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I ended up going to Shore Leave for the day today. It was really last minute, since I wasn't sure if I was going to have to work today or not (didn't think I would, but with moving locations and slated to open the new one August 1st, you never know) and then I thought Shore Leave was going to be next weekend. But I'm glad I went. I got to see [ profile] nakedwesley and a bunch of [ profile] tribalforces people.

Actor-wise, I was really there to see Cliff Simon (even though I've seen him before) and Chris Judge. (Though, seeing John de Lancie was fun too.) I've heard some of the stuff Cliff's told about his background before, but it was still fun to hear, since each time's a bit different. And he's got a few things he's working on, included writing and producing a movie called The Black Butterfly.

But, I will admit, "Warehouse 13"'s Eddie McClintock was a lot of fun. And he tells this funny story about how he's always confused for either Craig Sheffer or David Boreanaz and he's met Craig and Craig even commented how Eddie looks like him. And when Eddie brought up David Boreanaz, Craig agreed to that too. And then Eddie worked on "Bones" and one of the first things David said to him was, "You know who you look like? Craig Sheffer." And Eddie's adorably nerdy too. (Such as wearing an (black) Incredible Hulk t-shirt, dark olive pants, and bright green socks.) So I may have to start watching "Warehouse 13" now.

Chris Judge was a lot of fun. He told some fun SG-1 stories. And he easily cracks himself up. He's a huge "The Big Bang Theory" fan (even wore a Sheldon shirt today) and would love to do a cameo on the show. He's even got it all plotted out, too. He wants to be the guy Penny's seeing, and when she takes him back to meet the guys, she doesn't understand why they're tripping over themselves "because it's Teal'c". And then it cuts to Sheldon in a bubble bath and the camera pulls out and Chris is in the tub with him and says, "Sheldon, that's not my symbiote." He's also got something huge coming up that he can't talk about, but it's supposed to be announced soon.

I did get a joint photo-op with both Chris and Cliff and I'm actually happy with how it came out. (Obviously, they look great, I mean me. :-P) I did get a couple autographs, but that ended up being a bit of craziness because they started the official autograph line at 5pma , and, since they call by badge numbers, by about 6:45 they were only at 1-500. And since I was 13??, I decided to run over to Wegman's and bring some food back for while I was waiting. So, I'm going about 20-25 minutes and I come back to "Last call for autographs!" I was able to slip in the back of the line and down my food like I was eating during an alien attack, and get myself set with autograph stuff. It threw me off a bit, so I don't think I was quite as coherent as I would've liked, but I know I didn't make a fool of myself. And getting to talk about comic book stuff with Eddie was cute.

Hung out a bit while I waited for some people to come back to the hotel from dinner and then hung out with them a bit before coming home.

Fun (for me) cosplayers: a 4(ish) Jedi, Evil (red coat) Doctor Horrible, Tenth Doctor, Jack Carter (Eureka), and Jorgen von Strangle ("Fairly Odd Parents") (and especially since the guy playing him was about my height, maybe a bit smaller, slight build, and looked kind of like Guy Pearce).
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I actually didn't eat dinner last night because when we went out, the thought of food (and to some extent the smell) turned my stomach. So I just had some Sprite and some water.

When we got back to the hotel, I got a shower and took some more Tylenol and lounged in bed as [ profile] kimberweeme, [ profile] nakedwesley, and [ profile] kimberlyfdr talked about some bad fics they had read and I kept nodding off. I did sleep for about 10 hours - which I think helped a lot because when I woke up this morning, I did feel better, even though I still didn't have an appetite. And the lower 2/3rds of my right calf/shin was still red (like it had been sunburned) and hurt (that had developed last night).

We went over to the con and got there in time for them to go through the autograph line and for me to see Miracle's other panel. (Still think she's really adorable.)

Christopher's talk was as much fun as Friday's.

I did eat an apple around lunch time, on the principle that I hadn't eaten since breakfast the day before, aside from some Tasty Kakes late morning yesterday. And that helped me feel a bit better.

And I did get to hang out with [ profile] jackette, [ profile] penguingal, and [ profile] gomeisaneelie for a while too.

I also got Christopher and Miracle's autographs.

Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips' panel was hilarious. You can tell that they've been friends for years.

And Jason and Rachel were also very funny. (And Rachel's adorable.)

After their panel, we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I was able to eat the salad and a bit of my spaghetti, but I ended up bringing most of it home with me.

The drive home was uneventful aside from some traffic for about 4 miles before my exit.

