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I survived the first day of spring semester! It was a crazy-busy day, but in a good way.
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So far so good with move-in weekend. Today was quieter than yesterday, but it was still pretty busy. On the upside, I got to leave at 3:00. On the downside, since I didn't have a weekend, I'm now a bit confused about what day it is. :-P And tomorrow's supposed to be crazy busy again. If you don't see a post from me tomorrow night, send help!


On an upside - I realized that I've been cooking most nights for a little over a month now (since July 25th). \0/ And I'm still excited about doing it and changing my eating habits in tiny ways. (I'm still enjoying going out, but I'm doing *a lot* better about not doing it near what I used to.)

Okay, I'll admit this week was crap eating and I didn't actually cook anything (and ended up eating Chinese three times this week, though one night was soup and the other two heavily featured mixed vegetables). But it did reinforce my desire to cook more, since I know I feel better when I can control the food as much as possible.


And tying in with that, tonight I was making sandwiches for this week's lunches and my dad was looking at me and said it looked like I'd lost weight asked if I had and if any of my clothes were looser. I told him that my pants were and that I had. (At least, I think I have - the scale we have is hard to tell, since it'll give you different readings depending on how you stand on it. And I've been crap about getting to the gym where they have a "doctor's scale".)
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It seems as though the freshmen have been successfully moved in. It was a busy day to be expected in the store (our boss was expecting we'd do over a quarter of a million dollars in business - and that's not including textbooks). Thankfully, most of the customers that I came into contact with were very nice and seemed to be excited about the whole thing. (One mom, though, looked like she wanted to exact vengence for God-only-knows-what.)

I can't believe that was me *11* years ago today.

Tomorrow's the upperclassmen.
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One of the guys at work Rick-rolled the rest of us over the intercom. It was probably good that there weren't any customers in the store because I started giggling.


We *finally* had a thunderstorm this evening. The weather people have been forecasting them practically every day for the past two months and the worst that's happened is some clouds. And not only did we have a thunderstorm, there was also hail about the size of walnuts for a few minutes.


Day 22 - Favorite series finale

I don't have one. Because, generally, I'm sad that the show's ending and that taints the episode for me.

Now, as far as *season* finales go, this season's finale for "Mentalist" was awesome. And the two "Leverage" finales have been awesome.

The list )
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I'm really glad it's Friday. It wasn't a bad week, just long and a bit crazy.

Favorite things overheard after giving out money to students who sold their books back:
"It's like Christmas!"
"I think I just doubled my bank account."
"I hope I don't get mugged on the way home."
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*sigh* I don't really want to go into work tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad my boss is letting me make up some of the time I missed on Wednesday (with also working some extra time today, I'll only be down about two hours, maybe a little more), and I don't even have to be in very early. But it's more that the back of my mind is going, "But, but, but - it's *Saturday*!"

In other news, I'm in the middle of the last episode of season 2 of "Oz" and I love it. Even if there are bits that are really hard to watch.
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For some odd reason, it was freezing at work today. And I felt bad for the people who were out on location to buy back books, since they were outside all day.

My Life in Ruins is a cute movie. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a fun, light movie.
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1. I'm beginning to hate the media and its repetitive sound-bites and what-not on the same stories. I want to be aware of what's going on in the world, not what's going on with Tiger Woods or that someone thinks that the Disney Princesses (and especially the newest one) are too thin or that a couple trying to get onto a reality show crashed a White House dinner. (To an extent, I wouldn't mind hearing about the last one, but more in the sense of security issues and stuff like that and not in "OMG! They crashed the party!!!!11!" *rolls eyes*)

2. How does it take my laptop battery about an hour/hour and a half to charge while I'm on it and doing stuff, yet my cellphone battery takes about three hours to charge and it's *turned off*?

