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Hahaha. Martin and Benedict are awesome!

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OMG! These guys are such dorks! (Though probably part of why we love them.)

Brandon Routh and Dean Cain on The Daly Show:


Aug. 4th, 2013 08:38 am
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Evil minion:

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I'm not sure which is more worrisome - the fact that he took the time to work this out, or that it makes sense - The Pixar Theory

And my friend Eric recently posted a new video and has an album on iTunes! :-D
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For various reasons that don't need to be explored at this juncture, I decided to have my own little action movie fest this weekend.

Friday night was Pacific Rim )

On Saturday, I saw R.I.P.D. )

And today was a double feature of Captain America and The Avengers - which we all know are awesome.
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And today was another relaxing day. :-)

I edited my [community profile] bigbang_mixup fic and sent it off to my beta.

I made some cookie bars and tomato sauce and had spaghetti for dinner.

I'm also now caught up on "Teen Wolf" and "Crossing Lines".

And I've been having fun reading about Comic-Con. I think once my car is paid off, I'm going to start saving and planning on going. :-D

And now I'm signing up for two more Big Bangs. :-P
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Today was one of those productive days where you're wondering where all the time came from and how the hell you're doing so well with your to-do list.

I cut the grass, did the laundry (though folding has to be done tomorrow), wrote 3000 words to finish the rough draft for a big bang (which I will edit and send to my beta tomorrow).

Then I made chicken-vegetable soup and Jean and Melissa came over and we had dinner and watched the newer Ocean's 11. (And yay leftovers!)

And to top it off, I got to sleep in this morning - which was *much* needed after the craziness of this past week at work.
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Inner clock is definitely off when 9pm feels like "really, really late". Am definitely looking forward to the weekend!
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Clark Gregg talking about a few of his current projects. He's so adorable!

ETA: I added the link to the page since the video wouldn't embed.
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Yeah, I'm a little slow on the uptake on this.

I realized today that the Karl Urban that's tied to the new tv show "Almost Human" is actually Karl Urban of Lord of the Rings and Star Trek fame. I've heard of the show and thought it sounded interesting and would give it a couple episodes. Now I definitely have to try it. :-D
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Even though I've loved Alan Cumming for a while now and think he's awesome and very talented, I'd forgotten how good a singer he is too. (I think the over-the-top performances tend to get in the way of that.)

Watching Any Day Now reminded me of it. And the movie's awesome as well. I *highly* recommend it.

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Okay, this is really cute and adorable - Agent Coulson Cole-slaw with Clark Gregg.
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As if I needed another reason to love Alexis Denisof - he recently took part in Course of the Force (a charity run prior to Comic-Con). And he did it dressed up as C3PO!

Here he is waiting for the light sabre (aka baton).

And here he is post-race at the doorstep of Skywalker Ranch.
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The "Warehouse 13" finale is just.... I can't even.... Gah!

On an upside, it's great to have Anthony Stewart Head and James Marsters back on my tv screen.
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So, is it wrong of me to be excited at the thought of scaring the crap out of someone with the autostart on my car?

(And, yes, I realize remote starters aren't completely foreign any more, but still....)
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Had an amusing moment after yarn group tonight when I found out that one of my friends from there knows Jean through other things, plus another friend that I also know. And that she and I may have actually met before.

Delaware is such a small state.
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Now that we've all survived Monday, I give you something to make you smile. A bulldog on a surf board (via Eric Kufs).

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This afternoon, I drove up to Bryn Mawr to see Much Ado About Nothing with [ profile] rebecca004.

It was awesome! Everyone and everything was great! I wasn't sure about Fran Kranz (Topher from Dollhouse) because I could only see him as Topher, but he did a great job. And as [ profile] eternalmusings said - "holy crap, that house!" And as [ profile] nakedwesley and I were saying - it's great to *FINALLY* see Alexis Denisof a) on the big screen and b) in a leading role.

And I think that Joss reusing actors from previous shows/movies and using his own house added an air of familiarity and intimacy to the whole project that was really nice and comforting.

Now I want to see it again.
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Avengers vid to Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive". And the opening is awesome too!

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I just finished watcing Warm Bodies and it was awesome!

I tend to not like zombies, mainly because I can't find them scary when (in most cases) there's no higher brain function and they don't move very fast.

But this movie was a fun twist on that, plus it was also well mixed with Romeo and Juliet and it worked! Also, the soundtrack was awesome.

And Nicholas Hoult has grown up *very* well.


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