My leg is still red and hurting. Since the Tylenol didn't seem to do much for it last night, I took some Benadryl tonight, to see it that'll help. Worst case scenario, it'll just knock me out - which may be good too, because that means I'll be able to get a good night's sleep and let my body do what it needs to to fix things.

I can't believe the con's over already. I was looking forward to this for quite some time and it felt like it was over in the blink of an eye.
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Today was... odd.

We got to the con hotel a few minutes later than originally planned and headed up to the photo op room for our pictures with Christopher Heyerdahl and they were already practically done his. So we hurried in and got our pictures with him. Obviously, he's really tall, but he's also really sweet. He asked me when I had come in. I was happy that the picture turned out pretty well.

From there, I split from the group and went downstairs for a panel on sign language. (I had learned some years ago, but I was never fluent in it, so I was curious.) It was fun and obviously, it was a beginner's panel.

Then I went to Miracle Laurie's panel and she's pretty neat. It's fun hearing that she's in a ukelele band with her fiance called Uke Box Heroes. And she's also a Polynesian dancer. And she's a fan of Joss Whedon too, so she's excited about being on "Dollhouse".

Started feeling weird during her talk, but tried to dismiss it as I went to my photo op with Robert Picardo. In which, again, I was there right at the end. After the photo op with Miracle Laurie (which was decided on at the complete last minute), I decided to come back to the hotel and relax for a bit. I felt achy and like I had a fever. I slept fitfully for a while, then dragged myself out of bed and went back for Jason and Rachel's talk. I didn't stay for the whole thing because I still felt bad. Came back to the hotel and took some Tylenol and slept a bit better for the next two to two and a half hours.

We're now deciding what we want to do for dinner. I feel a lot better, but I'm still not hungry, though I figure I should eat something, even if it's soup. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a good night's sleep tonight and I'll feel better tomorrow.
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It was weird to have today be the first day of the con, yet we didn’t really have to be anywhere until 8pm tonight. It was nice being able to laze about, though, and not be running around. We did wander over to the con hotel after we got lunch to register and wander around the dealers’ rooms for a while.

Before we started at the con tonight, [ profile] penquingal, who was sitting the row behind me, and I kinda yelled at each other from one end of the row to the other. And in the process, someone behind her saw my Firefly shirt (it’s navy blue and on the left pocket, it says Serenity, has the Chinese characters, and says “Aim to misbehave” and on the back, it says, “Sure as anything, I know this, I aim to misbehave” and has Serenity) and asked where I got it. I told her it was at another con, but I wasn’t sure which one, though I’d seen it around. And she said that she hadn’t seen it anywhere and wanted to know how much I wanted for it. I told her it was an XL, though, and that kinda put the kibosh on it. I found that amusing, since I’ve never had anyone ask me about my clothes.

The first bit of tonight’s part of the con was Christopher Heyerdahl had a Q&A. And my camera’s battery was dead. (I forgot that I get about a day’s worth of charge out of it regardless of whether or not I use it and I had charged it Wednesday night.) He’s really funny. And he smiles a lot, and widely at that – which surprised me. (I guess because he tends to play characters who don’t smile.) And I love that he ships Todd/Sheppard. He also does a good impersonation of Joe.

The second bit was Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips doing a Voyager play they and someone else had written. It was really funny and it was great watching them go back and forth and trade personal barbs as well.

[ profile] kimberlyfdr, [ profile] kimberweeme, [ profile] nakedwesley, and I are getting ready to watch Big Eden, now.
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The first day of [ profile] tribalforces went well. Trip to the grocery store was done, as well as other odds and ends before the con opened.

[ profile] ahavia, [ profile] selkiechick, and I went to the Maurice Sendak exhibit in Philly this afternoon. Getting into the city wasn't too bad, but the reroute due to construction threw us off and made us drive around for about half an hour until we could figure out where we were supposed to be going and how to get there. We finally found it and parking. The exhibit itslef was great and well laid out. I really enjoyed seeing it and his other works, since I'm really only familiar with Where the Wild Things Are. And then it took us an hour and a half in traffic.

The dinner tonight went well too and we had fun. And hanging out in the consuite afterwards and chatting was great. And watching vids is always fun.
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And here are the pictures.

And I forgot to mention:
I picked up a book at one of the dealer tables called Stepping Through the Stargate: Science, Archaeology and the Military in Stargate SG-1. I hope it'll be a fun read.