3. The College School is doing their Scholastic book fair this week in the lobby outside of my building (even though the actual school is across the street - go figure). But it's fun being able to look out the door and see them. It reminds me of when I was that age and how much I loved taking the flyer home so I could order books and then being able to pick them up and look through the other books they had for sale. :-)

4. So there's this delivery guy that has us as one of his routine stops and he comes about every two weeks. Well, a couple stops ago, he came in and said that he had a delivery for some spaceships with flux capacitors. The other girl that was with me hesitated and I made some sort of off-hand comment and we joked around for a minute or two before I directed him to go downstairs to see where they wanted him to put the textbooks.

Since then, whenever he comes, he and I will repeat this conversation in some form before I send him downstairs. He came in today and we were doing it and having a pretty "in depth" conversation when a customer walked in, passed us, then turned and gave us a weird look. Then she went a little further and did it again, at which point I dissovled into giggles and we had a good laugh.
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Having to get up early to open this morning wasn't cool. But only having to work a half day and then getting three and a half off? That's cool. :-D

Went to Panera for lunch (mmm, tomato soup) and some Prison Break.

Then came home and took a half-hour power nap before mowing the lawn. I hadn't really wanted to do it today, but my dad was pretty adamant about it getting done today so it would be done for Sunday's get-together. At least this way, now I won't have to worry about it tomorrow since [ profile] e_dog and I are getting together. And, oddly enough, it did seem to help me relax in a way nothing else has this week.

Tonight's been more Prison Break and messing around with Microsoft Paint. :-P
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After work today, I headed up to the King of Prussia/Valley Forge area to meet up with [ profile] jackette, [ profile] gomeisaneelie, and [ profile] penguingal so we could look at a possible new hotel for [ profile] tribalforces 2010. I enjoyed getting the insight of what to look for in a hotel for a con. (Granted, most of it I could figure out from the amount of cons I've been to, but it's still neat to see it in a 'if I was going to run a con here...' sort of way.) Afterwards, we went to dinner to discuss it and a few other things, like duties for next year's con. And then we sequed into general fannish discussion. :-D


There was a bunch of stuff in today's paper about the races this weekend. (Still a bit bummed about not going to Dewey tomorrow, but I know that with NASCAR, it's a logistical nightmare.)

Generally speaking, I've never gotten the appeal of NASCAR. But I'm sure there are things that I like that NASCAR fans would scratch their heads at too, so whatever.


I'll be glad when this week's over. For some reason, it seems like the days have been passing *super* slowly, and it's frustrating. Also, with having Monday off and having to work on Saturday, my inner clock's all messed up. (I usually have Fridays off if I work on a Saturday.) My brain's saying that it's technically Wednesday, even though I know it's Thursday, and I/my brain really wants it to be Friday. *sigh*. A couple more days and then I can start to get back on my normal schedule. And hopefully get some more sleep. (Which will help greatly in a lot of areas.)
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Wow, I had some positive interaction with my dad tonight! He drove my grandparents out to Lancaster today because my grandfather wanted to get some plants for his garden and while they were there, he came across a tea place and bought me a small box of chocolate-mint tea for no reason. I'm really intrigued by this flavor. (I do love mint-chocolate, as I always call the flavor, but I'm not sure how it'll be in as a tea.)

And I cut grass in the backyard today and he seemed surprised that I had done it and actually told me that it looked good.


My blood test went really well today. I was in and out in about 15 minutes and more of it was waiting than the actual test. And normally when I go, it takes forever for the technician to find the vein and I get pricked a few times and they end up having to use a butterfly needle. So I started to tell her, figuring I'd save us both the time and hassle, and she stopped me and was like, "Don't tell me and I won't get nervous." So I didn't and stole myself for "the ordeal", but she got the needle in on the first try and one vial later, I was done. Though, now I have bruise on my arm about the size of a quarter. But I'll take that if it means I only got stuck once. :-D


I had a sorta day off today. I didn't have to go in until 4:30, since I had the UD Library Association Dinner tonight. It was really nice to be able to sleep in and have an extra "day". I was productive and got my whole to-do list done, along with one or two other things, so that makes me very happy.

