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Stargate SG-1
Goodbye to Dreams by babs, devra, JoaG
Jack/Daniel, PG for about 99% of it (the 1% is NC-17 and near the end)
What would you do for the one you love? Jack and Daniel take a journey to discover the answer to that question.

President Obama is briefed on the Stargate Program by [ profile] ladycat777
The title says it all. No blasphemy intended.

Stargate: Atlantis
But There is Neither East Nor West by [ profile] busaikko
Sheppard/Woolsey, G
Richard hasn't seen Sheppard in years, now: maybe once or twice since they left Atlantis.

Written by the Victors by [ profile] cesperanza
light McShep, mostly PG-13
What happens when Atlantis decides to secede?

Stargate: Atlantis > McShep
Depth of Field by [ profile] lamardeuse
Earth AU. Rodney's a photographer, John works with disadvantaged kids.

Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive by [ profile] dsudis
Jack/Ianto, NC-17
"When we don't die young and violently, we die weird. Well, or all three, case in point."

Date: 2008-12-30 06:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Do you understand how BAD it is when you go reccing long, beautiful, tragic things like "Written by the Victors" or "Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose" late at night? Do you understand that?

By which, of course, I mean to say: Thanks! *is quite satisfied with her two hours of awesome, angsty fic*

And now, I must go read "Depth of Field" (and no, I don't care how long it is or isn't). Because it's AU, and John + disadvantaged kids = guaranteed awesomeness, and even if it DIDN'T sound like it was damn near written for me, it's by [ profile] lamardeuse, who's SGA stuff I've been looking for an excuse to read since I found out McShep-land was where she was spending all her time these days (since I know her name--and fic!--from Starsky & Hutch fandom, where she is sweet and brilliant and wanted back).

Goodnight. :-)

EDITED because *SQUEE!* this is the NY-based fic she was talking about a while ago, the one I said I was definitely going to read when she finished it, except I don't follow SGA at all, so I didn't know she had! *bounces off to read*
Edited Date: 2008-12-30 06:58 am (UTC)


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