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Every time I see the current issue of "Entertainment Weekly", I have to giggle. The cover is for season 3 of "Game of Thrones" and the headline says "Shocking Deaths! Wild Weddings! One Angry Bear! Game of Thrones Prepare Yourself for the Most Thrilling Season Yet".

This makes me think of the line "Exeunt, pursued by a bear."

Which is from the Shakespeare play A Winter's Tale. (Which is probably my favorite Shakespeare play.)

I am such a dork.
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Now in the homestretch for the One Acts. Will be starting the final show in half an hour, and then the post party afterwards. :-)
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Dress rehearsal #1 went well tonight, including my teaching the othe booth person how to run the program she'll be using for sound. So yay there!
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It's that time of year again - Chapel Street's One Acts festival. We had tech rehearsals yesterday and today, then dress rehearsals the rest of the week with shows on Friday and Saturday of next week. Things went well yesterday and today and should be fun.
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Performance #2 went well. The audience was great. There were a few little flubs, but they were in different spots from before, so it's considered a win. :-)

Jean and I saw Cloud Atlas today. It was really good. I enjoyed how the stories were all woven together and the cast and crew were phenomenal. I highly recommend it. Just remember to not drink anything before-hand because it's a three hour movie. (But so worth it!)
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Yay! The opening night performance of Rehearsal for Murder just finished and went well. There were a few little things that need tweaking, but it was good. :-D

Now off to see if we're doing some sort of opening night celebration.
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I've gotten through the storm just fine. Thankfully. And having yesterday and today off was nice.

I did have rehearsal tonight, which went well, thankfully, since we're supposed to be opening on Friday. We're doing Rehearsal for Murder.
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Tonight was fun. I helped out with the box office for Chapel Street Players' fundraiser, Rocky Horror Show. The show was really well done and lots of fun.
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I did my last show for Isn't It Romantic? this afternoon. I'm kind of glad it's done. It was fun, but added a surprising amount of crazy to my schedule this past week and a half.


This evening I went to the movies. I was originally going to see Cabin in the Woods, but then decided I wasn't up to watching anything serious.

So I went to see The Pirates! Band of Misfits instead. It's made by the people who do Wallace and Gromit. It was a lot of fun and very cute. And it had a great cast - Hugh Grant, Imelda Staunton, David Tennant, and Martin Freeman. I knew about the first three, but the last was a pleasant surprise. And Flight of the Concords did a song. So it has a surprisingly fannish base. :-P


And speaking of fandom, [ profile] eternalmusings showed this to me.

[From the "Suits" pilot commentary]

David Bartis (producer): He wants to hug him but... Harvey's not interested. No he'll punch him instead.

Patrick J. Adams (Mike): That moment... it's the beginning of all the strange fanfiction we're beginning to [giggle] find online [laughs].

Gabriel Macht (Harvey): That's going through my head too.

Patrick J. Adams: It's just that--

David Bartis: Was there going to be more than a hug?

Patrick J. Adams: Oh man there is a lot of--

Gabriel Macht: Have you seen that stuff?

Aaron Korsh (creator/writer): Mm-mm.

Patrick J. Adams: Just stay off the internet. Do not write Mike and Harvey in Google.
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And show two is done. There was a minor glitch with one of the cues, but it should be fine for the rest of the run.

And for some odd reason this show really wipes me out. I have no idea why, but whenever we finish, I'm ready to go to sleep. (In a drained way, not an "I'm *bored*!" way.)
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We got through opening night. Yay!

I'll admit, there were a couple moments this past week when I wasn't completely sure, but we did it. And we had a really good-sized audience that was pretty responsive, so that's good. :-D
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Tonight was a tech rehearsal for Isn't It Romantic?. It went well and it's coming together, though there's still some little things that are getting worked out. :-) Show opens on Friday.
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Today was good, if long. (Had to be at the theatre at 8am and started at 9.)

It was six theatre groups doing eight one acts, seven of those being adjudicated for the competition to go to regionals next month. Things kept moving and we were done by about 9pm.

And one of the shows, Vampe was interesting because it was an original musical and was cut down from its normal 2 hour, 40min run time to fit within the hour allotted. And it was about a vampire and an angel (both male) who fall in love. Now I'm really interested in seeing the full run, but it doesn't seem to be currently in production.
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So... a while back I agreed to help with tech for the Delaware Theatre Association's One Acts Festival this weekend.

Last night and today were tech. Tomorrow's the festival. And then it's over.

It's been a whirlwind so far getting things done, though all the different groups have been great about getting their things done and keeping things moving. (Especially since if every group used all the time allotted for tech, we'd be there until 1:30 am tonight.)

And it's surprising how I had one of the easier jobs today and I'm still wiped. And not looking forward to having to be back there for 8 am tomorrow. Though, I'm sure once I've had some sleep and some fresh caffeine, I'll be more amenable. :-P
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My body and I are on slightly better terms right now. Though the shoulder kept hurting even through today. *sigh* Hopefully tomorrow we'll be back together.

Tonight's show is going well. And we have a really good audience. (Currently intermission.)

And I made the mistake of watching the penultimate episode (4x11 - "Emily Lake") of this season of "Warehouse 13" before coming. Baaad idea. Partly because I'm over H.G. She was cool to begin with, and even when she came back to an extent. But now, I just want them to move on from her. And also partly because of the other thing.
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Tonight's show went well, though we had a smaller, quieter crowd.

But we did have some other interesting stuff happen. Like the director having to go pick up an actor who wasn't here on time. And having a car parked in our area (we share a very small parking area with a house next door) and debating whether we should just park them in or tow them. (We ended up going with the former.)

Homecoming is also this weekend (and the game was today), so everything's been nuts!
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I think we may just be ready to open tomorrow night. :-P
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Rehearsal... went tonight. *crosses fingers really hard for the last dress rehearsal on Thursday*
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*sigh* Time management this weekend has not been my strong point. I've been where I needed to be by the time I needed to be there, but that's about it. Everything else - not accomplished.

And I'm going to be going crazy this week with tech week for The Beauty Queen of Leenane.

*crosses fingers everything gets done*


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