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Hot Fuzz
A Love That Will Never Grow Old by [ profile] iamstillthemoon
Cuddly Monkey/Peace Lily; G
Cuddly Monkey and Peace Lily love their owner.

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1
Ebay by [ profile] darkmoon711
Rodney/Cameron; PG
There's a bidding war going on.

Stargate Atlantis
Atlantis High by eudyptulaminor
Carson/Rodney; PG-13
The Atlantis Crew is in high school!

Atlantis' Finest Disaster Prevention Team by Berevette
Sheppard/Zelenka; PG
Colonel Sheppard and Dr. Zelenka are Atlantis' finest disaster prevention team.

Arrogance & Assumption by skidmo
Lorne/Rodney; PG-13
It is a truth galactically acknowledged that a single flyboy, in possession of the ATA gene, must be in want of a geek.

Romancing Rodney (Or, Ronon Dex Gets His Man) by msgordo
Ronon/Rodney; PG-13
Ronon gets his hands on a Harlequin novel and Rodney in his sights. It doesn't go well.

Sunday's Child by ankhmutes
Rodney/Ronon; R; warning - spoilers for Sunday
Coming from McKay, the silence was frightening and when it broke, Ronon was willing to bet the explosion would be spectacular.

When Ronon Converted by dossier
Rodney/Ronon; PG; warning - religion
In which Ronon finds religion, Rodney is pissed, John's amused and Teyla is sour.

Stargate Atlantis > McShep
Accidentally in Love by Tigerlady
John still doesn't quite understand how one crazy assumption completely turned his life upside down. But that's okay. He's pretty happy, all the same.

A Brief Layover by Cottontail73
R; warning - spoilers for Sunday
An intercontinental flight leads to layovers, jet lag, hotels, too much drinking and a morning after.

Stargate SG-1
Jaffa School by dustandroses
Cameron/Teal'c; Adult; warning - bdsm
Teal'c shows Cameron some of the ways of the Jaffa Warrior and Cameron learns a few things about himself when their training leads them in a new direction.
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