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Went to D.C. today with my dad and his fiancee and had a good day. We were going to go to see the cherry blossoms, but ended up spending the day between the Natural and American History Museums. We also saw the Imax movie The Ultimate Wave: Tahiti - which was cool. All in all, a great day.
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My grammy and I went to see Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, speak tonight. The tickets were my Christmas present to her.

She was surprised and pleased when I gave her the tickets. Then she called me the next day, worried, because the seats were odd numbers and she didn't realize they were next to each other. After that, she told me I shouldn't have spent so much on the tickets. (They were $48 a piece.)

I picked her up and took her out to dinner first, which included sitting in the driveway for about 15 minutes figuring out where we wanted to go. Then there was a bit of haggling over who would pay. I had originally told her I'd take her out to dinner, but she didn't want me to spend even more money on her. But I was victorious. :-)

We had a great time listening to Ina Garten talk about her experiences with her cookbooks and cooking show and such and I'm glad I got to give my grammy a great night out.
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I helped my grammy make tea tassies today for Christmas. It was funny because she keeps track of how many she gets every year (you'd think she'd get the same every time with the same recipe). She was worried we wouldn't get what she got last time - which was 100. This time we got 116.

And this is one of those times where they taste really good and are really bad for you. When you figure that there's a pound of margarine, 12 ounces of cream cheese, 4 cups of sugar.

Good thing they're a fair amount of work and we only make them once a year.
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Sooo tired.

My dad and I went down to Washington D.C. today. I arrived at his place at 6am and we left a few minutes later. We drove down to New Carrollton, MD, then took the Metro in.

After getting breakfast at a little diner I'd found, we headed over to the Capitol. We took a tour - which was pretty neat. And poked around in the new(ish) Visitors' Center. Then we took the tunnel over to the Library of Congress (but didn't look around there, my dad just wanted to check out the tunnel).

And for once, my dad made me eat something. It was about noon when we were finishing up there and getting ready to go to the Smithsonian and he asked if I was hungry. I truthfully told him I wasn't, and he said we should get something to eat anyway, since it was going to be a while before dinner. So we went to a nearby restaurant we knew of and I had a salad.

We jumped around to a few of the Smithsonian museums. We started with the American History Museum and saw Julia Child's kitchen - which was neat, and looked at some of the display cases with smaller exhibits. Then we went to the Natural History Museum and saw the wildlife photography winners and the Titanoboa exhibit (that thing was huge!), as well as a 3D Imax film on pterosaurs. From there we went to the Ripley Center and saw an exhibit on Inuit crafts.

Then we headed out to meet up with [ profile] eternalmusings and have dinner. We had a good time and it was kind of funny/weird to be able to say, "See you Friday!" when she dropped us off back at the Metro station.

The trek back across DC, since we were basically going from one end to the other took almost an hour and a half (granted, a good portion of that was waiting in Metro Center to change lines) before we got back to the car.

All in all, a great day with beautiful weather and surprisingly good company from my dad.
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The wedding this afternoon went very well, which I'm happy about, since the ceremony was outside. And it was neat because I've never been to a Jewish wedding before. I also enjoyed seeing family I haven't seen in a while.
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Gotta love my mom.

A couple weeks ago, when I mentioned watching "Criminal Minds", she said, "I don't want to watch 'Criminal Minds' because it's not real." (Meaning it's not based on true cases - she's the type that happily watches TruTV.)

And now, after I've convinced her to try it and she's watched a few episodes with me - "You brought 'Criminal Minds' tonight? Good - I was hoping you would." And then we watched three episodes. (Normally when I take a tv show for our "dinner and movie" nights, we'll watch at most 2 episodes.)
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My dad and I went to the beach today and, thankfully, it was drama free and very relaxing. But bloody hot! The water felt really good, but the sand was insanely hot. Obviously, I spent a lot of time in the water. (I'm a water baby by nature, so it wasn't a hardship.) At one point when my dad was out with me, I was floating on my back for a while and he teasingly said, "Don't fall asleep!" and I laughed and he told me that numerous times when I was little, I would float on my back with my thumb in my mouth, content as could be.

But now, because of the heat and all the swimming (and the long day - I just got home maybe 20 minutes ago), I'm wiped out and yet I'm too tired to sleep. And I have a sneaking suspicion that my body might be trying to convince itself I have a sunburn, when I shouldn't.

I think I'm going to take a cold shower to finish cooling off and try to go to bed anyway.
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I hope everyone in the US had a good July 4th and stayed cool during the festivities.

My family's cook-out went well, though we didn't go see the fireworks because it was too hot.

I'm now watching Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence as a de-stresser. Yes, I realize the irony in this and am amused by it.
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Playing Words With Friends and chatting online with my mom is *weeeiiird*. Fun, but weird.

And my mom's got a great vocabulary too, but I get a lot of "what does ____ mean?"
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My earliest memory is sitting on a plane, my dad on my left reading me a book and my mom on my right, my brother on the other side of her looking out the window. I was four and we we were coming back from visiting my maternal grandparents who lived in Mississippi at the time.
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I hope everyone who celebrated had a good Christmas. And I hope everyone who didn't had a great Sunday.

We went to church this morning.

Then I went up to my mom's and my brother also came up and we exchanged gifts. And my mom really liked her afghan.