And the dinner's always fun. I had to be up there and set up by 5:30, and the event started at 6 with an open bar. I sell the speaker's books before the dinner, get to eat a really nice dinner (this year's main entree was fillet mignon) for free, and get to hear an interesting speaker. This year's speaker was Miss Manners, Judith Martin. She was funny and I enjoyed her talk. (And I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was vastly amused when, asked about dealing with people who always bring their children to events, as part of her answer she said, "...because you're thinking, 'Don't bring your damn brats to my thing'.")


So, I saw something of a casting spoiler for one of my shows on and it's driving me nuts!

(Not going to give specific details because a) I don't want to spoil anyone else if it's true and b) I'm not sure of the accuracy of the information, since I myself don't kept up with spoilers. Besides, it's coming from, which is still something of a wiki - remember the whole thing about Britney Spears being on BtVS "because the website said so"?)

Anyway, if said info *is* correct, it's just - OMG, dude! It could have the potential to be *really* really cool. And I hope it is true and that it is cool because, seriously? That would be awesome.
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Rain, rain go away and come again another day. It's been raining for the past two days. I know it's good, but I want it to stop.

And, as usual, I'm packing at the last minute. The laundry is done, it just needs to get folded and put in the bag. (Which won't take long at all.)

This weekend's going to be so much fun!


And I have to say, the prospective student tours that come through are cute. The kids and parents are, on average, pretty excited about the whole process and it's fun.

I will admit, though, I giggle every time I hear them try to pronounce the name of the other student center when asking for directions. It's Trabant and it's pronounced Trah-bant. Normally, if someone screws it up, it's Tray-bant. And usually we'll pronounce it correctly when we're giving them directions.

Today I had someone say "Trey-pagan". Which, I have no idea where she got that from, because it's not like she could have mashed the name up with another building close by. Especially since the other buildings have names like Smith, Purnell, Kirkbride.
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Getting 4 1/2 hours of sleep before having to work a busy 9 hour day is not a good idea. The two 20 oz bottles of Diet Pepsi I had today didn't work as hoped - they only took me from "What the hell am I doing awake?" to "I have a headache and I seriously need a nap."

And it seemed like everyone else I was working with was in the same boat. We had discussions that included Vin Diesel's sexuality, sex in Victorian Literature, and the 3D representation of a Moebius strip (because E had gotten a tattoo of a 4-sided one). And we ended up playing Hangman when the store got quiet again.

So, when I got home, I ate dinner, then took slept for about an hour. Probably would've slept longer if my dad had been home (wouldn't have had to worry about Patch, then).

And I have a feeling a nap might be in store for me tomorrow too, with the lack of sleep lately.
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I'm all ready to go to my church's Women's Retreat tomorrow except for the actual packing part. (But that'll be done after I finish this post - I just need to put the clothes in the bag.) It'll be good to have a weekend away.

And here's an exchange that's probably worthy of Not Always Right, except it was between a coworker and myself:
(Coworker had been bored and decided to spend some time trying to list all the States by memory. She had gotten most of them, but couldn't remember a few. This sequed into talking about "State" quarters for the territories since a customer gave her a D.C. quarter during a transaction during this conversation.)

Coworker: "Canada and Mexico should be states."
Me: "They're sovereign countries, dear."
Coworker: "Yeah, but everyone already thinks they're states."

Speaking of funny quotes, I found this while cleaning, it's from a [ profile] connexions and Belladonna had said to [ profile] kimberlyfdr - "You can't have the world's biggest dork as a musical choice." (I believe she was referring to Paul Gross.)

And some fun webstuff:

[ profile] jhava's pictures from Chevron 7.2 I love the pictures of Joe laughing.

The Five Most Baffling Sex Scenes in the History of Fanfiction

Captain Awesome's blog

Snow Day!

Mar. 2nd, 2009 11:59 pm
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I was excited to find out this morning that I got off work today due to snow. (Usually around here "snow" = either three snowflakes, a snow shower that doesn't stick at all, or a light dusting that doesn't stick on the roads.)

I had a leisurely day of watching a little tv, worked on my newest story, and started Hellboy 2 (and am looking forward to finishing it).

