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So the only thing I know about tomorrow's "White Collar" episode is the title - "Upper West Side Story".

Damnit, there better be singing.

As much as it would amuse me, I can do without dancing. (Unless Peter has to do the tango again, then OH, HELL YES.)

But there better be singing!
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I just finished watching season one of Life and it's a really awesome show. And Damian Lewis is awesome.

And I really wish there was some way to crossover Life with "The Mentalist" because Crews and Jane are so similiar and I think they'd work really well together. And I think they'd end up having a lot of fun annoying the hell out of Lisbon and Reese.
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My body and I are on slightly better terms right now. Though the shoulder kept hurting even through today. *sigh* Hopefully tomorrow we'll be back together.

Tonight's show is going well. And we have a really good audience. (Currently intermission.)

And I made the mistake of watching the penultimate episode (4x11 - "Emily Lake") of this season of "Warehouse 13" before coming. Baaad idea. Partly because I'm over H.G. She was cool to begin with, and even when she came back to an extent. But now, I just want them to move on from her. And also partly because of the other thing.
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"Vampire Diaries" - I have a feeling Matt's decision is going to come back and bite him in the ass.

"Mentalist" - I like the new boss and it seems like he and Jane are in a good, if interesting, spot. Which makes me think something's going to happen to him.
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Chuck - Both fun and angsty on a lot of levels. And the ending? *FLAILS*

Castle - HOO-LEE SHIT!!! I know they said it was going to be a game-changer, but DAMN!
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"Castle" is probably the only show to have a theme episode around Prohibition.

It was awesome.
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I watched a *really* good movie tonight called Save Me. It stars Chad Allen and Robert Gant. The IMDb synopsis says, "A sex and drug addicted young man who is forced into a Christian-run ministry in an attempt to cure him of his 'gay affliction', where instead he is faced with the truth in his heart and spirit." I think it's a fair look at both sides of the coin and think everyone should check it out.


In other know it's getting near the end of the season when the shows start delivering the really good episodes. In this case, I'm talking about House and Chuck.

House )

Chuck )
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Both shows went very well today, so we're all happy campers. We'll find out tomorrow which One Act won and will be representing us at the state festival. And we had a fun time after the evening show having a little party.

For dinner in between shows, a bunch of us went to Saigon, which is a Vietnamese restaurant. It's the first time I've ever had Vietnamese and it was really good. I want to go back sometime and try some of the other items.


And I watched the SGA finale today. I thought it was a good ending for the show, all things considered.

Just a few comments on SGA 5x20 )
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I'm sad knowing that this is the last SGA episode I'm going to be watching on TV. (I'm doing a One Acts show next Friday.)

SGA 5x19 Vegas )
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SGA 5x18 Identity )

I think this week's Sanctuary looks like "Angel"'s "The Ring".
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SGA 5x17 Infection )

*wibbles* Only three episodes left.
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So, part of the things on my mom's wish list are The Odyssey and The Iliad (and Cliff Notes for both). This amuses me to no end because 99% of the time, my mom read true crime, mysteries with a crime bent, and the like. I hope she likes them and I'm sure I'll be fielding a lot of questions, since she knows I've read them. (And flipping through them, I'm thinking I may reread them after I get through some more of my pile, since I did enjoy them when I had to read them for class.)

And just coming off of NaNo and starting a new fic yesterday, I've been thinking about books and how to start (and finish and everything in the middle of) one and I have to say I love how these two epics start.

First line of The Iliad: Sing, O Muse, of the accursed wrath of Achilles, son of Peleus, that brought unnumbered woes upon the Acheans.

First line of The Odyssey: Sing, O Muse, of the man of many ways, who was driven far journeys, after he sacked Troy's sacred citadel.


And in watching tonight's episode of "The Mentalist", it hit me that in many ways, Patrick Jane is very much like Batman. Okay, granted, he's actually willing to work within the system and bide his time until he can exact his revenge on Red John (as opposed to Bruce Wayne/Batman's vigilante system). But the similarities are there, in my opinion.
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It's kind of sad realizing that I'm not completely in love with Heroes anymore. I still enjoy it and all, but I'm starting to think that if I missed an episode, I'd really only watch it so I'd understand what's going on. We'll see, though, if I keep going.

Heroes 3x11 The Eclipse Part 2 )

Just saw a preview for My Own Worst Enemy and now I'm really intrigued because according to the voice over, Edward was about to do something, but in the visual, it was Henry. *singsong* Intriguing!

And now on to finishing rewatching SGA's Remnants and start my next fic.
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SGA 5x16 Brain Storm )

Oh, that's just wrong - Mortal Combat vs D.C. Universe.
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While I'm not doing [ profile] wrisomifu, I have found that the Write or Die program is very helpful. (1200 words in an hour!) Just the threat of something bad happening is enough! :-P


I absolutely adore "The Mentalist" and I'm very glad it got picked up for a full season (and let's hope many more). I can't quite explain what all I love about it, but Simon Baker is a large part of it. And tonight, I was quite surprised when, at the end, SB's character is given some very personal information, the camera closes in on his face, which is very still and controlled, then the other character leaves the room and his face just crumples and he starts crying. And you can see how tangible his sadness is. And then I started tearing up. Gah.
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It's not much because [ profile] libralyte was using my laptop while I was watching, but there's a few things I felt I had to mention....

SGA 5x15 Remnants )


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