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I don't normally read the comments for [ profile] fandomsecrets, but for some reason I decided to when I saw this secret yesterday. And I couldn't stop laughing.

I'm an actor in a television series that's got a pretty active fandom- not on the scale of things like Doctor Who or Supernatural, but big enough. One of the biggest pairings in this fandom is slash and involves my character. Secret 1: I write slashfic about my own character and post it on a sock puppet livejournal. I've gotten some pretty good feedback on it, too. Secret 2: I know the writers on the show aren't going to take it that way, but I still would love to do a storyline that makes the slash canon.

About half of the commenters thought it was fake. The other half thought it was done by Bradley James (Arthur on "Merlin"). One person thought it was by someone in "White Collar". A second person agreed, but figured that it had to be Tim DeKay, because Matt Bomer was "too in the closet". And a third person thought it was Stephen Fry because of it being grammatically correct, but then decided it wasn't because it wasn't written in Latin.

I think they're thinking about this too much.
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I totally agree with this Post Secret. (I love my granddad and I think it would be awesome to also get to know him, my grandmother, and everyone they talk about back then at that age.)


Three SGA macros I've picked up:

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I think it would be funny if this was true.

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I think this one's amusing because I've been mistaken the other way.

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I think it would be insanely funny if this one is actually true.

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