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Regina and I saw Star Trek: Into Darkness today (her second time, my third) and I enjoyed it once again. We also watched the first episode of Generation Kill, Hot Tub Time Machine (which was cheesy and fun), and Starter for 10 (which was good, but some resolution didn't happen that I wish did - and it was funny seeing Catherine Tate as James MacAvoy's mom).

And we had to stop by the pet store for her to get some things for her bunny and they were having a cat adoption day for a local organization. Two of the cats - Tequila (2 year old orange female) and Pepper (two month old black and gray striped female with white chest and paws) were both pretty laid-back and whatever. But Simon (black two month old male) was BESIDE HIMSELF that he was getting pets and attention. I hope all three of them got adopted.

One more thing - Scott Grimes singing the national anthem on the "Tonight Show":
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Rock of Ages was a surprisingly good movie. Obviously, you'd think so with the music it was using and the cast it had, but that's not always necessarily true. But I definitely recommend it.

And their rendition of REO Speedwagon's "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" was awesome.
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Kate and I watched Tucker and Dale vs Evil tonight.

It was an awesome movie and I highly recommend it.
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I didn't know I was able to watch this much TV in one day. :-P

I watched 4 episodes each of "Criminal Minds" and "Eureka", plus Mirror, Mirror (which was better than I was expecting, though my expectations were quite low) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. And there were bits of "Mythbusters" and the Olympics thrown in as well.

I also knitted three squares today, which is great. I have one more block to do, then I'll be done all of the "inner" squares and will just have to do the border squares - which will actually be about half of the squares needed for the afghan.

And one thing that made Mirror, Mirror worth it was the exchange:
Prince: "You're messing with tried and true storytelling. It's been focus-group tested, and it works. Just let me save you."
And then Snow replies to the effect of "No, I'm saving myself."
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Just finished watching Joyful Noise - which was cute and fun. And, surprisingly, made me miss GCB.

And you have to give credit to a movie that can put Usher's "Yeah" into a praise medley.
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Regina and I just got back from going to PF Chang's for dinner (my first time there and it was very yummy, if a bit expensive) and then going to the movies. We saw Dark Shadows, which was a lot of fun.

And earlier today, we walked to Jules for yummy pizza for lunch, then to Trader Joe's, and then to her library so she could show it off, but it was closed for the weekend.

And her bunny, Kimmo, is adorable.
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Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on my last post. So now I'm certain bacteria won't eat my brain. But my brain may now dribble out my nose instead of my ears. :-P

And now for some fun stuff:

Could the Death Star Destroy a Planet?

Adam Busch and Amber Benson directed a movie that Jonathan Woodward starred in - Drones and it's on Netflix Streaming and Blockbuster's On Demand Online.

Via Emilio Estevez - Woodie Guthrie's New Year's Resolutions from 1942.

And a cute baby making a silly face.
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I did not go shopping today.

I went to Panera for breakfast this morning and to do some knitting.

Then I met up with J and Dana and we saw The Muppets - which was a whole lot of fun. And J and I really enjoyed the fact that Bret McKenzie (from Flight of the Concords) wrote the original music - to the point where Dana was giving us weird looks (like during Chris Cooper's song and "Man or Muppet?").

Afterwards, we went back to J's place and ended up half watching some Doris Day movies on TMC while she graded papers and I knitted before going to a friend's open house/Partylite clearing out. And I spent more than I should've, but I got some tealights and votives - which I didn't have.
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Went to a British tea room today with J and M. It was a lot of fun and really yummy. It's going to be hard to not go back all the time.

Afterwards, we went back to J's place and watched Bridesmaids - which was funny.
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Legally Blonde is still a really cute movie. And Matt Davis (aka Alaric on "Vampire Diaries") looks so young as Warner!
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Robin Hood: Men In Tights is *such* a fun movie.

6593 / 110000 words. 6% done!
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Watched the new Karate Kid with my mom tonight and it wasn't bad. Jackie Chan's always awesome. And Jaden Smith shows promise.

It was longer than expected and I ended up staying and watching the season finale of "White Collar" there. Which was pretty awesome, since they have a huge tv and an awesome sound system.

And I think one of their cats is finally warming up to me (after 2+ years). She's been doing it slowly over the past couple months, but always on her terms. Tonight, I had taken my knitting over, and she was staring at my needles for a while, then came over to sniff them, before laying on the footrest between my feet and staring at them a while longer before falling asleep against my foot.
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We went and saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice today - which was a lot of fun.