One of the ConComm did an auction with a poster they had made of Alan for one of FarPoint's charities and Alan decided he was going to throw in a few things of his own - a headshot of Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball, a 3:10 to Yuma shirt, in which it says Yuma on the front in the Puma font and has a silhouette of Russell Crowe and on the back has the film's name, a few other pictures he had in his bag (including ones of other cast members), and his expired SAG card - which he also autographed. When someone yelled up that it should already be signed, Alan looked at it and said, "Oh, I didn't sign it" and actually signed it and said, "And now it's got a forgable signature on there." Alan acted as the auctioneer and the whole thing was a basically a bidding war between two people and went for $500.
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The bad parts about today:
1. I'm not used to driving my dad's truck (which is bigger than mine), so there were a few white-knuckle moments with merging and such.
2. At some point this evening, I lost $42. Thankfully, I didn't need any more cash on me after whenever that happened, but still...
3. I could only be at FarPoint for one day. :-(

The good parts about today:

Even with not being used to driving my dad's truck, both the drive down and the drive home were easy enough.

Getting registered was quick and painless and I was only a little late to the Browncoats panel. I also went to a "panel" to remember [ profile] njpax - who'd been in fandom for a long time and had died back in September. It felt good to be able to reminisce with other people who knew her.

I did wander around in the dealers' room a bunch and hung out there for a bit, part of the time was with [ profile] aprilvalentine, since she had a dealer table. And I finally got around to ordering a mug from her - which will have the Cascade PD Mission Statement on it. (Yes, I realize I'm a dork.) I also chatted with the Shore Leave ladies for a while, as well as a guy who collects props and costumes and such and had brought some things from Serenity, including costumes for River, Mal, Wash, and Kaylee.

I saw the tail end of Phil Weyland's talk and he seems pretty cool. I had to laugh because when I went in, he was finishing up a story and says, "And I'm going to go back and finish a story I started earlier. We're going to need a GPS for this..." and I couldn't help but think of Dan Shea at CreationCon in November.

Alan has been signing pay-for autographs earlier in the afternoon, and I ended up breaking down and buying a photo of Wash that I really liked and paid to have him sign it. He was very sweet chatted with everyone who came over. (I was surprised that there wasn't a long line.) It was cute watching him try to figure out how to spell my name (my badge was on my bag). And [ profile] nakedwesley will be very proud of me - I did talk to him and I didn't babble or anything. I asked him if he planned to do any more theatre and he said he hoped to and that he really loves doing it.

During his Q&A, he brought some stuff and signed it for people who got up to ask questions. I decided I was going to ask about Spamalot, but someone beat me to it. And he said he hadn't realized when he was preparing for the audition that it was going to be for Lancelot, so he prepared the other half of the dialogue and he saw the show the day before he auditioned and was like, "*Wait* - I'm auditioning for *that* role?" He also brought the blooper reel from Serenity that had some slightly dirtier language and it was fun watching them with other fans and seeing him laugh at some of the stuff.

When I went through the regular autograph line to have him sign my notebook, I mentioned Prelude to a Kiss to him and he said that he really enjoyed doing that one too and that he hadn't known much about it prior to doing the show and he said some nice things about John Mahoney.

All in all, it was a really nice day and Alan is such a sweetheart.

I will have pictures up soon, but my body's demanding that I feed it now.
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I got home safely a little over an hour ago. There was some traffic when I got onto I-95N because of an accident a few miles up, but otherwise everything went fine.

I'm slowly crashing as the lack of sleep + high amount of caffeine - high excitement level equation begins to sink in.

I'm sad that it's over now because I was so excited about it for so long. I had a great time, though, and was so glad I was able to go and meet David Hewlett (who's amazing) and see his sister Kate again (who's adorable and as funny as David). And I'm also glad I got to see as many people as I did - D, [ profile] nakedwesley, [ profile] kimberlyfdr, [ profile] mashfanficchick, [ profile] mirnell, [ profile] ladycat777, and [ profile] wolfshark. And getting to meet [ profile] darsynia and [ profile] kimberweeme.
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The first thing on today's agenda was the A Dog's Breakfast discussion panel - which was fun talking with other fen about the movie.

Watching the Sheppards' second panel was a lot of fun. They're really neat. And it was amusing - there was an interpreter for the deaf up front signing for someone and at one point Mark had to say a bunch of technobabble and after he said it, he paused and looked at her and she looked up at him confused and he said, "I just want to watch you sign that."

Malcolm McDowell's second panel was fairly amusing as well. He's got a very dry, ascerbic wit - which does take a bit of getting used to.

Jewel Staite's panel was fun. (I missed her one yesterday.) She's rather cute and bubbly. And while I'm glad I got to make it to one of her panels, I'm not upset that I missed the one yesterday, and didn't get a photograph or autograph. There wasn't the connection there for me that I thought there would be.