From there, we came back home and exchanged presents here with my dad, grandparents, one of my uncles, and our neighbors. Got everything I wanted except for giftcards for A.C. Moore and gas, but I kinda figured those were long-shots anyway. I am going to have to exchange some stuff from my grandparents, since I already have too many knee-high stockings (from previous years), the underwear they got me are too big, and they got me a new pair of L.L. Bean duck boots - which I don't need, so I'm going to see about exchanging them for a pair of slippers - which I do need.

After dinner (my grammy's lasagna and Christmas cookies - yum!), I went to J's. She, M, and I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special and exchanged gifts. And made lots of jokes about my package from M, which was a set of three candles - a pillar and two balls.

I'm glad I have off tomorrow.
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Christmas things are getting checked off.

My dad and I put up our tree today. It doesn't have any lights or ornaments yet, but it's inside and it's up. (We're planning on decorating it later this week.) And we put a few more lights up outside. We did go over to my grandparents' and put up their tree and the four of us decorated it.

I also got gift ideas from my dad, so that's in the process of being taken care of.

Still need to get something for my grammy and my brother, but I'm planning on going out tomorrow after work. (I do have ideas, I just need to scope things out.)

I also need to do Christmas cards and mail a few presents, as well as wrap the ones that are staying here.
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My grammy and I made cut-out cookies today. We've been doing it since my brother and I were little. And every year she keeps track of how many cookies we make and every year, she worries that we're not going to equal the year before. So this year's goal was to make at least 90.

We ended up with 118. :-P
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Any ideas for something really cheesy to threaten my dad and brother with if they don't give me ideas for Christmas? (In the vein of "If you don't give me ideas, I'm going to get you ____.")

Meanwhile, my dad's dorkiness is showing again. I had emaile him and my brother with a few things I want for Christmas and told them to divvy it up. And my dad replied with "Okay. We will refer this to Santa. Love, Dad."
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Had my birthday dinner with my mom's side of the family tonight. And I even got to see my maternal grandparents who are up from Florida visiting! :-)

And my mom and John are taking Regina and I to see Billy Elliot: The Musical at the Academy of Music in Philly on Saturday. :-D And I got some small presents from John's side of the family (his sister and brother-in-law and his mom and step-dad) - which I thought was very sweet of them.
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I had a good birthday today. It's weird thinking I'm now 30, though.

Got mostly money and giftcards - which are cool. And my dad bought me new tires and a new battery for my truck.

We had a good dinner out - which I'm *still* full from.

And my dad invited Regina down - which was great and a comlete surprise. :-D
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My mom and I went down to the beach this afternoon. We did some shopping at the outlets and she did a bit of Christmas shopping. And she bought me some clothes too.

Then we went into Rehoboth and she got some caramel popcorn from Dolle's (it's a local tradition) and I put went out on the beach and put my feet in the water. :-D We didn't stay very long because it's the off-season and it seemed like everything was either closed or closing at 5. So we went in search of dinner and my mom got a ticket for expired tags as we were trying to find a place. (She was a little upset about that, but I think mainly because the police officer was a bit rude about the whole thing.)

We ended up coming home and eating up here because my mom needed to drive for a while. Aside from that, though it was a nice afternoon.
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1. Even though it means I have to work Saturday, I had off today. (Yay three day weekend.)

2. I had to get up at oh-dark-thirty to meet my dad so we could drop off my truck to be serviced. (But it's good we did, because it needed it and I'm sure it's thanking me, even if my bank account isn't.)

3. Had another productive day - this time cleaning.

4. Went with my dad and my grandparents mid-morning to pick out fabric for my grandparents' furniture to be reupholstered. The range of choices was rather overwhelming. (And they ended up going with a different shade of red than what they already have.)

5. Watched Red Riding Hood and it was pretty good. (Admittedly, I thought it was going to suck.)

6. "Castle" was really awesome.
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Had fun and stayed out until about 1 am last night and ended up not getting enough sleep last night. Though, when we were leaving the restaurant/bar, there were a bunch of cop cars with lights flashing outside. And at the corner where I had to turn to go to my car, the police had two guys down on the ground and there were a lot of people hanging around watching. I didn't see anything in the paper, so I'm still not sure what happened.

Took my grammy shopping a bunch of different places today and out for lunch and my dad did the same with my granddad. And tomorrow is her and my grandfather's 64th anniversary. So we all sent them a bouquet of flowers and my dad and I each gave them a card. When I handed mine over, my grammy said, "I'm going to save it for tomorrow, is that okay?" and I replied, "sure - open it when you want." But then she decided to open it later. And when we stopped back to drop off some groceries about noon, there was a dozen red roses and some baby's breath in a vase along with a card on the kitchen table. Looking at it, my grammy said, "Who's this from? You all already gave us a bouquet," and I quietly laughed as she opened the card - which was from my granddad. She smiled reading the card, then laughed and said, "he's nuts!"

Went to J's tonight and we watched The Secret of Kells - which is beautiful, and the finale of "Doctor Who" - which was awesome.
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I'm pet-sitting this weekend and it feels like a mini-vacation. :-)

I've got my knitting and a couple of movies and I'm hoping to make a dent in my project. (It needs to get done for Christmas and I'm about a quarter of the way done.)


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