Then this evening, we went to a Border's in VA for a book-signing Naomi Novik (The Temeraire books) was doing. And I'll admit that I'm odd in that while I love the fantasy genre, I don't like books with dragons or unicorns. But it was still fun hearing her read from her book and then answer questions. And the traffic on the way to the event was horrible and we hit practically every red light. And, of course, we breezed back.

On an unrelated note:
It amused me that a 302 number was given for the cover call girl agency on "Covert Affairs" last night. And the detective said, "Delaware?" And she replied, "Wilmington - tax purposes." (Which, for whatever else they got wrong, I thought that was an amusing thing to throw in there, since a lot of companies do incorporate in Delaware for tax breaks.)

And I read through the prompts on [ profile] leveragekink out of curiosity. Bad idea. I now have two definite ideas (one somewhere between a drabble and a ficlet and the other a longer fic) and one maybe fic (it deals with a touchy subject, so...). But I think it'll be fun. And I think the shorter one will be a good way to help me get my momentum kicked into gear to write in general, since I've been doing a lot of planning lately, but not a lot of writing.
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This morning, [ profile] eternalmusings and I watched Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian - which was cute and fun.

This afternoon, we watched the Canada/USA rematch for the gold. Ryan Miller played a really good game, but the rest of the team didn't seem to have the fire they did in previous games.

The drive home was good. I'll admit - I like driving places almost as much as being there.

I wish we had a longer weekend, but we had a good time. :-)
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While I understand the need for caution and preparation with the swine flu, some people are taking things too far.


Today was nice. I slept in and got a good eight hours of sleep. (Which I haven't done in quite a while.) Then I went to Panera and spent more time there than I was expecting to, but I finished making the revisions from my first beta for the SGA Big Bang and sent it off for the second beta. I also watched Friday's episode of "Dollhouse".

I was going to cut the grass in the backyard this afternoon, but that didn't happen. I took the mower out, checked the gas and oil levels, took it around back, started it, went about ten feet, and it died on me. I pressed the switch that sometimes flips off on and started it back up and it started right up, then died. I did this another three times with the same results. *headdesk* I'm the one that always has the lawnmowers die on me or not start or whatever.

Tonight I watched Alien Trespass - which is such a cheesy B '50s sci-fi movie (and even made in that style!). But it was lots of fun.
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After sleeping for about 18.5 hours and lazing on the couch most of the day, I feel much better. I guess whatever my dad had a week or so ago was still hanging about the house and finally wormed its way into my system. But, thankfully, the fever broke overnight. I was tired most of the day, though, I think I had slept so much I was awake. But now I'm ready to go back to bed, I think.

I tried to watch Frost/Nixon today, but it just didn't hold my attention.

I did watch the premiere of "Dollhouse" on Hulu. And I'll say I'm intrigued in how it goes. And YAY for Alexis Denisof!!!

I also watched Her Minor Thing and Dodgeball.

Here's hoping I'll be able to make it through tech tomorrow. (And I'm so glad it's starting at 2.)
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1. 17 Again is actually a pretty good movie. I had to laugh that the chosen sport was basketball and that in the beginning, Zac Efron's character did a dance with the cheerleaders. But, overall, it was fun and I liked it. I think Zac Efron definitely stands a chance at being a good, maybe even borderline great, actor once he gets more experience.

2. The celebrities I follow on Twitter are a lot of fun. (Nathan Fillion especially.
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This is why I shouldn't have off for a week with no plans while Blockbuster's running their "Unlimited rentals for a week for $10" program.

Here's the list of what I saw:

The Code - 3.5/4. Two thieves combine forces to steal two Faberge eggs. Admittedly, a big part of the draw was seeing Antonio Banderas and Morgan Freeman working together - and they definitely didn't disappoint. I do highly recommend this movie.

Hide - 3/4. A man just sprung from jail believes his loved ones are being targeted to pay for what he's done. I'll admit the main (okay, the only) draw for me to this movie was that Christian Kane plays the main character, since I'm not a fan of the horror/thriller genre. But, aside from a bit of a confusing timeline at the end, it was a solid, well-done film.