Kate Hewlett had to leave last night for an audition, so David did today's panel alone. He's so much fun (but we all knew that). And he doesn't actually like the word 'awesome'. He's so much fun and he has such a great sense of humor.

After that panel, we left the panel room because a few people were leaving, so we wanted to say good-bye and other people wanted to get food. So, I was thwarted again in seeing George Takei. But I did get a picture of him, so I do have proof he was here.

[ profile] nakedwesley, D, Tamara, and I ended up going to Cheeburger, Cheeburger for dinner, then I got dropped back off at the con hotel to get my truck.

I came back to our hotel to get my stuff and see about uploading my pictures (since the camera's batteries died). I'll see about uploading my videos once I get a chance to watch them and see what they look like. I ended up watching some deleted scenes from season 4 - a few of which I wish had been kept in and a thing on bringing back Carson. Paul, David, and Jason are adorable.

Randomly overheard - [ profile] mashfanficchick's John - "If you can find me a gen fic with Sheppard chasing Rodney around with a lemon, I'll read that."
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So, about two hours or so ago, I told [ profile] mashfanficchick that I wanted to go to Wegman's and get something to eat. It took [ profile] mashfanficchick, [ profile] kimberlyfdr, [ profile] kimbmerweeme, [ profile] mirnell, John, and I a while and some discussion to figure out who was going and when we were going, etc. So, we finally decided and left.

We got there and I was disappointed that the Asian bar had just closed. (I had wanted more yummy orange chicken.) So we wandered around the store for a while, trying to decide what kind of cheesecake we wanted and some of us wanted to actually get food. Then I and [ profile] mashfanficchick got separated from each other and the rest of the group. I got some non pareils and wandered around a bit trying to find the group. I finally found everyone minus [ profile] mashfanficchick and when we were in the checkout line she called [ profile] mirnell and we told her where we were and she told us that the Hewletts were in the store. It was decided that we had to go back for something and since I hadn't checked out yet, it was decided that I would be a good cover for us to go get Pocky for [ profile] mirnell.

So, as we were wandering around the store looking for the Pocky, we did see them and we found the Pocky. Then, while we were waiting in the checkout line (again), the Hewletts came up behind us and I told him that most of our group wasn't actually in line. But they ended up going in a different line and I also decided I wanted to go in a shorter line as well. David probably though I was crazy because I was waving to the Kimberlys - who had wandered through the line the first time to wait for us - and he was in between us.
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*sighs happily* Today was a good day.

We got up at 8 this morning so we could be over to the con hotel in time for the photo shoots since a couple people were getting both David and Kate and some people were just getting David. The hallway where we were waiting was really hot, though. (Which shouldn't be surprising, considering the amount of people there, but still.) It felt like we were waiting forever, but once things got moving, we got through pretty quickly (aka I walk away for a few minutes to go to the bathroom and talk to a couple people and come back and [ profile] mirnell (who I was in line with) was almost at the front of the line.

The photo shoot went by in a blur - as they tend to do. David was very sweet and asked me my name and shook my hand. Afterwards, I thanked him for coming and he thanked me too. All in all, he was very cute - I think the consensus is that he's more adorable and good looking in real life.

Then [ profile] nakedwesley, D, and I went into the Q&A room and saw part of the Boogie Knights - which were fun. We then stayed for W Morgan Sheppard and Mark Sheppard's talk - which was fun. Malcolm McDowell was pretty cool too. Then David and Kate came on and they're really cute and funny together. And Kate sang the song she sang for David's wedding - which was really good.

After that we skipped Jewel Staite and George Takei's panels because we had to get up and move around for a while. Then [ profile] kimberlyfdr, [ profile] kimberweeme, [ profile] nakedwesley, D, and I got autographs from David Hewlett. David's very cute and fun. While he signed my notebook, they took my name badge away to stamp it and he said, "I need that back - I need to see her name." And I told him about when I watched it with [ profile] akina16, she spent most of the time hiding behind her hands and saying she was scared because of the music. David then geeked out a bit about Tim Williams and the music and how he wanted him to do all of his movies.

After than, we went for food, then came back to the hotel to hang out. I've uploaded the pictures from today onto my photobucket account.
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Tonight was lots of fun. Even though it was my fifth time seeing A Dog's Breakfast, it was still lots of fun. There's just something about watching it with other people - even if practically everyone has seen it before and we're all laughing like we never have.

And the SGA season 5 premeire was made of all kinds of awesome. I may have to watch it again to make sure I've gotten everything.