I did go out and shovel the driveway and sidewalk after my dad called around 1:00 and requested/told me to do it. (In his defense, he did thank me profusely when he got home, had been up at 3:00 for work, and shoveled my grandparents'/his parents' drive and our neighbors' drive - they're an older couple).

It felt a little weird to watch "Chuck" on tv tonight, since I've gotten so used to doing it on my laptop. It was nice, yet weird with the commercials. And I absolutely adore Casey.
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Yay! It's Friday! I don't have to work this weekend! *throws confetti*

The first couple weeks of a semester are always insane and surprisingly tiring. We've still got a couple days of it, but for the most part, things are over. And today we had to switch from the "OMG, it's the start of the semester!" to "OMG, the bigwigs are coming on Monday and the store looks like a cyclone hit it!" (which is a completely different kind of crazy).

But I did have a funny moment this morning. The Store Manager was telling the other managers what she wanted them to do today when a customer comes up from downstairs and I proceed to ring him up. As I'm doing the transaction, he asks me if there's a funeral today or something and I tell him that there isn't - at least not to my knowledge. And he replied that he thought there was, since we were all dressed similarly in black, tan, and grey. I laughed and told him it was just a coincidence.

So, when I got home tonight, I put a couple loads of laundry through so I'll have some clean clothes, but they'll get folded tomorrow and otherwise relaxed. Watched Monday's "Kyle XY" (am still miffed it got cancelled) and tonight's "Dollhouse" - which I'm liking. Though, I still think that Tom Lenk should be playing Topher and Carl Lumbly should be playing Boyd (yes, I realize this role is quite close to Dixon on "Alias", but I don't care). And Mark Sheppard was in it! He's really getting around. :-D
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Yeah, Jeff wasn't kidding when he said that this week was going to be Hell Week, though he meant just because we had tech over the weekend and dress rehearsals today and tomorrow, a preview on Thursday, and three shows between Friday and Saturday. (The stage is getting painted on Wednesday.)

In addition to this, this is also the beginning of winter session, so work's crazy this week. And today was insane. Not only did we have all the students coming in for books and stuff, but we also had the foreign students who are here to learn English coming in to get their books at the same time. Literally. I think at least 99% of them were there at the same time. And most of them know about .1% of English - which can be a hassle for everyone involved.

And today is day 2 of "that time of the month". It would figure.

So, this week, I'm focusing on being as good as possible with my eating, but if I go over, I'm not going to worry about it too much. And so far things have been going really well. So, it sohould be interesting to see how the rest of the week plays out.
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The Thanksgiving basket project for church went off without a hitch (even though some things were cut down to the wire) and it's now finished for another year.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm inordinately excited about the fact that we're closing two hours early tomorrow. I think I'm going to spend the time writing at Panera so I won't have to worry about it when I get home from my mother's tomorrow night. (We're going to be decorating their Christmas tree already!)

And my brother just came over here again tonight. Though, this time to get his laundry it seems.
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So, I found out this morning that my boss changed my semester schedule yesterday. So, instead of coming in at 10 on Mondays and Wednesdays, I'll be coming in at 8:45 like the rest of the week - which I honestly don't mind, but because she hadn't emailed me to tell me of the change, I came in at 10 today. She wasn't mad about it or anything, it was more of an "Oh, by the way..." sort of thing.

And I really enjoyed watching It's a Boy/Girl Thing. It's cute and fun and not cliched. And I'll admit to thinking Kevin Zeger is cute. Though, I won't admit to seriously considering writing a first person pov platonic h/c fic based on this movie. (Even though that hits a bunch of kink buttons for me.)

Humorous Pictures
more animals
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Here's one of the mysteries of the universe - how I can be so wiped out after a day of work when I'm working normal hours and doing what I would normally be doing.

The only answer I can come up with is that there's just so many customers and I have to be 100% with all of them, that it just drains me.

I'll be glad when it's quitting time on Friday. Then I'll be able to have a nice, relaxing weekend.


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