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I just finished watcing Warm Bodies and it was awesome!

I tend to not like zombies, mainly because I can't find them scary when (in most cases) there's no higher brain function and they don't move very fast.

But this movie was a fun twist on that, plus it was also well mixed with Romeo and Juliet and it worked! Also, the soundtrack was awesome.

And Nicholas Hoult has grown up *very* well.
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I watched a movie tonight called The Pick-Up Artist. It's from 1987 and stars Robert Downey Jr and Molly Ringwald. It's weird seeing him that young - in the sense that I think he's matured very well. (Especially given that he's lucky to be alive.) And Molly Ringwald is beautiful as ever.
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I rewatched the Kenneth Branagh version of Much Ado About Nothing today and really enjoyed it (again). I can't wait for Joss's version. A few of the actors I know are going to be awesome as their characters, and a few I'm not sure about. And if Nathan has a fraction of the fun with Dogberry that Michael Keaton did, I think it's going to be awesome.
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This morning, I joked that Regina and I had a modern Victorian morning. We had breakfast and talked about what we wanted to do for the day. Then she read something on her laptop and played sudoku on her Nook while I knitted.

This afternoon, we took advantage of the nice weather to drive around some. First, we went to a local historical garden/house that Regina volunteers at and walked around the grounds. Then we went to Moravian tile works so she could get a gift for some friends. After that, we walked around Doylestown for a while.

The viewing list for today was a few episodes of Generation Kill, Disney's Pocahontas, and the new version of Footloose.

Kimmo is still being very adorable and is still laying claim to my stuff. Including my laptop. I wonder how upset he's going to be when I leave tomorrow and take it all with me. :-P
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I must be a bad hopeless romantic. I've seen two of the movies based on his books (The Notebook and Safe Haven), but have no desire to read any of his books because I'm really bored by the movies.
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My brain's still not letting me do any sort of coherent write-up of The Hobbit. Whenever I start trying to organize my thoughts, my brain just stops and goes, :-D "I saw The Hobbit!" :-D Maybe after I see it a second time, I'll be able to write more. I will say, I was extremely happy with how they did the "Riddles in the Dark" scene - which is my favorite in the whole book.

Today, Regina and I watched a really cute movie called What Happens Next and I recommend it for everyone. It's a really cute gay romantic comedy - and not quite your typical one either. I think I'm going to need to watch it again in the near future as well.

And, otherwise, I'm home now and not quite ready to go back to work yet.
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The Vow is a cute movie and definitely worth watching.
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This morning, [ profile] ktnb, [ profile] gblvr, [ profile] wolfshark, and I went to a diner for breakfast. It was quite good, and definitely filling.

Then we went over to Vulcan's Rest - a fiber store in Chesapeake City. While the other three bought a few things, my mind just melted at all the options. It's a good thing I have a bunch of yarn already that I've promised myself I'm going to work through before I buy anything else.

After we broke up, I came home and decided I wanted to go to the cinema. I saw This Means War with Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy (yum). It was a fairly decent movie. There were a couple things that frustrated me, but I don't want to say anything because it might give stuff away. (Not that this is a deep movie by any means, obviously, but part of it does revolve around the whole "who will she pick?") And there was a fair amount of the movie that I just wanted all three of them to have sex together and get it over with. :-P
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On DVD: Finding Bliss It's an interesting twist on romantic comedies. And it stars Leelee Sobieski and Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman on "Vampire Diaries").

In the cinema: Warrior It's a family drama with mixed martial arts. It stars Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, and Nick Nolte.

I can't say enough good things about either of them. They were both amazing, awesome, full of win, [insert your own glowingly positive adjective].

And the funny thing about Warrior is that I saw a preview for it about a month or so ago on a dvd my mom and I were watching and I thought, "Hmm, that looks interesting. I'll have to rent it." Then I started seeing previes for it on TV. Regularly. (Which [ profile] eternalmusings will tell you is a rare thing because some how I always manage to not see movie previews.) And it changed to, "OMG! I NEED TO SEE THAT MOVIE!!!" And I have no idea why. But I'm *so* glad I did. It was so worth it.
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Watched Working Girl tonight and it was cute. It was fun going back to 1984 and seeing the hairstyles, fashions, and computers. ;-P I always laugh when I see shows from the mid-90's and they have the big clunky cellphones, but this is 10 years before and it's... wow.

And I finally decide I want to get into Hawaii 5-0. How does Blockbuster not have it in its system so I can save it to my queue for when it comes out?
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Whee! It's the weekend!

