get *really* hungry - in a more than normal sort of way, like you're body's metabolizing food at a faster rate than normal - about a week and a half/two weeks before their peroid starts? Because that's been happening to me yesterday and today and I think mine's supposed to start about a week and a half from now. (And I'm sure I've now filled everyone's TMI quota for the week.)

Have been having lots of fun with "Sentinel". When I was watching "Three Point Shot" the other night, at one point Simon gives Jim a pass to go to a Jags party with him to check things out (and it sounded like it was supposed to be a very standard checking out) and Jim says matter-of-factly, and in much the same way that someone would talk about telling their S.O. about a party, "Sandburg will need to press his tie" (or something similar). And Simon gives him a look, but then *gives him his ticket*. And then, in the episode I watched last night ("Inside Man"), both Stephanie Romanov and Robia LaMorte were on it. You know how weird it is to see Jenny and Lilah sitting next to each other?

So, after seeing them on that show, and knowing that actors go to different shows all the time, you know what I think would be really kick-ass to see? Alexis Denisof and Victor Garber doing a scene written by Drew Goddard. And, even though there's a high possibility that my brain would melt because of it, I'm willing to take that risk. Does anyone else agree or is this just something that my brain thought up due to a lack of sleep?

I need a Sentinel icon.
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I'm not going to complain that I maintained. Plus, I did eat something before I went, so that might've affected it. *shrugs*

And I've completely fallen in love with "The Sentinel". But more on that when I'm not quite so tired. Though, I do have two words right now - Soul. Mates.

And jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else - Firefly trailer!!!

Since I know that at least a few of you (looks at Rachel, Regina, and one or two others) like "Band of Brothers", I thought you might be interested that new book came out today called Biggest Brother: The Life of Major Dick Winters, The Man Who Led the Band of Brothers by Larry Alexander.

And, Regina - they tore down the house that Evie and Amy lived in on East Park Place.

I need some help. I got a moodtheme that I want to use on LJ, but have no idea how to put it into LJ and there aren't any instructions on the site I got it from. Can someone tell me how?

And Common Rotation's coming to the U of D on Friday at 7:30. Anyone in the area want to go with me?
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WW: -.6 (-45.8)

Contrary to popular belief what [ profile] nakedwesley might think, I *did not* shout anything at Adam. I just made the mistake of saying something I shouldn't have loud enough for Adam to hear it. But more about that later.

Today was incredibly busy, but in a good way. Between work, Weight Watchers, going to my mom's for dinner, Curves, and Bible Study, I was home for less than an hour from the time I left around 8:40am to the time I got home at 10pm. And that was mostly to change the bags of stuff that I needed and to get a quick shower. Then I relaxed while watching "Queer Eye".

But I did have a good time over the weekend with [ profile] nakedwesley and [ profile] eatstake. On Saturday [ profile] nakedwesley came up and we went up to Bryn Mawr to see Common Ro play at The Point. Since we got up there uberearly, we decided to duck in the nearby Barnes and Noble while we waited for the doors to open. When we returned a half hour later (still *an* hour before the show), there was a long line outside. But we were luck enough to still get good seats on one side of the stage in some comfy chairs and [ profile] eatstake got a couch. But the show was good and lots of fun - as always. And it was good seeing [ profile] eatstake again.

So, the part about me not actually shouting at Adam - he had adjusted his microphone stand for his toy accordian for a song and the stand got stuck, so I blurted out, "What'd you do?" which, since we were - like [ profile] nakedwesley said, 6 inches from the stage, Adam looks at me and he's like, "what?" and that's when my mind goes blank (figures, right?) and some of the people near us start laughing. And then he starts running with it and saying stuff like, "Mo-om! Mo-om! Stop it, Mom! I can do it myself! I'm trying to play with my band!" - to which everyone was laughing. Then he and Eric look at the set list and realize that the song they had been setting up for actually *wasn't* the next one on the list, so Adam had to readjust his mic stand - which worked fine. And then after the song, as they were getting ready for the song that had started it, Eric make a crack about the whole thing. One of these days, I'll learn to keep my mouth shut.

There was a gay couple sitting on the couch on the other side of the stage from us and they were really cute. During Common Ro's set, they held hands and one guy would periodically put his head on the other guy's shoulder. But during Griffin House's performance, they started cuddling. I hope this isn't the last time we'll see something like that. And [ profile] eatstake and I were joking about this one couple sitting at a table on the opposite corner of the stage from us (near the gay couple). During Common Ro's set it looked, from their expressions, that they had earlier in the evening had a conversation that might've gone something like this:
Man: "Dear, let's go out and enjoy some local culture tonight."
Woman: "Dah-ling, what a *wonderful* idea. Do you have something in mind?"
Man: "Well, I heard that an indie folk-rock trio is playing down at The Point."
Woman: "Excellent."
But they were obviously there for the other band - who I'd never heard of, but were a really good band, aside from the two non-lead singers being a bit hyper and not being able to play the same instrument on more than one consecutive song, as [ profile] nakedwesley and I decided.

Then [ profile] nakedwesley and I went to a living room show down here in Newark on Sunday. Same place as back in November, but at least this time we got good seats literally down in front. Afterwards we met this really nice girl who's a huge fan of Adam, but didn't actually get a chance to meet him. I tried to stop him to introduce them, but it didn't work and then she disappeared.

And it's kind of weird/cool to be recognized as a groupie by the guys.


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