The House Bunny - 2/4. A Playboy Bunny gets kicked out of the Mansion and becomes housemother to a sorority on the verge of getting disbanded. It was cute, but rather cliched. (And is it bad that I think Sorority Boys did it better?) Though, I will admit that I think Anna Ferris deserves all the positive reviews she got for her performance.

Knowing - 3/4. A list of numbers placed in a 1959 time capsule predict future catastrophies. Okay, I'll admit, the end of the movie was cheesy. But overall, it was a good movie. (And like it was mentioned in a conversation I had the other day - who'd've ever thought Nicholas Cage would be an action movie star?)

Milk - 3.5/4. Unless you've been living under a rock, it's probably not news that this movie is about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay public official. I really liked this movie a lot and I think everyone did a great job with it. I also highly recommend that everyone sees it.

Push - 2.75/4. Two young Americans with special abilities must race to find a girl in Hong Kong before a shadowy government organization called Division does. I thought the story line was original and that overall, it was well-done, but I didn't feel much of a connection to any of the characters.

The Ramen Girl - 2.75/4. A jilted young American woman in Tokyo decides to take a risk and learn how to cook ramen from a nearby chef, despite a language barrier, and in the process learns about herself. So this may not be completely orginal for a film in its genre, but it's still fun.

Valkyrie - 3/4. This movie is about the German conspiracy to take out Adolf Hitler. I thought this movie was very well done and it's definitely an interesting subject, since it's not something that's mentioned very often.

Yes Man - 3/4. This movie is about a man who agrees to say yes to everything, with interesting consequences. I wasn't completely sure if I'd like it, since it's a Jim Carrey movie, but the fact that it's based on a true story is what made me get it. And I did like it. It's a nice mix between his comedic and dramatic films.

And some movies I've seen before, but decided to see again:
Enchanted - 4/4. I still think it's rather cute and adorable. (And I still think Edward and Nancy got shafted.)

Hot Fuzz - 4/4. I don't think I'm ever not going to find this movie not funny and lots of fun. I will admit, [ profile] libralyte had to drag me to see it in the theatre when it was new, but I'm really glad she did.

Stardust - 4/4. I had actually taken this over to my friend Heather's house, at her suggestion since she hadn't seen it yet. I still loved it for the who-knows-how-many-timeth and she loved it too.
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So, writing on the SGA Big Bang hasn't happened since Thursday because of the show, but I feel good about my word count, so I'm not going to worry about it.


Speaking of the show, I feel pretty comfortable with what I'm taking over next Saturday and I'm going to run it on Friday and have C shadow me just to make sure I'm doing her stuff right.

And today's movies were My Best Friend is a Vampire and Bedtime Stories.

As adorable Joe Flanigan is in Family Album (which I plan on finishing tomorrow), Robert Sean Leonard in My Best Friend is a Vampire is at least adorable x 2, if not 1,000,000. (And both of them have matured *very* well.)

Bedtime Stories was a better movie than I was expecting. And I feel like I failed or something because, with how much I know about movies, I didn't know Guy Pearce was in it until the movie was on. (Not that this is a bad thing - far from it, since I love GP - I was just surprised.)


And speaking of surprised - I got a "Due South" bunny today while I was watching "Mountie Sings the Blues" (4x7 - the one with the Canadian singer).

I want a fic where Francesca and Turnbull start dating after this episode and over time Frannie realizes that Turnbull's gay and decides she's going to help him accept that side of himself and get him a guy. When she finally brings it up to him, she finds that he's already figured all that out and uses the buffoon routine as a way of flying under the radar with his sexuality and he's worried that she's mad he used her this way, but he does like her a lot as a friend. She's cool with it and they decide that they're going to help each other find someone. And then it goes somewhere from there.
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And another late night tonight at the theatre. Though, it doesn't help that the show doesn't end until about 11pm, if not after. Stopped at home to let Patch out before heading over to Brian's for a cast/crew party for about an hour.

The movie thing so far is working pretty well during the show. Yesterday, I watched My Name is Bruce and Role Models (both of which were a lot of fun) and today I watched Bolt (which, surprisingly, made me cry). I also watched the first part of Family Album this afternoon. Joe Flanigan was adorable!


I was also good and got my dad his Father's Day present today, even though he won't get it until next week. Now I just hope it's actually what he wants. (He asked for a specific set of pliers.)


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