Also? I have Hewlett pictures. David, Jane, Kate, and Baz came out to introduce the movie. Somehow, David's more adorable looking in real life.
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So I didn't actually go to bed last night until about 4. We were all up talking and then around 2, my body decided it was hungry, so [ profile] mashfanficchick and I went out to the lobby so we could have a snack and ended up talking for about another two hours.

Woke up this morning around 8:15, since my body's kind of used to that, then I went back to sleep for another two hours or so. We hung out for a while, geeking out in general and listening to John Barrowman singing and just having fun. [ profile] nakedwesley got down here about 12:30, and we went for food around 1:30 or 2 to Cheeseburger Cheeseburger. That was fun, considering they give you so many choices and all so we were all staring at the menu for a while. Then when we were ordering, [ profile] mashfanficchick decided she wanted a milkshake (she was third from last ordering) and then the rest of us decided we wanted milkshakes too. They were so worth it.

After that, we went over to the con hotel and wandered around the dealers' room for a while looking at various things and having fun. (And it's rather amazing how much hasn't changed since the last time I was here - which was six years ago.) After a while, [ profile] nakedwesley and I wandered over to registration to get checked in. After that, she left to get D from the airport and I wandered around the corner from the registration table to see if anything was going on. As soon as I got around the corner, I was surprpised, because W. Morgan Sheppard was right there, as was his son, Mark Sheppard and they were signing autographs. I thought 'cool' and walked past them and saw Jewel Staite and Kate Hewlett - who were also signing. There weren't a whole lot of people around (I don't think they knew). I called [ profile] mashfanficchick to see where they were and ended up dragging her, [ profile] kimberlyfdr, [ profile] kimberweeme, and [ profile] mirnell down there. We talked to Kate for a few minutes - who's still really personable and adorable. Then [ profile] kimberweeme wanted to talk to Mark Sheppard, so we went over to his table and I think she had fun talking to him. As we were there, Malcolm McDowell came in. It was kind of cute - he ran into some fans he knew really well, so it was fun watching them greet each other.

After that we wandered around some more and I ran into [ profile] wolfshark and [ profile] ladycat777 and ended up wandering down to the autograph tables with them for a bit and hanging out with them for a while and in the meantime also seeing a few people I knew from [ profile] tribalforces. At some point we went our separate ways and I went to Wegman's with the girls to get dinner, and ended up splitting up from them and actually eating with [ profile] woldfshark, [ profile] ladycat777 and a two other girls. Came back to the hotel and got a shower.

We're going to be going to the hotel in a moment to watch A Dog's Breakfast and the SGA premeire. David and Kate will be introducing the movie. I'm sure it'll be a blast and I may or may not post afterwards, depending what's going on.
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Yay! I survived work today! It wasn't bad, it was just the normal 'I'm working before I leave for a con' sort of thing where I couldn't wait to leave and all that.

Driving down wasn't bad - I think because I left at about 6, so most of the rush hour traffic was already gone. The hotel was easy enough to find and I wandered over to the Outback for a bit to hang out while the other fen finished up their dinner. The bit that I was there for was a lot of fun, so I'm sure they had a ball.

Then [ profile] nakedwesley, [ profile] mashfanficchick, [ profile] kimberlyfdr, [ profile] kimberweeme, and I wandered back to the hotel and hung out in the room, talking about all sorts of fannish (and mostly SGA) stuff. [ profile] nakedwesley headed home a few minutes ago, so she could get her things, since this evening she came straight from work. Now [ profile] kimberweeme and I are out in the hotel's lobby checking out their wireless service and wondering if we're going to have to pay for it at some point. They're not very clear.

I can't believe it's here!
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All the panels were quite fun today. :-D And my kink one had a really good turn out which I was surprised about, but it went well and there were some really good recs passed around. (Yay there!)

And I caught a tiny bit of a Torchwood episode that was really really hot. Jack was in a 1940's-esque club and he's dancing with an officer and it's got to be the hottest thing ever. Then they started kissing. I just might have to start watching this thing on BBC America.

Watching "Tao of Rodney" with other fen was a lot of fun.

We had an "Amazing Race"-esque contest today and it was played by myself, [ profile] elven_wolf, [ profile] mashfanficchick, [ profile] eafm, [ profile] mirnell, and [ profile] akina16. Somehow, I won - which I'm still surprised about, because [ profile] elven_wolf and I were neck and neck for most of the race.

Tonight was fun. I attended a fannish Seder with the above-mentioned people (minus [ profile] elven_wolf), and a few other fen. Then from there, [ profile] akina16 and I, along with one of the other ladies, watched A Dog's Breakfast - *so* much fun!

I'm still surprised that we're getting decent amount of sleep this year.


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