I'm at Dana's now. I was going to teach her how to knit, but we got sidetracked with other things and watching Life as We Know It - which was cute. We're now watching Sorcerer's Apprentice - which I really enjoy.

And her pets love me - even the shy kitty. :-P
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Took my grammy grocery shopping this afternoon at BJ's - which is always and interesting experience. Also did other chores and necessary stuff today.

Had a fun evening with J and M. We watched Bride & Prejudice - which is a Bollywood version of Pride & Prejudice and both lots of fun and very faithful to the book. And this time (for me) had the added pleasure of watching Daniel Gilles - who plays Wickham - play someone other than Elijah on "Vampire Diaries".
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I had to get up early this morning to play bells at church. I didn't stay for the whole service, just left after the second song, but it went well.

[ profile] libralyte and I went out for breakfast and then went to the mall. We walked around the whole mall and poked in different stores. I was hoping to find a new pair of Birkenstocks (or something similar), but the only pair I found was $120, and I'd rather not pay that much if at all possible. I was good and did not go into Yankee Candle or buy anything when we went into Teavana. I also pulled [ profile] libralyte into Lush, since J's talked about it a bunch and it seems pretty awesome. So I may have to go back and buy something small to try out.

When we got back, we watched a movie she'd brought called TiMER, starring Emma Caufield, about having a way to find out when you'd meet your soulmate, and if you'd want to know. After a late lunch, I showed her my England pictures, since she also knows [ profile] drdeath.

I hung out for a bit after she left, then went to my Bible study.

I'm still not sold on "Breakout Kings", but tonight's episode was AWESOME. Granted, I thought it was because T-Bag was in it and Robert Knepper's awesome.
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Saw Beastly today. It was cute and light - which I had expected. I think I would've liked it if it hadn't felt rushed in a couple places and if there was a bit more character developement on Kyle's end. I'd watch it again, though. (And probably will when it comes out on dvd.) And I'm sure it's not going to win any awards at next year's Oscars, but I did really like the make-up.

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Just One Night with Timothy Hutton is very cute. And it's fun to see a modern-day screwball comedy.
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Well, as much as I want my laptop back ASAP, one upside to not having it is that I know I'm going to be getting a bunch of writing done - which I *am* happy about. :-D

Yesterday after I left the library, I wound up at J's house for a while - which is always fun. I had Chinese for dinner (somehow it's almost always involved when I'm with her, not sure why), and had enough left over that I'll be able to have another meal later this week. (Yay!) We also watched Kate & Leopold - which we both adore, although we were both in a weird mood and kept picking it apart. :-P And then we ended up watching the last couple minutes of "Legend of the Seeker" - which had me yelling at the TV, so it's a VERY GOOD THING that I stopped watching it when I did back in season one.

Also, my brain had a... moment earlier while I was trying to remember when "Castle" finished and now I think I ship Castle/Esposito. But I don't think this pairing exists anywhere outside my head - which is kind of sad.
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Did some running around this morning - bank to deposit Christmas $$$; Grandparents' to drop off the cookie tray, a book I had promised to my Grammy, and a present we forgot to give them from my dad's gf, C; and then to church to pick up the poinsettia.

Then got food from Panera and watched two episodes of "Lost". And episode 2x18, "Dave", was a really good and sad one. Wow.

Went up to friend J's house. We ran a couple of her errands and then hung out for a while before ordering Chinese food and watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

And now that Christmas is over, I decided to use the 3 $25 gift certificates I had traded credit card points for. I got the SGA season 5 dvds, Short Circuit, and 4 cds and only spent $6.90. (And I think that was because one of the cds was used.)
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For some odd reason, it was freezing at work today. And I felt bad for the people who were out on location to buy back books, since they were outside all day.

My Life in Ruins is a cute movie. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a fun, light movie.
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It's funny because it's true - "It starts with the eyes": The Homoeroticism of Fast and Furious by Jennifer Smith (contains spoilers)


And I'm intrigued about this movie - I Love You, Phillip Morris.

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After sleeping for about 18.5 hours and lazing on the couch most of the day, I feel much better. I guess whatever my dad had a week or so ago was still hanging about the house and finally wormed its way into my system. But, thankfully, the fever broke overnight. I was tired most of the day, though, I think I had slept so much I was awake. But now I'm ready to go back to bed, I think.

I tried to watch Frost/Nixon today, but it just didn't hold my attention.

I did watch the premiere of "Dollhouse" on Hulu. And I'll say I'm intrigued in how it goes. And YAY for Alexis Denisof!!!

I also watched Her Minor Thing and Dodgeball.

Here's hoping I'll be able to make it through tech tomorrow. (And I'm so glad it's starting at 2.)


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