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I'm watching Craig Ferguson's special I'm Here to Help on Netflix. And it's a bit weird, because [ profile] eternalmusings and I were there when it was filmed (in November of last year in DC). And we're in it! Okay, we're in the background, but still...! We're a couple rows behind the guy talking about Geoff and the robot skeleton army in the beginning.

"Canadians are a gentle, lovely, civilized people. Until you give them a hockey stick. Then they lose their fuckin' minds. They're like 'AAAAH!' I don't know why the Canadian army bothers with tanks and guns and bombs and shit. They should just give the guys hockey sticks and go 'There you are, boys. The Taliban have the puck'."
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There's now a book out called Fifty Shades of Chicken.

This amuses me greatly for some reason.
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After a later start than I would have liked, I made it down to DC. I met [ profile] eternalmusings for dinner, then we went to to see Craig Ferguson perform.

The opening act was Josh Robert Thompson, who does the voice for Geoff Peterson. He's hlarious and awesome. And he does an amazing imitation of Morgan Freeman.

And Craig was hilarious as always. One of my favorite jokes is he was talking about Canadians and was going on about how nice, sweeet, and polite Canadians are - until you give them a hockey stick. And he figures the Canadian army should just do away with weapons, give their soldiers hockey sticks, and tell them the Taliban has the puck.
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I have to admit, it amuses me that Owl City did an official lyric video for "Shooting Star". Granted, it makes sense, since fans are going to do it anyway. (And they did.) On the fun side, his does have a lot more pizzaz than the average lyric vid.

And I got these from my Pop-Pop and was quite amused - Questions that haunt me... )
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I did my last show for Isn't It Romantic? this afternoon. I'm kind of glad it's done. It was fun, but added a surprising amount of crazy to my schedule this past week and a half.


This evening I went to the movies. I was originally going to see Cabin in the Woods, but then decided I wasn't up to watching anything serious.

So I went to see The Pirates! Band of Misfits instead. It's made by the people who do Wallace and Gromit. It was a lot of fun and very cute. And it had a great cast - Hugh Grant, Imelda Staunton, David Tennant, and Martin Freeman. I knew about the first three, but the last was a pleasant surprise. And Flight of the Concords did a song. So it has a surprisingly fannish base. :-P


And speaking of fandom, [ profile] eternalmusings showed this to me.

[From the "Suits" pilot commentary]

David Bartis (producer): He wants to hug him but... Harvey's not interested. No he'll punch him instead.

Patrick J. Adams (Mike): That moment... it's the beginning of all the strange fanfiction we're beginning to [giggle] find online [laughs].

Gabriel Macht (Harvey): That's going through my head too.

Patrick J. Adams: It's just that--

David Bartis: Was there going to be more than a hug?

Patrick J. Adams: Oh man there is a lot of--

Gabriel Macht: Have you seen that stuff?

Aaron Korsh (creator/writer): Mm-mm.

Patrick J. Adams: Just stay off the internet. Do not write Mike and Harvey in Google.
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If anyone's bought anything from Ikea lately, you may want to check out this recall notice.
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Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on my last post. So now I'm certain bacteria won't eat my brain. But my brain may now dribble out my nose instead of my ears. :-P

And now for some fun stuff:

Could the Death Star Destroy a Planet?

Adam Busch and Amber Benson directed a movie that Jonathan Woodward starred in - Drones and it's on Netflix Streaming and Blockbuster's On Demand Online.

Via Emilio Estevez - Woodie Guthrie's New Year's Resolutions from 1942.

And a cute baby making a silly face.
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Came across this from a recent issue of "Entertainment Weekly"

Awkward Questions For Michael Bublé By Melissa Maerz

How best to honor the perpetually classy crooner, 36, his recent best-selling holiday album, and his stand-alone NBC special, airing Dec. 6 at 8 p.m.? By making him answer our most insulting and ridiculous queries.

You recently released a collection of holiday songs called Christmas. Why do you hate Kwanzaa and Hanukkah so much?

I don't hate them. I love them! It's Christmas that I hate. I just made this album because it's better for money reasons. Christmas means cash.

You're Canadian. Do you Canadians have secret, taboo Christmas traditions that Americans wouldn't understand?

Really, there's no difference. We celebrate in the same igloos, eating the same whale blubber, and singing the same Celine Dion Christmas songs that all Americans sing, eh?

You recently taped an upcoming piece for 60 Minutes. Who's hotter in person, Morley Safer or Scott Pelley?

