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And here's something else to add to the 'Things you find while cleaning' file.

I had this idea for an SGU/SGA crossover scribbled down on a piece of paper that subsequently got shuffled in with a bunch of other things on my dresser. And since then I've decided to stop watching SGU. (Though, part of me's going, "this could still be interesting to write." ...Yeah, I don't get that either.)

"We are no longer associated with Earth and we'd like our ship back, please." - Sheppard (said at some point during the fic, and used as the summary)

The Destiny crew has survived for a few years, and gotten the ship back into passable working order. Mostly. They then come across Atlantis, happy to find them back in the Pegasus galaxy, and want to gate home.

No such luck.

Also - how did Atlantis' absence affect the Destiny?

Pairings: Eli/Young, John/Radek, Rodney/Greer (very casual, but it ultimately ends up helping the Destiny crew)
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I was going to this one for [ profile] smallfandom_bb, just to see if I could do it. The only problem is, I don't ship Carter/Stark, but I was up for a challenge. The only problem was, it died and I'm sure that's because I don't ship them.

Eureka outline )

As before, the fic's in a different post.
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Since about the middle of season 2, I've been wanting to write a "Chuck" threesome fic where they set up a program to make more teams like Team Chuck. Spoilers would be up through "Chuck vs the Suburbs" - which made this sorta, kinda canon.

And then my motivation for it left.

Anyway, here be the detailed outline, aka the two minute version of the story. )
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I think it's intriguing that there's some scientific evidence that points to the sense of smell being closely tied to memory.

I mention this because I cooked dinner tonight (hot dogs and pierogies) and after I ate, I took my dog for a walk. When we came back in, I could still smell that food had been cooked and it made me smile. (Granted, part of it was accomplishment that I was good and cooked dinner instead of getting take-out.) But the main reason was because it made me think of when I was younger and we actually cooked more then. And it's tied in with feeling safe, secure, relaxed, good, etc.


Also? "Chuck" rocks. I can't wait for the next episode.

And the first episode reinforced this fic idea I had at the end of last season. Sure, get the INTERCEPT back up and running, but also download the information into people's heads and have trio teams (the genius and two agents - one NSA, one CIA) out and about. I'm sure that the NSA and CIA had to have seen their batting average getting better with Casey, Sarah, and Chuck running around. And the "geniuses" are pulled from the program his Stanford prof set up. And the program that teaches them to work together and for the "geniuses" to deal with the whole secret agent life.
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And here's the last of the fics for the "plotbunny release program", even if it is about a week late. (I swear I meant to post it last month and even looked at it a couple times, but somehow it never ended up here until now.)

This was going to be an AU domestic fic, which came from a plotbunny that I got while looking at a "Parents Without Partners" flyer on the bulletin board in my favorite Panera.

ETA: 9/19/09 - The fic is finished and can be found here
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For some odd reason, I've been wanting to do an amnesia fic for practically every fandom I've been in, but never did. (Which is probably a good thing.) I did have an idea for a Lorne/Zelenka established relationship fic where Lorne gets amnesia after a Jumper accident (and came very close to having it be my NaNo project this year), but even that didn't completely pan out.

ETA 1/25/09: This fic has been finished and can now be found here.
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So...I joined the [ profile] anotheratlantis ficathon when I got back from [ profile] jacklemmon's. I was bad and didn't make the deadline, but I figured I'd post the fic here. Just as a forewarning - it's definitely a rough draft.

The Prompt )

And now onto the fic.
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Here's another fic snippet that's never going to get finished.

I got this idea while on the way home from [ profile] eternalmusings's house.

PotC3; would've been Will/Norrington had I finished; G; 504 words )
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This is a little snippet I wrote between Friday while at the beach and then this afternoon. My muse wouldn't let it go at first, and then decided that it could care less, but I forced it to finish.

Corny Collins/Motormouth Maybelle, pre-'ship, PG (if that), just post-Hairspray, 537 words )
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So, here's the first on my "plotbunny release program" list. It was going to be a "Dead Like Me" George/Rube story set some time after the show ended. Let's just say it didn't get very far.

Dead Like Me......thing )
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I've decided to do a sort of "plot bunny release program" in which I work on one idea a month until either the month's over or the story plays itself out. Or, you know, in the odd case - actually finish it. (These are ideas I've had on a backburner for quite a while and I'm not quite sure how much life they have left in them, but I want to write them to give myself a sense of closure.)


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