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More proof that Christian artists can be dorky too - Chris August, "Candy Rap".

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This is pretty awesome! And I'm sure the drive-though workers have seen some pretty crazy stuff before this!

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OMG! These guys are such dorks! (Though probably part of why we love them.)

Brandon Routh and Dean Cain on The Daly Show:


Aug. 4th, 2013 08:38 am
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Evil minion:

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Now that we've all survived Monday, I give you something to make you smile. A bulldog on a surf board (via Eric Kufs).

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Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nemoy's challenge

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For Downton Abbey fans, <a href=>a preview of season 4, courtesy of Colin Mochrie.</a>  Definitely worth watching.
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OMG! Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay are such dorks! How do they get anything done?

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I know it's a day late, but Carol Channing's birthday was yesterday.

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My favorite Black Friday commercial:

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Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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As Election Day is winding down (finally!), I figured we could all use a laugh to help us relax and take a step back

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I know it's the whole episode, but I couldn't seem to find just Tom Hanks' segment. (Though I think Craig is hilarious and think the whole thing should be watched, but that's another point.) Either way, it's awesome and amusing and they don't just talk about the show, they also range to other things, like Doctor Who and fanfiction. (Probably shouldn't drink during it.)

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This is really awesome. And all the work they put into it is amazing.

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I think this is one of my favorite parodies ever - Cookie Monster's "Share it Maybe".

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During Comic-Con, Zachary Levi (from "Chuck") was running a separate track of panels with limited tickets (the money from which goes to Operation Smile) and during one of them, he said that for $100, he'd give a kiss on the cheek. This lady donated $1,000.

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Someone had *waay* too much time on their hands....

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Skit with Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon:

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I spent the afternoon with Melissa, Jean, and Jean's friend from out of town, Amber. We had an informal tea party, with good finger foods and yummy tea. And then it moved into watching stuff on Youtube and showing Amber "People of Walmart".

And we had fun with the Tim Minchin song "F Sharp".


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