Not to say they aren't both hot, but I think Morley has the full, pouty kissable lips. I would tap that.

You're known for charming moms and grandmas. Do they make for good groupies?

Well, I've gotten some big panties thrown at me. This is actually a fantasy: I've wanted to take the panties and hold them so that I can parachute down from the stage into the audience. And I picture those panties going pffft! You know how they open up when the air hits them?

We do. So tell us — are you the father of Justin Bieber's baby?

I'm tired of this question! Seriously, I've told people time and time again: There was heavy petting and nothing more. We were in a hot tub, and everyone knows it's impossible to get pregnant when you do that.

Can you prove that you and Josh Groban are two different people?

All you'd have to do is talk to the women we slept with. I hear he's gigantic. There's a reason they call me Tiny Bubbles.
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They've made Bring It On into a musical.
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I know this isn't funny, but it is - "Justice replaces 3 officials over Fast and Furious". Mainly because the operation is named after a The Fast and the Furious movie.

And Carson Kressley's going to be in the new season of "Dancing With the Stars". Along with Nancy Grace. I'm not a fan of the latter, but I think I'm going to watch this season because it could be awesome.
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Today was a "no plan" day, which was nice. Watched Stonehenge Apocalypse this morning ([ profile] eternalmusings still has it on her DVR) and it was appropriately cheesy and fun. And had Misha Collins, Torri Higginson, and Peter Wingfield.

Then had a flurry of emails and phone calls with [ profile] dancetomato and she and [ profile] essene (who was a last minute addition) picked me up and we went for lunch at Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro. It was very yummy food and a fun time with fannish friends. I'm glad I was able to catch up with them, though saddened [ profile] eternalmusings wasn't able to join us.

This afternoon, since I was locked out of the house, I went to the library and wrote a bunch of my [ profile] atlantisbigbang. I'm almost done the set-up, which will make things easier. :-)

This evening I made dinner and we hung out and watched yesterday's Daily Show and Colbert Report. We also watched tonight's "White Collar" and "Covert Affairs".

Also, we enjoyed using Youtube and watching clips of Stephen Colbert on "Whose Line?" and just "Whose Line?" stuff in general.
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Today I trekked around DC while [ profile] eternalmusings was at work. I hit the National Zoo first to see how the elephant house is coming and... it's coming. But I always love going to see the elephants. And it was cute - there was a little boy (probably about three), who said to his parents, "Ephelants! Ephelants!"

From there, met [ profile] eternalmusings at her work and we had lunch together.

I then headed over to the Natural History Museum and went through the Dinosaur Hall and the Hall of Oceans. (Both of which I love.)

From there, I hit Union Station and got a small ice cream cone (it was a hot day!) and people watched for a bit.

Realized I still had some time to kill and went back to the Natural History Museum and looked at the Egyptian mummy and artifacts and went through the Hall of Human Origins.

After that, it was time to meet up with [ profile] eternalmusings and we went to dinner near her work before coming home. (It wasn't oppressively hot today, which I'm thankful about, but it was still warm enough that I felt icky for most of the day and I don't think a cold shower has ever felt so good!)

We watched a Craig Ferguson special on Netflix. And then we messed around on Youtube and watched some music videos and blooper reels. The American "Whose Line?" ones were fantastic. And also very funny because we were like, "wait, THAT got cut? They've aired worse!" And we found out Stephen Colbert's been on two episodes.
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Went to the cinema tonight with J and saw Rio. It's very cute and lots of fun. I definitely recommend it.

And from
Bookstore | Springfield, MO, USA
(Two teenage customers walk up to the information desk, and pick up copies from the stack of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.)

Customer: "I can’t believe Jane Austen let them do this."

Sales Associate: "Well, she’s been dead for nearly two hundred years. Her works are all public domain now."

Customer: "Oh." (Waves the book.) "Then how can you do this?"
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Ended up going to J's house tonight. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be around anyone else when I got done work, but we haven't hung out for a while, so I decided to go, figuring I didn't have to stay long if I decided I didn't want to. But it was nice just hanging out. And we watched Young Victoria - which was quite good. And one of her cats - Malcolm - decided that he really liked my knitting and decided to try to eat my needles and yarn. And there were a few times were he would suddenly "appear" in my lap.

And she was telling me about a video that Vic Mignogna made for the Todd Haberkorn action figure. (I'm sure that this will really mean something for the anime fans among my friends.) Either way, the vid's quite amusing.


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